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table of contents introduction to uci fees 24 fee refunds 28 financial aid 28 special expenditures 28 uci policy on satisfactory academic progress for financial aid 28 scholarships 29 grants 30 loans 30 work-study 31 aid for international students 31 aid for disabled students 31 student employment 31 undergraduate admissions 32 categories of application 32 admission to freshman standing 32 new freshman admission requirements effective fall quarter 1986 34 admission in advanced standing 36 nonresident admission requirements 36 admission of international students 37 application procedures 38 additional information 40 planning for transfer to uci 42 the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 academic goals 4 academic structure 6 accreditation 6 phi beta kappa 6 affirmative action office 6 ombudsman 6 the campus setting 7 instruction and research facilities 7 university library 7 computing facility 8 research 9 natural reserves system 9 san joaquin freshwater marsh reserve 9 burns

34 undergraduate admissions/freshman standing admission by examination alone a student can qualify as a freshman by examination alone the required total score on the sat is 1 100 if act is presented the minimum score is 26 also the student s total score on the three college board achievement tests must be 1,650 or higher or at least 1,730 if a nonresident of california with no score less than 500 on any individual achievement test if a student achieves the required scores and the scores are available to uci before the high school transcript is evaluated the campus may be able to expedite notification of admission status this option does not apply to students who will have completed more than 12 transferable units prior to admission the college board achievement tests cannot be taken in academic subjects covered by transferable college courses a student may have taken eligibility index applicants are admissible if their a-f grade average and test score totals are higher than the

66 campus and student services along with asuci funds the weekly new university newspaper kuci 88.9 fm and other asuci activities organization ags is governed by a council of members elected from each academic unit conducting a graduate program a president who is elected in a campuswide election held during spring quarter and four vice presients selected by the ags council the vice president-internal affairs vice president-external affairs vice president-administrative affairs and vice president-financial affairs the ags council is an independent entity within uci with the exclusive responsibility of representing all graduate students to the uci administration office of the president and the community at large the ags council nominates graduate students for positions on all uci administrative committees uci academic senate committees special and ad hoc committees and committees established by the university s office of the president ags representatives work actively with the student

98 molecular biology and biochemistry/biological chemistry 278 productivity ecology 4 s of odd years lecture and discussion three hours methodology literature energetics and trophodynamics of biological systems prerequisite consent of instructor 285 advanced topics in plant biology 2 f w s lecture two hours seminars lectures and informal discussions by invited speakers graduate students and faculty topics vary from quarter to quarter but major emphasis is in areas of plant physiology development and biochemistry required for all graduate students working toward an advanced degree in the area of plant biology in developmental and cell biology prerequisite consent of instructor same as developmental and cell biology 285 399 university teaching 4-4-4 f w s limited to teaching assistants department of molecular biology and biochemistry and department of biological chemistry participating faculty molecular biology and biochemistry krishna k tewari department chair differentiation

130 classics through the business office the language laboratory operates a translation referral service for students faculty staff members of the community and local businesses the language laboratory is located in 207 and 213 humanities hall and is open from 8:00a.m until 4:00p.m monday through friday the telephone number is 714 856-6344 requirements for the bachelor s degree university requirements see page 46 school requirements i humanities 1a-b-c taken in the freshman year transfer students may substitute appropriate course work in composition literature history humanities and philosophy for the core course by permission apply in the dean s office two years of work in a single acceptable foreign language either modern or classical through 2c or equivalent competence quarterly consultation with an assigned advisor and the advisor s written approval for the program of study decided upon consultation should be made by the second week of each quarter school residence requirement

i 182 issues in social philosophy 4 a study of one or more of the social issues of current concern e.g nuclear deterrence obligations to future generations sociobiology and human nature world hunger 184 philosophy of law 4 legal systems and the concept of law topics include the nature and purpose of law the nature of authority the relation between law and morality law and politicaleconomic systems 185 philosophy and sexual politics 4 consideration of the philosophical issues raised by feminism e.g traditional views of male/female nature whether sexual equality is desirable standards for judging sexual relations 186 rational action theory 4 selected problems in the theory of rational choice and action e.g subjective utility theory subjective probability theory choice under uncertainty newcomb s problem prisoner s dilemma ellsberg s paradox and the surprise attack problem prerequisite one college-level course in mathematics or logic 190 aesthetics 4 systematic presentation and

194 social sciences economics students entering uci prior to fall quarter 1983 should refer to the 1982-83 uci general catalogue for applicable major requirements alternative 1 theoretical and formal linguistics school requirements must be met and must include 14 courses 56 units as specified below a one introductory course in linguistics either linguistics 50 or social sciences 3 school requirements must be met and must include 14 courses 56 units as specified below b social sciences 50a a social sciences 12a-b-c this course is prerequisite for almost all upper-division economics courses b all majors must demonstrate competence in probability and statistics prior to enrolling in any upper-division economics course or they must be concurrently enrolled in an approved probability and statistics course students may satisfy this requirement by completing social sciences lla-bc or an equivalent course or by passing a probability and statistics examination administered by the school i

226 information and computer science upper-division courses i 141 programming languages 4 f s summer in-depth study of several contemporary programming languages stressing variety in data structures operations notation and control examination of languages for list string and array manipulation languages for structured programming and systems programming command and query languages and general purpose languages principles of programming language design programming style run-time representations environments and execution strategies prerequisites ics 3 mathematics 2a-b-c and mathematics 6a-b-c 142 compilers and interpreters 4 w introduction to theory of programming language processors study of compilers focusing on lexical analysis syntax analysis and compile-time mechanics including code generation and optimization study of interpreters focusing on execution of interpretive representations such as postfix on mechanics of interpretation and on run-time management of data structures

258 engineering ee113 physical electronics and materials 4 f summer processes of conduction in solids and gases semiconductors diode and transistor properties thermionic field and photo emission photoconductivity magnetic materials prerequisites e70 physics 5c not offered every summer ee114a field-effect semiconductor devices 4 f analog transistor schottky barrier and pn-junction capacitors junction fieldeffect transistors insulated gate and thin-film transistors charge coupled devices semiconducting memories prerequisite eelloa ee114b bipolar semiconductor devices 4 w semiconductor devices based on minority carrier flow pn-junction diodes tunnel backward and punch-through diodes bipolar transistors diffusion drift four-layer devices opto-electronic devices prerequisite ee114a ee120a signals and systems i 4 w summer studies of signals and systems application of fourier series and fourier and laplace transforms to continuous-time system analysis convolution and modulation theory

290 college of medicine education of physicians who meet the highest standards of professional competence and achievement development of scholars in the clinical and basic sciences who will assume leadership roles in medical practice education and research· provision of high-quality medical care to patients through the uci clinical services system that will serve as a model of excellence dissemination of the results of advances in medical research and practice facilities facilities on the irvine campus provide space for teaching and research as well as offices for departmental administration the basic sciences instructional programs are located in modern well-equipped medical sciences buildings these units provide space for first and second-year classes lecture halls offices for various basic and clinical departments and a student center other buildings house uci-ccm s administration laboratories and the biomedical sciences library in october 1983 construction began on a