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the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 academic goals 6 academic structure 6 accreditation 6 phi beta kappa 6 affirmative action office 7 ombudsman 7 the campus setting 7 instructional and research facilities 7 university library 7 computing facility 8 network and telecommunications services 9 research 9 natural reserves system 9 san joaquin freshwater marsh reserve 10 burns pinon ridge reserve 10 irvine ecological preserve 10 uci arboretum 10 museum of systematic biology 10 laser microbeam program 10 thesaurus linguae graecae project 10 uci medical center and clinics 10 southern occupational health center 11 office of university advancement 11 summer premedical program 24 student academic advancement services 24 graduate and professional opportunity program 24 expenses and fees 24 estimated expenses 24 fees 25 fee refunds 28 financial aid 28 special expenditures 29 uci policy on satisfactory academic progress for financial aid 29 scholarships 31 grants 32 loans-32

38 nonresident admission requirements 3 a student who was not eligible for admission as a fresh man because the eligibility index was not met or who both failed to meet the eligibility index and lacked required subjects may be admitted after the student has a established an overall grade point average of 2.40 or better in another college or university and b completed 84 quarter units 56 semester units of college credit in courses accepted by the university for transfer and c completed one of the following two options i with a grade of c or better 1 one transferable course in english 2 one transferable course selected from u.s history a laboratory science or a foreign language 3 courses equivalent to high school elementary algebra advanced algebra and geometry or a course in mathematics or statistics for which advanced algebra is a prerequisite the mathematics courses do not have to be transferable ii appropriate college courses with grades of c or better in the a through f subjects

organized research units 73 center for the neurobiology of learning and memory the center for the neurobiology of learning and memory fosters multidisciplinary research concerning the neurobiological processes underlying learning and memory research efforts are stimulated and coordinated through research seminars colloquia quarterly meetings and international conferences as well as collaborative research projects involving faculty members of the center visiting fellows postdoctoral fellows graduate students and undergraduate students research programs include investigations at several levels of analysis including cell chemistry cell physiology brain systems cognitive processes neural modeling and artificial intelligence members include faculty from the department of psychobiology in the school of biological sciences the department of pharmacology in the college of medicine the department of information and computer science the department of physics in the school of physical sciences

108 fine arts 3-2 program with the graduate school of management school of fine arts bernard gilmore acting dean in every age and in every known society the arts have played a vitally important role from this we infer not simply that the arts are and always have been important but also that artistic expression is a vital and essential human activity the school of fine arts is concerned with the vitality of the arts in society faculty energies are directed toward the refinement enhancement and encouragement of students artistic and creative talents and toward the development of the students understanding of related theory and history the school of fine arts is dedicated to the creation and performance of all of the arts within the context of their history theory and criticism the five departments which comprise the school are art history dance drama music and studio art and each offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs which emphasize extensive studio and workshop

english and comparative literature 143 wr 112 playwriting 4 three-hour advanced playwriting workshop discussion of student writing and of relevant literary texts prerequisite consent of instructor same as drama 112 wr 113 novel writing 4 s three-hour advanced workshop in fiction writing discussion of student writing and of relevant literary texts prerequisite consent of instructor wr 115 conference in writing 4 primarily for writing emphasis seniors may be repeated for credit toward graduation but not repeated for credit within the major prerequisite consent of instructor wr 139 advanced expository writing 4 f w s summer discussion three hours study of rhetorical techniques practice in writing clear and effective prose several essays of varying lengths totaling at least 4,000 words prerequisites satisfaction of the lower-division writing requirement of the breadth requirement and junior standing students meeting the pre-1980 breadth requirement may be admitted by consent of the

178 physical sciences school of physical sciences harold w moore dean the school of physical sciences offers both professional training and general education in the departments of chemistry mathematics and physics the faculty active in research and graduate education are at the same time vitally concerned with undergraduate teaching curricula of the school are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of students ranging from those with little technical background who seek insight into the activities and accomplishments of physical scientists to those seeking a comprehensive understanding that will prepare them for creative research in physical science i over the course of the past century and a half physics chemistry and mathematics have evolved into interdependent but separate intellectual disciplines this development is reflected in the departmental structure of the school of physical sciences in the same period these fundamental disciplines have moved into domains of

214 social sciences each student is expected to carry out theoretical/empirical research during the first two years by the end of the second year each student should have completed a research project of a scope and nature that is potentially publishable in a relevant journal the student s advisor is responsible for assisting in the planning and other facets of the project students are expected to write a paper based on their research and to present a talk to the cognitive sciences seminar or another appropriate forum by the end of the spring quarter of their second full year in the graduate program reviews at the end of each academic year the faculty in the group will meet to discuss the progress of each of its students and to provide feedback on the progress and perceived deficiencies of each student the advancement-to-candidacy examination will consist of an oral examination and at the faculty s option a written examination as well normally this step will be completed by the end

social ecology 249 an important aspect of the undergraduate program in social ecology is its field study requirement for majors field study se/lings include a wide range of institutions and agencies in both the private and public sector such as the irvine city planning office uc irvine

284 mechanical engineering mechanical engineering undergraduate courses me52 computer-aided design 4 f develops skills for interpretation and presentation of mechanical design drawings an integrated approach to drafting based on sketching manual drawing board work and three-dimensional computer-based cad techniques is used to develop a modern outlook on mechanical design problems design units 0 me54 principles of materials science 4 w atomic structure bonding imperfections deformation diffusion physical and mechanical properties phase transformation strengthening processes and heat treatment prerequisites engineering e80 physics sa-b-c chemistry la-b-c design units 0 me57 manufacturing processes in engineering 2 f w s with laboratory machines and processes of mechanical manufacturing safety and professional procedures emphasized use of measuring instruments hand tools lathe mill drill press bandsaw grinder welding equipment pass/not pass only design units 0 me105a-b-c mechanical

college of medicine 319 no advance deposit to hold a position in the class is required of applicants students who are accepted sign a statement of intent to register but in keeping with the recommendations of the association of american medical colleges are free to withdraw prior to enrollment if their medical school or career choice changes because the university of california is a state-assisted institution preference is given to california residents who are u.s citizens or permanent residents of the united states the college does however participate in the student exchange program of the western interstate commission for higher education wiche under this program qualified legal residents of certain western states without medical schools alaska idaho montana and wyoming are considered along with california residents the states of origin reimburse the state of california for the educational costs of students who are accepted to be eligible for this program students must apply to