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information guide academic calendar persons seeking information about uci programs services and activities may call the following offices other campus numbers may be found in a local telephone directory or reached through the campus operator at 714 833-5011 monday through friday 8:00a.m to 5:00p.m please read catalogue pages 50-53 and the quarterly schedule of classes very carefully for detailed information on enrollment procedures and late service fees the enrollment process consists of a number of steps in addition to the submission of enrollment materials medical students should consult the college of medicine office of admissions for the college of medicine calendar office telephone 714 admissions undergraduate general information counselor or evaluator graduate medical academic advisors alumni uci alumni association associated alumni uci-california college of medicine arts events information asuci campus tours development and

graduate studies and research 29 diabetes mellitus faculty participants include basic and clinical researchers representing the departments of pathology medicine pediatrics ophthalmology and neurology in the uci-california college of medicine and the program in social ecology the project is designed to establish an interdisciplinary research program directed at developing techniques to improve blood glucose control in diabetics and determining the psychological and biomedical results of the application of these techniques a registry of diabetic patients in orange county will be created as part of the program to provide a data resource for the study of diabetes from an epidemiological perspective goethe faculty from the departments of german french and italian the program in comparative literature and the school of fine arts along with scholars from the ucla department of german and the ucsc department of literature have mounted a symposium on goethe on the 150th anniversary of his

56 student affairs jewish student union-hillel korean bible study latter-day saint student association mariners messianic association at uci muslim students association uci chapter navigators newman club orange jews at uci south coast jewish youth thanh nien irvine tn unicorn fellowship service groups circle k community concern education motivation medical student peer counselors sign language club social groups center bunch club mesa court commuter club 1841 club glow guild of performing artisans intercollegiate royal society international legion of decency iranian student cultural association jam incorporated k.a.o.s mordor omega delta society of beatniks star trek association titterers at uci sports clubs handball club at uci hockey club at uci lnnertube water polo karate club at uci racquetball club rugby football club at uci sailing association at uci skiclub ski racing team t ai chi club at uci third world university bookstore asian pacific student and staff association black

microbiology 83 202 human neuroanatomy 9 w lecture four hours laboratory four hours survey of basic structure of the nervous system with emphasis on clinical relevance and problem solving prerequisite consent of instructor 203a-8 human microscopic anatomy 6-6 f w lecture four hours laboratory four hours fall emphasis on functional implications of structure of cells and tissues winter emphasis on organization of cells and tissues in organs and organ systems prerequisite consent of instructor 204 human embryology 3 f lecture three hours development of the human embryo and fetus emphasis on early development and the development of organ systems prerequisite consent of instructor 206 tutorial in anatomy tutorial three hours series of tutorials on advanced topics in anatomy 206a surgical anatomy 3 f exploration of topics in gross anatomy dissection/library work required prerequisites anatomy 201a-b 2068 neuroanatomy 3 w exploration of special topics in neuroanatomy primarily library work

110 classics latin latin 1a-b-c fundamentals of latin 5-5-5 f w s elements of latin grammar and syntax with selected readings ic is devoted to selected readings from roman authors latin 20a-b-c intensive latin 5-5-5 summer offered in summer session only covers in eight weeks the equivalent of latin la-bc will be offered if enrollment warrants those interested should contact the department latin 25 intensive latin review 5 f review of grammar and an introduction to selected major authors for students who have passed lc or its equivalent or have had two years with consent or more of the language at the high school level especially qualified students may bypass this course with the consent of the department and go directly to the 100 level v latin 99 special studies in latin 4-4-4 f w s consultation with instructor necessary prior to enrollment latin 100 seminar in latin literature 4-4-4 f w s may be repeated for credit provided topic varies prose f lyric w satire s prerequisite latin

136 russian 250 seminar in logic 4 251 seminar logic workshop 252 seminar in set theory 4 255 seminar in philosophy of logic 4 260 seminar in philosophy of science 4 265 seminar in philosophy of religion 4 270 seminar topics in aesthetics 4 280 seminar in contemporary philosophy 4 299 directed research 4-4-4 f w s 399 university teaching 4-4-4 f w s required of and limited to teaching assistants program in russian helen wei m.a california state university san diego director of the program and lecturer in russian russian language and methodology contemporary soviet prose russian culture and civilization nineteenth and twentieth-century russian literature contemporary guitar poetry mark altshuller ph.d leningrad state university lecturer in russian eighteenth-century russian literature golden age of russian literature history of russian culture pushkin his times works and life modern russian prose guy de mallac ph.d cornell university professor of russian modern russian literature

social sciences 163 uc irvine

190 information and computer science advanced-standing students who elect ics as a major in the fall of 1983 will exceed the number of positions available in the fall of 1982less than half of the incoming applicants who elected ics were admitted to the major fall 1982 transfer students are required to have the following a minimum of 56 semester units/84 quarter units with a grade point average of 3.0 in courses accepted for transfer two years of transferable college mathematics including one year of calculus with a grade point average of 3.0 completion of one year of computer science courses including the equivalent of ics 1 with a grade point average of 3.0 sufficient transferable credits to satisfy the majority of breadth requirements and satisfaction of the lower-division writing requirement one year of college english composition fall 1982 transfer students who on the basis of their high school records and sat scores would be eligible for admission as freshman to the ics major

engineering 217 e168 legal aspects of engineering 3 a basic review of the legal concepts of interest in engineering topics include workers compensation contracts property patents sales and warranty labor law administrative law product liability ethical implications of the practice of engineering prerequisite junior standing e190 communications in the professional world 4 workshop in writing technical reports journal articles proposals oral presentations communicating with the public enrollment limited prerequisites junior or senior standing in engineering completion of lower-division writing requirement civil engineering cei engineering design drawing 2 descriptive geometry and mechanical drawing for civil engineering majors drafting techniques design procedures as related to providing finished engineering design drawings not offered every year ces introduction to land measurement 4 general principles of land mapping techniques equipment and theory of land measurement with field

244 medicine allen cohen m.d university of miami school of medicine ph.d massachusetts institute of technology assistant adjunct profes alan n elias m.b b.s university of calcutta india assistant pro fessor of medicine endocrinology in residence john eugene m.d state university of new york assistant professor sor of radiological sciences harry b cohen ph.d mcgill university canada assistant adjunct professor of psychiatry human behavior manley cohen m.b b.ch university of witwatersrand south africa associate adjunct professor of medicine gastroenterology gary w cole m.d university of california los angeles assistant professor of dermatology in residence martin colman m.b b.ch m med rad t d.m.r.t university of witwatersrand south africa associate professor of radiological sciences and obstetrics gynecology robert c combs m.d university of california san francisco of surgery in residence arthur t evans iii m.d university of cincinnati clinical instructor of obstetrics