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table of contents introduction to uci financial aid 28 the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 uci policy on satisfactory academic progress for financial aid 28 scholarships 29 grants 29 loans 30 work-study 30 aid for international students 30 aid for disabled students 30 student employment 30 undergraduate admissions 31 categories of application 31 admission to freshman standing 31 admission to advanced standing 33 nonresident admission requirements 34 admission of international students 34 application procedures 35 additional information 37 planning for transfer to uci 37 academic goals 4 academic structure 6 accreditation 6 phi beta kappa 6 affirmative action office 6 ombudsman 6 the campus setting 7 instruction and research facilities 7 university library 7 computing facility 7 research 8 laser microbeam program 8 natural land and water reserves system 9 san joaquin freshwater marsh reserve 9 burns pinon ridge reserve 9 irvine ecological preserve 9 uci arboretum 9

undergraduate admissions 33 admission to the university program for high school scholars uphss the opportunity to enroll in university classes concurrent with the junior or senior year of high school is available to certain accelerated students see p 31 through the university program for high school scholars uphss qualified high school students may enroll in uc irvine courses receive grades based on the same standards as full-time students and receive full university of california credit for their work an advanced standing applicant must also meet one of the following conditions 1 a student who met the eligibility index or whose high school scholarship average in the required subjects was 3.00 or better may be admitted any time after establishing an overall grade point average of 2.00 or better if a student has completed less than 12 quarter or semester units of transferable college credit since high school graduation the student must also satisfy the examination requirement for

campus and student services 63 student health service all fully registered students are eligible for student health service benefits under the uci program student health facilities include a complete outpatient clinic staffed by physicians and nurses supported by an x-ray and clinical laboratory general medical clinics are held 8:00a.m to 4:00p.m every day during the week specialty clinics are held at variously scheduled times by appointment and include dermatology gynecology orthopedics mental health birth control minor surgery nutrition/weight control and ear nose and throat emergency service is provided after regular hours and on weekends when school is in session an infirmary provides inpatient care for students who need bed care the main telephone number for student health is 714 856-5301 a basic insurance program also is available which provides limited coverage for emergency care and hospitalization when such care is required but not available at the student health service each

94 psychobiology psychobiology is concerned with the biology of the nervous system and behavior the department of psychobiology emphasizes the adaptive aspects of neural and behavioral plasticity the faculty s research interests include the biochemical endocrinological genetic and experiential determinants of nervous system function and behavior focal topics include synaptic processes neurophysiology neuroendocrinology neuroanatomy neuropharmacology arousal and attention learning and memory reproductive behavior and communication the importance of developmental and comparative approaches to these problems is stressed the department of psychobiology offers graduate training leading to the ph.d in biological sciences graduate students must complete a sequence of core courses lectures and laboratories during their first and second years they also must take a minimum of four advanced courses before graduation and must participate in directed research and teaching each year to advance to

124 classics requirements for the bachelor s degree university requirements see page 42 school requirements humanities ia-b-c taken in the freshman year transfer students may substitute appropriate course work in composition literature history humanities and philosophy for the core course by permission apply in the dean s office two years of work in a single acceptable foreign language either modern or classical through 2c or equivalent competence quarterly consultation with an assigned lower-division advisor and the advisor s written approval for the program of study decided upon consultation should be made by the second week of each quarter school residence requirement at least five upper-division courses required for each major must be completed successfully at uci see individual major requirements for specific courses graduate programs the school offers a wide program of graduate degrees although the master s degree is offered in most departments the programs emphasize the ph.d

154 russian 160 philosophy of science 4 f w s problems in the philosophy of science e.g the nature of scientific explanation and confirmation the limits of scientific explanation the nature of mathematics 162 philosophical foundations of probability 4 f w s probability as limiting relative frequency rational degree of belief or propensity bayesian inference definetti s theorem 165 philosophy of mathematics 4 f w s a study of the nature of mathematical entities and mathematical knowledge prerequisite philosophy 130b or consent of instructor 170a-b ethics 4-4 f w s a study of some of the problems of contemporary moral philosophy 170a is strongly recommended as background for 1708 171 ethical issues in biology 4 f w s a study of the important ethical issues connected with the theory and practice of biological sciences topics may include the morality of abortion the just distribution of medical resources the use of animals for experimental purposes and the sociobiology controversy 172

social sciences 185 honors honors at graduation e.g cum laude magna cum laude or summa cum laude are awarded on the basis of grade point average of the graduating seniors approximately 1 percent will be awarded summa cum laude 3 percent magna cum laude and 8 percent cum laude in order to be considered for honors a student must have a minimum of 72 units in residence at a university of california campus and must submit an application for the b.a degree by the end of winter quarter of the senior year in special cases relevant courses outside of anthropology may be used with the permission of the faculty advisor to meet requirement d undergraduate program c social sciences 170a-b plus three courses 12 units selected from one or a combination of the following modules social sciences 170 171 requirements for the bachelor s degree comparative culture school requirements must be met and must include 15 courses 60 units as specified below a two introductory social science courses eight units

information and computer science 215 admission approximately 15 students are admitted each year applications are evaluated on the basis of the student s prior academic record and potential for creative professional contributions applicants are expected to have good skills in computer programming and skills in mathematics equivalent to those obtained by students who complete college-level courses in logic and set theory analysis linear algebra and modern algebra or probability and statistics computer science undergraduate training is not required but some familiarity with machine organization data structures software systems and formal models is helpful applicants should take both the gre aptitude test and the gre advanced test in computer science personal interviews are desirable but not required additional information on application procedures can be obtained from the division of graduate studies and research further information on the department and the graduate program can be

246 engineering ce250 finite element method in continuum mechanics 3 f application of finite elements to continuum mechanics problems adaptation of finite element methods to the computer coded algorithms provided variational principle and galerkin-based schemes element properties and matrix manipulations formerly ce250 prerequisite fortran iv programming experience ce251 dynamic analysis of fluid-structures systems 3 w of odd years fundamentals of structural dynamics time and frequency domains fluid mechanics potential flow and hydrodynamic forces and numerical methods finite elements and boundary solutions formulation of the general interaction problem with applications to ground-based and elevated tanks dams and off-shore structures formerly ce287 prerequisite consent of instructor ce252 analysis of offshore structures 3 w essential hydrodynamics of water waves wave forecasting and sea states described together with wave forces fundamentals of deterministic and probabilistic

276 medicine facilities the basic medical science instructional programs are located in modern well-equipped buildings on the irvine campus these buildings also house the college of medicine administration and many of the research laboratories and classrooms in addition facilities on the irvine campus include two amphitheater-style lecture halls the biomedical library and a student lounge/activity center the uci clinical services system is comprised of the uci medical center two community clinics in areas of need within orange county and numerous affiliated hospitals and clinics in orange county in southern los angeles county and in outlying areas its goal is to provide high quality medical care to the community while maintaining an environment of quality medical education and research the uci medical center provides a full range of medical and mental health experiences to medical students and residents while the community clinics concentrate on the primary care specialties and the