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table of contents introduction to uci the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 academic goals 6 academic structure 7 accreditation 7 phi beta kappa 7 office of affirmative action and equal opportunity 8 office of the assistant vice chancellor university ombudsman 8 the campus setting 8 instructional and research facilities 8 university library 8 office of academic computing io research 11 natural reserves system 11 irvine ecological preserve 11 uci arboretum 11 museum of systematic biology 11 laser microbeam program i2 thesaurus linguae graecae project i2 uci medical center and clinics i2 southern occupational health center i2 office of university advancement i3 preadmission matters contact with uci i4 telephone guide i4 admissions information i4 housing information i4 office of relations with schools and colleges i4 transfer student services office is reentry student services i5 educational opportunity program/student affirmative action-outreach i5 campus tours is celebrate

38 admission requirements these data to obtain further information on average the laboratory activities should involve an amount of time equivalent to at least one full class period per week a science course in the ninth grade is an acceptable science elective provided it is designed to prepare students for laboratory science courses in the tenth grade and beyond the course must provide an introduction to the fundamental principles of physical and biological science laboratory activities as defined above shall be included a terminal course designed only to meet graduation requirements is not an acceptable science elective foreign language it is recommended that elective courses be in the same language used to satisfy the foreign language e subject requirement elective courses in this language must have at least two years of the language as prerequisite in order for a second language to qualify as an elective at least two years of this language must be completed social science

74 campus and student services increase in cost is anticipated for the 1990-91 academic year the cost of room and board in the residence halls is paid in quarterly payments media services the media services department provides recharge services for television media productions and audiovisual aids to all uci departments asuci ags recognized campus organizations and special programs these services include equipment rental film ordering equipment repair lecture hall media support and multimedia and television production media services main office is located in a-100-g science lecture hall hours are 8 a.m to 6 p.m monday through friday for general information equipment rental or lecture hall services telephone 714 856-5128 for film ordering or repair telephone 714 856-6233 for equipment repair or production services telephone 714 856-4210 student health service all fully registered students and students approved for participation in the part-time study program are eligible for student

110 physiology and biophysics i 260 introductory molecular genetics 2 w selection and development of experimental approaches to basic problems in molecular biology theoretical considerations in selecting a particular experimental approach are given student presentations drawing on scientific papers using different experimental strategies to solve a common problem such as dna sequence analysis required for firstyear students 280a-b-c tutorial in microbiology and molecular genetics 2-2-2 f w s tutorial two hours presented by various members of the faculty relates current laboratory research to the literature department of physiology and biophysics faculty kenneth m baldwin acting department chair hormonal and exercise factors regulating biochemical properties of muscle michael e barish neuronal differentiation physiology of neuroglia marianne bronner-fraser developmental neurobiology migration and differentiation of the avian neural crest michael d cahalan ion channels in the nervous

146 english and comparative literature 3 major works and authors appropriate to the study of comparative literature following this examination and upon recommendation of a candidacy committee appointed by the graduate dean on behalf of the graduate council the student is formally admitted to candidacy i the study toward the degree of doctor of philosophy will culminate in the writing of a suitable dissertation normally on a comparative subject although subjects lying within a single literature or dealing with general literary and aesthetic problems not confined to any specific literatures may also be acceptable studies of the relation between literature and the other arts are also encouraged undergraduate courses satisfaction of the subject a requirement is a prerequisite for all departmental courses except e 6 e 7 e 8 and cl 8 see page 52 for information on fulfilling the subject a requirement descriptions of the topics to be offered in the undergraduate literary courses during a

182 spanish and portuguese 130a spanish-american prose fiction 1830-1920 4 f development of the novel and short story from romanticism through modernism 1308 spanish-american prose fiction 1920-1950 4 w the search for a national identity in the context of european values and indigenous tradition criollismo surrealism and existentialism 130c spanish-american prose fiction 1950 to present 4 s magic realism the fantastic self-conscious fiction mass media techniques linguistic play borges rulfo garcia marquez cortazar puig 131a spanish-american poetry 4 f the study of a particular movement period or theme emphasizing poetry e.g modernismo vanguardismo post-vanguardismo or women s literature 1318 spanish-american national literature 4 w the literature of specific countries with emphasis on the socio-historical contexts representative texts from all genres including the essay 131c spanish-american theatre 4 s the twentieth-century spanish-american theatre in one or more countries

218 cognitive sciences 151g observational research methods in psychology 4 introduction to research methods in social psychology with emphasis on observational studies each student is given the opportunity to propose carry out analyze and report a piece of original social psychology research corequisite social sciences 151gl prerequisite social sciences 7 upper-division standing an introductory course in statistics is recommended 151gl observational research methods in psychology laboratory 2 corequisite social sciences 151g 151 introduction to scaling 4 procedures to quantify sensation preference ability and attitude are explained unidimensional scaling with applications to various problems in psychology and some problems in industry and marketing prerequisite mathematics 2a or equivalent not offered 1989-90 151k visual attention research 2 review and discussion of current research on the role of attention in the perception of visual patterns experiments are designed run and

254 social ecology program in social ecology daniel stokols director daniel g aldrich jr ph.d university of wisconsin chancellor emeritus professor of soils and plant nutrition developmental and cell biology ecology and evolutionary biology and social ecology emeritus hodaanton-culver ph.d st andrews university scotland vice chair and professor of community and environmental medicine and of social ecology hana ayala ph.d j.e purkyne university czechoslovakia assistani professor of social ecology landscape ecology resort landscape conceptual design environmental management for international tourism mark baldassare ph.d university of california berkeley professor of social ecology and social sciences urban sociology public opinion research social impact assessment arnold binder ph.d stanford university professor of social ecology and psychiatry and human behavior research methodology juvenile delinquency police organization and methods arthur s boughey ph.d edinburgh university

290 mechanical engineering department of mechanical engineering faculty william e schmitendorf ph.d purdue university department chair professor of mechanical engineering control theory and applications roy m arrowood ph.d university of california davis assistant professor of mechanical engineering mechanical behavior of materials composite materials ceramics materials processing wear paul d arthur ph.d california institute of technology professor emeritus of mechanical engineering fluid mechanics design heat transfer biomedical engineering registered professional engineer james e bobrow ph.d university of california los angeles assistant professor of mechanical engineering dynamics control systems robotics and automation derek dunn-rankin ph.d university of california berkeley assistant professor of mechanical engineering combustion in twophase flows optical methods for two-phase flow diagnostics james c earthman ph.d stanford university assistant professor of mechanical engineering

326 college of medicine the uci college of medicine became part of the university of california in 1965 prior to this time it was known as the california college of medicine a private institution founded in 1896 the college is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of medicine for the benefit of society this mission is being achieved through the accomplishment of the following complementary and synergistic objectives scholarly research of the highest quality to further the understanding of human biology and the diagnosis treatment and prevention of disease education of physicians who meet the highest standards of professional competence and achievement development of scholars in the clinical and basic sciences who will assume leadership roles in medical practice education and research provision of high-quality medical care to patients through the uci clinical services system that will serve as a model of excellence dissemination of the results of advances in medical