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table of contents introduction to uci the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 academic goals academic structure accreditation 7 phi beta kappa 8 office of affirmative action and equal opportunity 8 office of the assistant vice chancellor-university ombudsman 8 the campus setting 8 instructional and research facilities 8 university library instructional development services office of academic computing irvine ecological preserve natural reserves system uci arboretum laser microbeam program thesaurus linguae graecae project uci medical center and community clinics irvine occupational health center office of university advancement 11 preadmission matters how to use the catalogue 12 office of relations with schools and colleges 12 special programs 13 educational opportunity program/student affirmative actionoutreach celebrate uci university program for high school scholars undergraduate and graduate degrees and areas of study 14 majors and careers 17 student

information for admitted students a welcome rainstorm nourishes uc s 11,000 trees augmenting the campus reclaimed-water irrigation system the botanical garden approach to uc s landscaping began in 1964 with the initial planting of 12 eucalyptus grandis trees from australia planning an undergraduate program placement testing uci s placement testing office administers placement examinations to new and continuing students to ensure correct placement in selected introductory courses and to help students assess their readiness for university-level work these exams are developed by uci faculty who also determine the grading criteria for each exam results from placement tests are used by students and their academic counselors to formulate a plan of study which is best suited to the students learning needs and career goals and to determine enrollment in introductory courses additional information such as entrance examination scores and high school work also may be used to determine

graduate education grams may be opened to part-time students wherever good educational reasons exist for so doing under this policy part-time enrollment at the graduate level is defined as enrollment for eight units or less including enrollment in physical education classes within the guidelines and limitations on the application form available in the office of research and graduate studies graduate students may petition for part-time status and if the petition is approved shall pay the full university registration fee and student activities fees onehalf the educational fee and one-half the nonresident tuition fee if applicable continuous registration a graduate student is expected to enroll for each regular academic session fall winter and spring quarters until all requirements for an advanced degree or credential have been completed including final examinations and the submission of an approved thesis or dissertation enrollment is not official until all required fees have been paid

118 uci 1992-93 • school of fine arts 197 independent study 1 to 4 f w s individual independent projects in experimental laboratory library field performance under instructor s direction students can receive conceptual creative and theoretical instruction in the successful completion of a written report or performance prerequisite consent of instructor may be repeated for credit 199 senior thesis 4-4-4 f w s directed research for senior dance majors focusing on dance history research consists of a substantial essay on dance history a reconstructed performance may be required pass/not pass only graduate note some courses are not offered every year please check with the department advisor 200 graduate dance kinesiology 4 f a physical analysis of movement based upon human anatomy bones and musculature are examined introduction of movement concepts analysis of dance technique and resultant muscle imbalances are explored as they relate to anatomy and the dancer prerequisite graduate

156 uci 1992-93 • school of humanities topic of the essay should be tentatively formulated and reported to the graduate advisor before the end of the second quarter of the student s residence the oral examination during the oral examination the following items will be discussed a the essay b the reading list the discussion based on the reading list will focus on works which the student knows well but may broaden into other areas one year of residence ph.d in german i the department requires a minimum of 22 approved courses from students entering with a bachelor s degree these may include courses in philosophy history comparative literature and others suitable for the individual student s program of study the student also will participate in each of the german department s colloquia the student will augment the reading list and keep it current during the whole course of study at least two years of residence are required students entering with the master s degree will be advised

194 uci 1992-93 • school of physical sciences 145a-b-c topics in analysis 4-4-4 lecture three hours· topics not usually covered in mathematics 140a-b-c such as fourier series calculus of variations operational calculus integral equations prerequisites mathematics 140a-b-c not offered 1992-93 146 fourier analysis 4 s lecture three hours rigorous introduction to the theory of fourier series and orthogonal expansions applications to partial differential equations such as vibrating strings prerequisites mathematics 140a-b 2for 3d mathematics 146 and mathematics 112a may not both be taken for credit 147 complex analysis 4 s rigorous treatment of basic complex analysis analytic functions cauchy integral theory power series residue calculus students are expected to do proofs prerequisites mathematics 140a-b only one course from mathematics 114a mathematics 147 and engineering ecei80 may be taken for credit i 150 introduction to mathematical logic 4 f lecture three hours firstorder

sociology 63 race and ethnicity 4 compares racial and ethnic relations in the united states with those found elsewhere analyzes the conditions that favor either cooperation and integration or rivalry tension and conflict appraises strategies for reducing and resolving conflicts vii-a · 67 women s movement 4 presents history of women s movement especially m the umted states since 1960 compares different theories of the causes of the movement and examines how women and men of different social classes and ethnic background varied in their support and how the movement affected them formerly sociology 61h · 69 special topics age gender race and ethnicity 4 prerequisites vary may be repeated for credit as topic varies societies and social i~equality 71 social problems 4 a detailed examination of the dimensions origins life course and potential solution to one or a set of related social problems uses case studies to provide an in-depth understanding of major issues such as

social ecology health psychology s 110 human stress s 150 child health psychology s 160 advanced seminar human stress el68 community health an epidemiological approach s 173 behavioral medicine s 186 sports psychology s 193 health psychology psychology and social problems s i 08 social ecology of child abuse and neglect s 120 violence in society jl32 juvenile delinquency jl33 deviance si54 work and family sl61 family law s 165 sociology of mental health and illness s 171 social conflict s 177 international cooperation s 178 social ecology of peace i s 182 violence and ideas concerning the social order s 184 community psychology s 185 impacts of divorce jl90 psychology and the law strongly recommended courses for students who anticipate pursuing graduate study in psychology biological sciences 79 80 81 biological bases of behavior social ecology 166a-b-c social science statistics i ii iii psychology i 12a-b-c experimental psychology 140l learning theory and 146a human memory

310 uci 1992-93 • school of engineering ece240a linear systems i 3 f state-space representation of continuous-time and discrete-time linear systems controllability observability stability realization of rational transfer functions prerequisite ece140a or equivalent ece240b linear systems ii 3 w continuation of deterministic linear multi variable systems linear state feedback and observers in continuoustime and discrete-time system control introduction to stochastic systems prerequisite ece240a ece240c linear systems iii 3 s continuation of stochastic linear multivariable systems kalman filtering prediction estimation and smoothing prerequisite ece240b ece241a advanced topics in control systems i 3 f numerical methods in control system optimization prerequisite ece240c may be repeated for credit ece241b advanced topics in control systems ii 3 w state of the art in system identification offered when sufficient demand prerequisite ece241 a or consent of instructor may be repeated

348 uci 1992-93 • college of medicine the uci college of medicine became part of the university of california in 1965 prior to this time it was known as the california college of medicine which traces its roots to a private institution founded in 1896 the college is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of medicine for the benefit of society this mission is being achieved through the accomplishment of the following complementary and synergistic objectives scholarly research of the highest quality to further the understanding of human biology and the diagnosis treatment and prevention of disease education of physicians who meet the highest standards of professional competence and achievement development of scholars in the clinical and basic sciences who will assume leadership roles in medical practice education and research provision of high-quality medical care to patients through the uci clinical services system that will serve as a model of excellence dissemination

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