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2 introduction touci explanatory notes the uci general catalogue contains general administrative and academic information as well as specific descriptions of schools and departments and the courses they offer because the catalogue must be prepared well in advance of the year it covers changes in some programs inevitably will occur courses described in the catalogue are subject to change without notice and some listed courses are not offered each year the quarterly schedule of classes a publication available from the registrar s office shortly before enrollment begins each quarter provides information on classes to be offered instructors enrollment restrictions for example major only class hours room assignments and examination schedules students should consult the appropriate academic unit for current information admission to uci does not guarantee admission to any particular course course listings undergraduate courses are classified as lower division and upper division lower

30 graduate studies and research research institute of transportation studies the university of california is the state s primary research institution most scholarly research and creative activities are supported by university funds or by grants and contracts from federal and state agencies foundations corporations and individual sponsors in addition to university funding over $26 million from extramural sources was awarded to the university of california irvine in the 1979-80 fiscal year for basic and applied research and for other scholarly activity under the direction of dean of graduate studies and research the office of contracts and grants administration ocga is responsible for the submission of proposals acceptance of grant and contract awards and negotiation of all awards for extramurally funded research training fellowship and public service programs the ocga also provides administrative support for the human subjects and biosafety committees and maintains a resource center

student affairs 57 student affairs the office of the vice chancellor-student affairs provides a broad range of special services and programs for students designed to carry out the university of california s commitment to create an environment supportive of an educational endeavor of the highest quality university center the university center located adjacent to the administration building is uci s student union building facilities include a music listening lounge a recreation room an information center a quiet lounge conference rooms club and organization space and the backlot restaurant which has been designed around the theme of a movie set also located in university center is uci s first campus-owned and campus-operated bookstore in addition to stocking all required and recommended textbooks for courses taught each quarter the bookstore has an extensive selection of reference materials technical and trade publications school supplies and assorted sundries and uci sportswear regular

84 molecular biolooy and biochemistry biolooical chemistry 224 seminar in vertebrate biology 2 to 4 s seminar three hours topics arranged are consistent with graduate student interest and center around themes in vertebrate physiological ecology paleontology and evolution prerequisite consent of instructor 225 seminar in plant ecology 2 to 4 w of even years seminar three hours intensive examination of current topics in plant ecology with special emphasis on physiological ecology of plants in desert and mediterranean climate ecosystems prerequisite consent of instructor 226 semina in marine ecology 2 to 4 s of even years seminar three hours selected topics in marine ecology such as community dynamics benthic ecology and paleoecology prerequisite consent of instructor 22 7 seminar in population/community ecology 2 to 4 f of odd years seminar three hours selected topics in population or community ecology such as island biogeography evolution of sex ratios reproductive biology of marine

classics 111 a limited number of students is accepted annually to study for teaching credentials this program is a cooperative effort between the school and the office of teacher education the student planning to major in classics or classical civilization should obtain a copy of the pamphlet the classics available in the departtnental office graduate students in the school of humanities participate in the affairs of the school in a number of ways by serving on committees of the various departtnents by sirting with the faculty in its meetings and by serving on the student graduate advisory committee which directly advises the dean students entering uci with previous greek or latin training will be given advanced standing as follows in general one year of high school work is equated with one quarter of uci work thus students with one two three and four years of high school latin will enroll in latin lb lc 25 and 100 respectively exceptions to this ruling can be made but must have

138russian 13 2 phenomenology 4 foundations of phenomenology in husser backgrounds in blazano frege brentano meinong kant and descartes topics include phenomenological method theory of intentionability meaning perception evidence ego other minds intersubjectivity and lifeworld 133 existentialism 4 heidegger and sartre with their backgrounds in phenomenology philosophy 7 or philosophy 132 strongly recommended as background 170 aesthetics 4 systematic presentation and defense of a ne v theory of beauty 1 71 theory of art 4 review and critique of one or more theories of art by traditional philosophers e.g plato aristotle kant hegel schopenhauer dewey or heidegger 180 contemporary philosophy 4 a selected topic such as the theory of perception theory of action free will intentionality may be repeated for credit 135 philosophy of language 4 selected topics in the philosophy of language e.g reference and speech act theories theories of meaning 190 l opics in current

166 social sciences james j flink ph.d university of pennsylvania professor of comparati

information and computer science 193 dents can declare a double major in engineering and· ics early consultation on such a double major is advisable students are advised on academic matters by faculty and staff advising of undergraduate students is coordinated by the departtnental counselor who also provides information on voca tional and counseling services available on the campus requirements for the bachelor s degree university requirements see page 14 departmental requirements information and computer science 1 2 2l 3 any six of the following eight information and computer science courses provided that at least one course is chosen from each pair 141 142 151 152 161 162 171 172 any two of the following information and computer science courses 145 155 175 195 information and computer science 193 mathematics 2a,s c 6a,s c and a three quarter sequence of any upper,division mathematics course each quarter the department publishes a newsletter for under graduate students containing

220 engineering ee176 engineering optics 4 w fundamentals of optical systems design incoherent light sources lens mirror photodetectors radiometry image recording and display optical systems and components resolution modulation transfer functions and noise prerequisites engineering bob and physics sc ee177 engineering electrodynamics 4 f with laboratory time-varying electromagnetic fields including waveguides resonant cavities radiating systems motion of charged particles in electromagnetic fields radiation by moving charges scattering and dispersion prerequisite engineering lold ee178 optical electronics 4 s lasers and related optical devices and systems spontaneous and simulated emission optical spectra optical resonators laser oscillation specific laser systems dispersion and nonlinear processes in laser medium crystal optics modulation isolator optical harmonic generation optical detection and related noise problems prerequisites engineering ee176 and engineering 1010 ee180

medicine 24 7 ronald c shank ph.d massachusetts institute of technology associate professor of community environmental medicine and medical pharmacology therapeutics dean h shapiro ph.d stanford university assistant clinical professor of psychiatry human behatjior johanna f shapiro ph.d stanford university assistant professor of family medicine brahma s sharma ph.d university of illinois associate adjunct professor of medicine mohan s sidhu m.b b.s christian medical college india assistant professor of anesthesiology in residence gregory e simmons m.d university of mississippi clinical instructor of pathology henry simpkins m.d university of miami medical school ph.d king s college england associate professor of pathology biological chemistry and obsterrics gynecology jack sklansky eng sc.d columbia university professor of engineering radiological sciences and information and computer science walter r skowsky m.d albany medical college associate professor of medicine

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