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2 uci 1993-94 • table of contents introduction to uci the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 from the chancellor 5 academic goals academic structure 7 accreditation phi beta kappa 8 office of affirmative action and equal opportunity 8 office of the assistant executive vice chancellor-university ombudsman 9 the campus setting 9 instructional and research facilities 9 university library instructional development services media services office of academic computing irvine ecological preserve natural reserves system uci arboretum laser microbeam program thesaurus linguae graecae project uci medical center and community clinics irvine occupational health center office of university advancement 12 preadmission matiers how to use the catalogue 14 office of relations with schools and colleges 14 special programs 15 educational opportunity program/student affirmative actionoutreach celebrate uci university program for high school scholars

43 in addition to course books the uci bookstore also stocks general and technical books periodicals compact discs and anteater gear sportswear the maclab located in the uci student center is open monday through friday for student use the cinco de mayo celebration is one of the annual events sponsored by the cross-cultural center group housing the newest on-campus residential complex has 35 units designed for fraternities sororities and academic clubs and organizations uc irvine

graduate education 83 theses and dissertations financial assistance for graduate students candidates for the ph.d and certain master s degrees must conduct an extensive research project and submit a dissertation or thesis in order to fulfill degree requirements research expenses are not supported by the university and the cost of preparing the dissertation or thesis ordinarily ranges from $200 to $1,000 but may be considerably more several types of financial assistance are available to graduate students at uci these include fellowships teaching and research assistantships tuition fellowships for nonresident students grantsin-aid student loans and work-study applicants interested in assistantships or fellowships should so indicate on their application when applying for admission after approval by the doctoral or thesis committee appointed for each candidate by the graduate council a copy of the dissertation two copies of a ·master s thesis must be filed for placement in the uci

124 i uci 1993-94 • school of fine arts courses in drama upper-division lower-division 100 university theatre 4 rehearsal and performance in a faculty-directed production by audition only may be repeated for credit 10 introduction to production theory 4 f w s an introduction to modem production techniques as practiced in realizing scenic designs equipment theories techniques and history of production practices in the technical theatre class instruction integrated with practical applications 20 the nature of drama structure and style 4 a general introduction · to the dramatic literature of several periods with an emphasis on dramatic form and meaning 2s shakespeare 4 f w s a reading of selected plays by shakespeare with a focus on thematic and theatrical aspects of shakespeare s art 30a-b-c acting 4-4-4 30a f summer 30b w 30c s a one-year course in basic acting technique and discipline note all acting classes require strict adherence to stage discipline unexcused class

164 uci 1993-94 • school of humanities during the second year of study ph.d students take a second proseminar they also take a two-quarter research seminar where they have an opportunity to work on problems of their own choosing students who entered the program with an m.a degree must also take this seminar requirements for the bachelor s degree university requirements see pages 47-51 school requirements see page 140 departmental requirements for the major i fourteen courses are required a year-long survey selected from united states history history 40a 40b 40c european history history 41a 41b 41c latin american history 42a 42b 42c or east asian history history 43a 43b 43c five upperdivision history courses two colloquia history 190 one of which is followed by a research seminar 192 and three additional lower or uppercdivision history courses if a student has satisfied the survey requirement with united states or european history then at least two of the other required

204 uci 1993-94 • school of physical sciences graduate program the department offers the m.s and the ph.d degrees in physics the first in recognition of demonstrated knowledge of the basic facts and theories of physics the second primarily in recognition of demonstrated capacity for independent research active programs of research are underway in high energy physics condensed matter physics low temperature physics plasma physics mathe matical physics gravitational physics and astrophysics in general graduate study in physics is expected to be a full-time activity other proposed arrangements should be approved by the graduate committee completion of the ph.d typically requires six years of full-time study i complementing the formal courses the department offers regular colloquia and informal seminars the graduate student is a member of an intellectual community and is expected to participate fully in departmental activities attendance at colloquia is considered an essential part

social sciences requirements each student is expected to take two three-course graduate sequences the first is a three-quarter methods sequence covering the areas of probability statistics and experimental design psychology 203a 203b 203c the other is a proseminar sequence covering areas such as learning memory perception and linguistics psychology 202a-b-c suitable substitutes may be made with written approval of the department s director of graduate studies additional advanced course work in other fields relevant to the student s interests will supplement the required courses knowledge of one foreign language appropriate to the student s research concerns is required students are expected to enroll in the cognitive sciences research seminar psychology 201a-b-c during all quarters in residence prior to advancement to candidacy in addition students must take at least six more courses prior to advancement to candidacy these courses must be taken from at least three of the following

social ecology ecological perspective including homeostasis and duration-amplification interdependencies of human environments scope and validity of research and community interventions prerequisite senior standing consent of instructor 194 studies in field settings 4 f s lecture three hours introduction to alternative models of experiential learning and to various methods of observation assessment and evaluation introduction to the nature of organizations and ethical issues that emerge from research and intervention in natural settings must be taken prior to social ecology 195 enrollment in discussion section is required prerequisite social ecology 10 restricted to social ecology majors letter grade only 195 field study 2 to 4 f w s prerequisites social ecology 194 junior standing restricted to social ecology majors may be repeated for credit pass/not pass only 198 directed studies 2 to 4 f w s prerequisite consent of instructor pass/not pass only 199 special studies 2 to 4 f w s

326 uci 1993-94 • school of engineering electrical and computer engineering is a broad field encompassing such diverse subject areas as computers control electronics digital systems communications signal processing electromagnetics and physics of electronic devices knowledge of the mathematical and natural sciences is applied to the theory design and implementation of devices and systems for the benefit of society some electrical engineers focus on the study of behavior of electronic devices and circuits that are the basic building blocks of complex electronic systems others study the generation transmission and utilization of electrical energy a large group of electrical engineers studies the application of these complex systems to other areas including medicine biology geology and ecology still another group studies the behavior of complex electronic systems such as computers automatic controls telecommunications and signal processing of this latter group those engaged in

366 i uci 1993-94 • college of medicine helen ross m.d university of california los angeles assistant professor of medicine hematology in residence james roum m.d ph.d university of california irvine assistant professor of medicine arthur rubel ph.d university of north carolina professor of family medicine lloyd rucker m.d university of kentucky associate clinical professor of medicine general internal medicine and primary care jeanne ruderman m.d university of california los angeles associate clinical professor of pediatrics neonatology patricia r russell b.s university of redlands assistant clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology ervin p ruzics m.d university of southern california assistant adjunct professor of surgery urology hamid m said ph.d university of aston england associate professor of medicine gastroenterology physiology and biophysics and pediatrics in residence · albert saisho m.d university of southern california clinical instructor of medicine

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