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table of contents special services 24 graduate and professional opportunity program 24 expenses and fees 24 estimated expenses 24 fees 25 fee refunds 29 financial aid 29 special expenditures 29 uci policy on satisfactory academic progress for financial aid 29 scholarships 31 grants 32 loans 32 work-study 33 aid for international students 34 aid for disabled students 34 student employment 34 undergraduate admissions 34 categories of application 34 admission requirements for california residents 34 categories of application 34 admission to freshman standing 34 admission as a transfer applicant 37 nonresident admission requirements 38 admission of international students 39 application procedures 39 additional information 41 planning for transfer to uci 43 introduction to uci the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 academic goals 6 academic structure 6 accreditation 6 phi beta kappa 6 affirmative action office 6 ombudsman 7 the campus setting 7 instructional and research

36 admissions requirements in order to develop a student s critical thinking ability to evaluate ideas and information and ability to analyze and synthesize qualitative and quantitative evidence in the laboratory and in the field a social science course must include a body of basic knowledge extensive reading and written and oral exposition courses which are designed to meet state-mandated social studies graduation requirements are acceptal1le provided that they meet the above criteria courses of an applied service or vocational character are not acceptable social science electives visual and performing arts courses in this area consist of instruction in dance drama/theatre music and the visual arts courses should give specific attention to as many of the fundamental arts components as possible including the perceptual the creative the historical or the critical as are applicable courses should enable students to understand and appreciate artistic expression and where-itppropriate to

graduate studies and research stuart m krassner acting dean admission to graduate standing graduate education and research two major areas of responsibility of the division of graduate studies and research are vital and integral parts of academic life at uci programs leading to doctoral or master s degrees are offered in more than 40 academic and professional areas many of uci s graduate programs and research activities have achieved national reputations for excellence and several are internationally recognized as leaders in their respective fields uci graduate programs continue to grow and to evolve in directions that are consistent with the university s teaching research and public service missions graduate study at uci provides the excitement and satisfaction that spring from the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge as well as from meeting new challenges applicants for admission to graduate study at uci must apply for acceptance into a specific graduate program to work

104 microbiology and molecular genetics/physiology and biophysics i area incoming students review their programs each quarter with the departmental graduate student advisor during the second or third year each student will take an advancement to candidacy examination graduate students are required to take molecular biology and biochemistry 203 through 208 and microbiology and molecular genetics 210 214 and 280 additional course work will reflect the interest of individual students the major remaining requirement for the ph.d degree will be the satisfactory completion and oral defense of a dissertation consisting of original research carried out under the guidance of a faculty member students with adequate preparation should be able to complete the ph.d in five years or less courses in microbiology and molecular genetics nuclear gene transcription emphases alternate yearly between structural and functional aspects of transcriptional control prerequisite consent of instructor 280a-b-c

138 english and comparative literature students who intend to pursue a single subject or multiple subject teaching credential must consult with professor myron simon as well as with the office of teacher education to ensure that they understand the departmental and state requirements a student who intends to continue with graduate work is urged to study a second foreign language before graduation as in comparative litera,ture may gain supervised training as part of the formal seminar work required for the degree m.f.a candidates also have the opportunity to participate in this program all those interested in graduate study in the department should obtain the brochure on graduate programs from the departmental office english graduate program the department s three principal areas of work on the undergraduate level-english and american literature comparative literature and the english major with writing emphasis-are reflected in the graduate programs the m.a and ph.d in english the m.a

172 spanish and portuguese b additional courses for the major and the secondary field i ten courses in the major including one course on the ory of the genre those students who major in twentieth-century spanish-american literature are required to take spanish 238a-b spanish-american literature in the colonial period and in the nineteenth century 2 three courses in the secondary field i candidates who have the m.a degree from another university will be interviewed by two professors representing peninsular and spanish-american literature in order to evaluate their past studies in terms of our doctoral program it is recommended that the student s graduate advisor direct the doctoral dissertation and that the choice of dissertation and director be made as early as possible each incoming graduate student will be assigned a faculty advisor who will supervise the student s program and with whom the student should meet at least once each quarter all graduate students will be formally

206 social sciences analysts of these expressive forms in history and social science and that will enable other students to become expert analysts of culture from the perspective of social inquiry admission requirements and standards for admission into the program are in keeping with those of the university of california as a whole students with a b.a degree will be considered for admission on the basis of past academic performance and present academic interests in addition to the general application material graduate record examination general test scores are required applicants who are admitted to the program begin their study in the fall quarter of the academic year the deadline for applications is february 1 residence although the university residence requirement for the ph.d is a minimum of six quarters doctoral students in comparative culture must complete three years of course work 108 units normally three courses 12 units will be completed per quarter required and elective

240 information and computer science the consequences of different choices topics include computerization and the quality of work life personal privacy organizational productivity unemployment and the manageability and accountability of large systems examines the professional roles of computer scientists in computerization prerequisites for majors ics lb 2 2l and 3 for nonmajors ics la both groups must complete lower-division writing requirement and have junior status 195 project in system design 4 f w s specification design implementation testing and documentation of a software system emphasis on methods essential to creating software systems logical design effective oral and written communication of concepts proper programming style well-planned testing and group cooperation prerequisites ics 141 and senior standing 199 individual study 4 f w s graduate courses 211 data structures 4 an in-depth treatment of a variety of data structures and their associated management algorithms

274 engineering i ee275b acousto-optic devices 3 w bulk and surface acoustic waves acousto-optic effects acousto-optic bragg diffraction acousto-optic devices and applications prerequisite ee170 ee275c integrated and fiber optics 3 s optical waveguides passive and active guided-wave devices integrated optics modules/circuits and applications optic fibers fiber optic devices fiber optic communications systems fiber optic sensors prerequisites ee275a and ee275b ee276 topics in integrated optics 3 new research results in integrated optics prerequisite consent of instructor may be repeated for credit not offered every year ee277 topics in laser systems 3 new research results in laser systems prerequisite consent of instructor may be repeated for credit not offered every year ee279 advanced engineering electromagnetics 3 s basic theorems in electromagnetic theory and their application to electromagnetic waves plane waves guided waves and antenna radiation prerequisite ee170 or equivalent

308 college of medicine james h williams jr m.d harvard university assislanl professor of medicine pulmonary archie f wilson m.d university of california san francisco ph.d university of california los angeles chief of pulmonary disease and professor of medicine pulmonary physiology and biophysics and biological sciences richard h wilson ph.d northwestern university associate professor of surgery otolaryngology in residence william j wilson m.d university of missouri adiuncl professor of radiological sciences william j winchester d.v.m kansas state university assislanl dean of continuing veterinary medical education uci-california college of medicine university of california davis robert l winer m.d case western reserve university associate adiuncl professor of medicine renal diseases janet winikoff m.d loyola university assislanl clinical professor of medicine infernal medicine rodney m wishnow m.d washington university school of medicine associate professor of medicine infectious