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table of contents introduction to uci the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 academic goals 7 academic structure 7 accreditation 8 phi beta kappa 8 office of affirmative action and equal opportunity 8 office of the assistant vice chancellor-university ombudsman 8 the campus setting 8 instructional and research facilities 9 university library office of academic computing irvine ecological preserve natural reserves system uci arboretum museum of systematic biology laser microbeam program thesaurus linguae graecae project uci medical center and clinics irvine occupational health center office of university advancement 13 preadmission matters how to use the catalogue 14 contact with uci 14 office of relations with schools and colleges 14 educational opportunity program/student affirmative action-outreach 16 celebrate uci 16 university program for high school scholars 16 undergraduate and graduate degrees and areas of study 17 majors and careers 20 student affirmative action 24

undergraduate admissions 41 international applicants whose native language is other than english will be required to demonstrate their english proficiency this is most often accomplished by achieving a minimum score of 550 on the test of english as a foreign language toefl the admission of otherwise eligible applicants who do not meet this requirement will be deferred until it is possible for them to demonstrate an adequate level of english ability arrangements to take the toefl may be made by writing directly to toefl educational testing service p.o box 899 princeton new jersey 08540 students must request the educational testing service to forward results of their tests to the office of admissions completion of an acceptable english composition course as determined by the office of admissions with a grade of cor better will also clear the english proficiency requirement for international applicants prospective students who wish to improve their english proficiency to meet the toefl

campus and student services 79 the nontraditional students program offers services to students returning to school after an interruption iri their education the staff assists with programming counseling orientation and other student activities this office is located in 201 administration building telephone 714 856-7249 the veterans program emphasizes support services for veteran students and eligible dependents of veterans assistance includes benefit certification tutorial services work-study orientation and outreach programs the office is located in 209 administration building telephone 714 856-6477 new student programs staff provides assistance and information to students who are in the process of being admitted to uci it also coordinates parent and mentor programs the peer mentor program provides a forum for new students to interact with continuing uci students who serve as mentors information about the peer mentor program is available telephone 714 856-4824 in addition new student

118 physiology and biophysics i department of physiology and biophysics building d room 340 medical sciences i 714 856-5863 scott e fraser department chair faculty kenneth m baldwin hormonal and exercise factors regulating biochemical properties of muscle marianne bronner-fraser developmental neurobiology migration and differentiation of the avian neural crest michael d cahalan ion channels in the nervous and immune systems scott e fraser developmental neurobiology and pattern formation development and plasticity of the lower-vertebrate visual system gap junctions in tissue patterning alan l goldin molecular biology of neural channels and receptors harry t haigler cellular and molecular mechanisms by which egf stimulates cell replication james e hall molecular aspects of ionic conductance in membranes channel reconstitution daniel hollander gastrointestinal physiology aging and nutrient absorption russell e jacobs peptide-membrane interactions mri in developmental biology janos k

156 english and comparative literature foreign literature in which texts are read in the original language some languages such as chinese japanese or russian may ordinarily require three years of language study as preparation for the study of literature a student who lacks three years of study may occasionally arrange with the instructor of a literature-intranslation course to read selected texts in the original language students selecting a writing emphasis have some flexibility in substituting writing workshops for period and genre courses their total courses normally number more than the usual major i residence requirement for the english major cr 1ooa cr ioob and three e lois must be completed successfully at uci departmental requirements for the english minor three courses selected from e 28a-b-c cl 50a-b-c ore 6 7 8 sequences including at least one quarter of e 28 and at least five english or writing courses numbered 101 or higher although two courses from the following may be

194 i physical sciences school of physical sciences few or no prerequisites and are directed particularly toward students majoring in areas remote from the sciences harold w moore dean 231 physical sciences i academic counseling 714 856-6507 planning a program of study the school of physical sciences offers both professional training and general education in the departments of chemistry mathematics and physics in addition a new graduate degree program in geosciences is being developed the faculty active in research and graduate education are at the same time vitally concerned with undergraduate teaching curricula of the school are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of students ranging from those with little technical background who seek insight into the activities and accomplishments of physical scientists to those seeking a comprehensive understanding that will prepare them for creative research in physical science over the course of the past century and a half physics

comparative culture 233 120j adolescent psychology in urban american society 4 psychosocial dynamics of adolescents in american society their ongoing quest for identity independence values moral and cognitive development peer group relationships sexuality and sex role preference analysis of the power struggle between adolescent subcultures and institutions of dominant society same as psychology 174c formerly comparative culture 173a 120k adolescent psychological disorders 4 examines how predictable internal and external adolescent conflicts involving self family society become intensified until a breakdown in coping pattern occurs specific syndromes indicative of increased adolescent stress as well as major psychological social and psychiatric treatment approaches are discussed restrictions senior standing psychology or social ecology major one previous course in adolescent psychology same as psychology 174d formerly comparative culture 173b 120l psychology of the afro-american 4

social ecology 271 betty h olson professor of social ecology civil engineering and environmental toxicology studies microbes taken from a soil sample exposed to environmental pollutants the goal of this research is to enhance the natural pollutant-degrading capacity of bacteria at the molecular level uc irvine

310 electrical and computer engineering courses in electrical and computer engineering lower-division note with the exception of ece181a-b-c the undergraduate courses listed below are open only to students in the school of engineering all other majors must petition for permission to enroll ecella computational methods in electrical engineering i 4 w an introduction to computers and structured programming fundamentals of computer systems operating systems utility programs in-depth study of a high-level programming language currently pascal through hands-on programming introduction to algorithm efficiency prerequisite mathematics 2a ecellb computational methods in electrical engineering ii 4 s structured programming techniques and their engineering applications analysis design and implementation of symbolic and numeric algorithms introduction to engineering software packages prerequisite ecella ece31 introduction to boolean algebra and digital logic 4 f representation information

348 college of medicine i jeff sarkozi m.d university of toronto canada assistant clinical professor of medicine rheumatology catherine s sassoon m.d gadjah mada university school of medicine indonesia assistant professor of medicine pulmonary in residence steven l schandler ph.d university of southern california associate adjunct professor of psychiatry and human behavior carl h schultz m.d university of california irvine associate clinical professor of medicine emergency medicine arthur n schwartz ph.d washington university assistant clinical professor of neurology and family medicine timothy a scott m.d university of nebraska clinical instructor of surgery otolaryngology gary p segal m.d university of pennsylvania assistant adjunct professor of medicine infectious diseases jack l segal m.d loyola university of chicago stritch school of medicine associate professor of medicine in residence internal medicine eva m segovia m.d university of hawaii assistant clinical professor of