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table of contents introduction to uci estimated expenses 25 fees 25 fee refunds 29 financial aid 29 special expenditures 29 uci policy on satisfactory academic progress for financial aid 29 scholarships 31 grants 32 loans 32 work-study 33 aid for international students 34 aid for disabled students 34 student employment 34 undergraduate admissions 34 categories of application 34 admission to freshman standing 34 new freshman admission requirements effective fall quarter 1986 36 admission in advanced standing 38 nonresident admission requirements 39 admission of international students 40 application procedures 41 additional information 42 planning for transfer to uci 45 the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 academic goals 6 academic structure 6 accreditation 6 phi beta kappa 6 affirmative action office 6 ombudsman 7 the campus setting 7 instruction and research facilities 7 university library 7 computing facility 8 research 9 natural reserves system 10 san joaquin

36 undergraduate admissions/freshman standing/new admission requirements admission by examination alone a student can qualify as a freshman by examination alone the required total score on the sat is 1,100 if act is presented the minimum score is 26 also the student s total score on the three college board achievement tests must be 1,650 or higher or at least 1,730 if a nonresident of california with no scoreless than 500 on any individual achievement test if a student achieves the required scores and the scores are available to uci before the high school transcript is evaluated the campus may be able to expedite notification of admission status this option does not apply to students who will have completed more than 12 transferable units prior to admission the college board achievement tests cannot be taken in academic subjects covered by transferable college courses a student may have taken eligibility index applicants are admissible if their a-f grade average and test score totals

70 campus and student services in on-campus housing by marking the appropriate item on the uc undergradu ate application for admission in order to receive an application for housing due to the large demand for housing newly admitted students wishing to live on campus will participate in a lottery for housing space the lottery system will apply to students entering uci in the 1986-87 academic year and thereafter to be eligible for the lottery prospective students must return their housing application by february 3 accompanied by a $15 nonrefundable application fee housing applications received after february 3 will not be placed in the lottery the lottery will be held on february 10 names of applicants will be drawn in random order letters will be sent to applicants regarding their lottery status by late february to maintain lottery status the student must have been accepted for admission to uci and their statement of intention to register sir must have been received by the admissions

anatomy 103 243 advanced analysis of comparative and developmental neurobiology 4 s of odd years lecture and seminar three hours the vertebrate nervous system approached fro both its phylogenetic and ontogenetic history emphasis is given to contemporary experimental approaches to selected neuronal systems 244 advanced neurochemistry 4 w of odd years lecture and seminar three hours integrated survey of the chemical and physiological mechanisms of synaptic transmission selected topics include growth and modification of synaptic connections from a chemical viewpoint open only to psychobiology graduate students 246 advanced analysis of attention and learning 4 s of odd · years lecture and seminar three hours consideration of behavioral and neural aspects of attention examination of the concept of attention from a behavioral point of view and classical and current approaches to brain mechanisms which form the substrates of behavioral attention 247 advanced integrative neurobiology 4 s

classics 137 classics.145 introduction to classical archaeology 4 w range and variety of materials used as evidence for reconstruction or recovery of the greek and roman civilizations and methods by which information is inferred from artifacts emphasis on particular facets of daily life classics 150 classical mythology 4 selected myths and legends as used in classical literature and their modern interpretations classics 151 the olympians 4 s examination of the origins and development of the greek olympian divinities with emphasis upon those who became central figures in pre-christian religious cults classics 160 topics in classical literature in english translation 4 subject matter variable may be repeated for credit provided topic varies classics 165 new testament literature 4 analysis of texts and their literary historical and religious contexts classics 169 ancient literary criticism 4 study in english translation of the major literary critics in classical antiquity including

170 russian the program in russian also offers a major with an emphasis in russian civilization which is geared to the interests of students who do not intend to specialize in russian language and literature this emphasis is based upon a multidisciplinary approach through language the arts thought literature history study of institutions to the rich variety of a culture that both before the revolution and during the soviet period has made an important contribution to mankind s cultural heritage various specializations and challenging new career possibilities in today s world are available to students electing this option russian major with emphasis on linguistics russian looab-c ioia-b-c two courses from lloa-b-c two courses from isoa-b-c 180 linguistics 50 110 120 130 two minors are also offered by the program the russian language minor is geared to the student who already has a good command of the language and who wishes to strengthen language skills while acquiring knowledge of

204 social sciences c five of the following core courses in sociology 20 units no more than two may be lower-division and at least one must be taken from each set culture faculty curricula must receive prior approval from one faculty member in the program as well as the chair of comparative culture i social sciences 6id i6id i6ie i6if i6ig i6ih economics minor requirements requirements for the minor in economics are met by taking eight economics courses 32 units as specified below 2 social sciences 61a 6ib 61e 6if 6ig 6ip i6ii i6ik a social sciences 12a-b-c d two additional upper-division sociology courses or approved substitutes eight units b social sciences llia-b-c double majors in order to double major within the school of sociaj sciences the following conditions must be met i normally neither major program may be the general social science program 2 major and school requirements must be met for both majors with no overlap of courses except for those used to satisfy the

238 information and computer science admission applications are evaluated on the basis of the student s prior academic record and potential for creative professional contributions applicants are expected to have good skills in computer programming and skills in mathematics equivalent to those obtained by students who complete college-level courses in logic and set theory analysis linear algebra and modern algebra or probability and statistics computer science undergraduate training is not required but some familiarity with machine organization data structures software systems and formal models is helpful applicants should take both the gre general test and the gre subject test in computer science personal interviews are desirable but not required additional information about the graduate program in information and computer science and application forms may be obtained by writing to the graduate counselor in the department financial assistance financial assistance is available to

engineering 271 research writing and oral examination experience to be gained via the thesis route is highly beneficial training for more advanced work for the thesis option students during the first quarter of the program and in consultation with their faculty advisor are required to develop and obtain approval of a complete program of study a committee of three full-time faculty members is appointed to guide development of the thesis and when the thesis is approved to administer an oral examination on basic principles and the thesis contents doctor of philosophy degree the ph.d program in electrical engineering requires commitment to the years of dedicated study and collaboration necessary to develop a qualified student s knowledge ability and capability for expression to the doctoral level ph.d students are selected from applicants with appropriate degrees from institutions of recognized high standing on the basis of outstanding demonstrated scholarship and potential after

college of medicine 305 thomas r ulich m.d university of california los angeles assislanl professor of pathology richard h wilson ph.d northwestern university associate profes sor of surgery in residence stanley van den noort m.d harvard medical school professor of william j wilson m.d university of missouri adjuncl professor of radiologiml sciences neurology nosratolah d yaziri m.d tehran university medical school iran chief of nephrology vice cha ir and professor of medicine nephrology halvor vermund m.d university of oslo norway ph.d university of minnesota professor emeritus of radiological sciences larry e vickery ph.d university of california santa barbara associate professor of physiology and biophysics biological sciences and biological chemistry feizal waffarn m.b b.s madras medical college india assislanl professor of pediatrics in residence howard b waitzkin m.d ph.d harvard university professor of medicine and social sciences in residence akio wakabayashi m.d