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table of contents introduction to uci the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 from the chancellor 5 uci 1995 nobel laureates 6 academic goals academic structure accreditation 9 office of affirmative action and equal opportunity 9 office of the assistant executive vice chancellor-university ombudsman 10 the campus setting i 0 instructional and research facilities i 0 university libraries instructional development services media services office of academic computing irvine ecological preserve natural reserves system uci arboretum laser microbeam and medical program thesaurus linguae graecae uci medical center and community clinics center for occupational and environmental health office of university advancement i3 uci academic senate distinguished faculty 14 preadmission matters student academic advancement services honors opportunities 54 center for international education 55 requirements for a bachelor s degree 57 catalogue rights university requirements 57

44 uci 1996-97 • preadmission matters admission by examination alone astudent can qualify as a freshman by examination alone the required total score on the sat i is 1,400 1 if the act is presented the minimum score is 31 also the student s total score on the three sat ii examinations must be 1,7602 or higher or at least 1,850 3 if a nonresident of california with no score less than 530 4 on any individual sat ii examination this option does not apply to students who will have completed more than 12 transferable units prior to admission the sat ii examinations cannot be taken in academic subjects covered by transferable college courses a student may have taken freshman applicants who qualify for admission by examination alone may be required to present academic qualifications in addition to the test scores listed above 1,300 if taken prior to april1995 1,650 if taken prior to may 1995 3 1,730 if taken prior to may 1995 4 500 if taken prior to may 1995 i 2 admission as a

86 uci 1996-97 • research and graduate studies computer systems design the iru in computer systems design includes faculty from the department of information and computer science and the department of electrical and computer engineering in the school of engineering who are interested in methodologies tools and designs of complex information and computer systems for scientific and environmental applications faculty and students are involved in a variety of projects in parallel processing algorithms software tools parallel compilers distributed computing networking real-time systems vlsi architecture computer-aided design estimation fault tolerant and highly reliable systems software/hardware codesign and design science the goal of the iru is to provide a broad spectrum of research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to enhance interaction with distinguished scientists from both industry and universities from the united states and abroad and to foster greater

biological sciences 118l microbial ecology of natural and polluted waters laboratory 4 s laboratory three hours enumeration and identification of microorganisms from various aquatic environments examines microbial mediation of the sulfur nitrogen and mercury cycles and public health aspects of water quality prerequisites a general course in the biological sciences core curriculum and completion of or concurrent enrollment in biological sciences 118 same as environmental analysis and design el60l 119 the chemical components of water quality 4 f lecbjre three hours a survey of the chemical properties of water used for drinking agriculture and industry covers basic chemical analyses of water and the significance of these tests in determining water quality prerequisites chemistry la and environmental analysis and design e5 and e8 or a general course in the biological sciences core curriculum same as environmental analysis and design el62 120 neurobiology of alcohol 4 s lecture two hours

civil and environmental engineering 169 pavements and pavement management systems prerequisite junior standing design units 2 method approximate methods influence lines for indeterminate structures prerequisite ce151a design units 0 ce126 transportation systems analysis and design 4 w theoretical foundations of transportation planning design and analysis methods theory and application of aggregate and disaggregate models for land use development trip generation and destination mode and route choice transportation network analysis planning design and evaluation of system alternatives prerequisite ceios formerly ce121 ce122 design units 2 cei52 computer methods of structural analysis 4 s matrix techniques for indeterminate framed structures flexibility and stiffness method computer techniques using the stiffness method structural dynamics of single multi and infinite degree of freedom systems computer techniques for frequencies and modes prerequisite ce151a design units 0 ce127 traffic

210 uci 1996-97 • school of humanities requirements for the bachelor s degree careers for the french major the great majority of students who major in french pursue careers in various sectors of the world of business and commerce where they can take advantage not only of their competency in communicating in french but also of what they have learned from the study of french literature and civilization the study of literature teaches students to think critically and develops analytical skills it also helps them to express their own ideas clearly and persuasively in practical terms these skills will allow them to operate efficiently in marketing publicity public relations and management where sophistication has become essential a number of students also follow careers in education continue their studies in graduate school or enter the diplomatic service the career and life planning center provides services to uci students and alumni including career counseling information about job

252 uci 1996-97 • interdisciplinary studies the summer university research fellowship surf the summer academic enrichment program saep and the pregraduate mentorship program pgmp are examples of programs at uci which allow students to work as research assistants with professors minor in global peace and conflict studies 418 social science tower 714 824-6410 patrick morgan director faculty i dennis aigner ph.d university of california berkeley dean of the graduate school of management and professor of management russell dalton ph.d university of michigan chair of the department of politics and society and professor of political science joseph dimento ph.d j.d university of michigan professor of social ecology and management l manuel garcia y griego ph.d university of california los angeles assistant professor ofpolitics and society michelle garfinkel ph.d brown university associate professor of economics paula garb ph.d u.s.s.r academy of sciences lecturer in social sciences

294 uci 1996-97 • school of physical sciences sa-b-c-d-e fundamental physics 4-4-4-4-4 w s f w s sa-b-c summer lecture three hours discussion one hour sa newtonian mechanics kinematics and dynamics of motion facility in calculus is assumed prerequisite physics 1 or score of at least 4 on the advanced placement test c part i in physics or satisfactory pretest score corequisite mathematics 2b sb equilibrium mechanics fluids and elasticity oscillations and waves corequisite mathematics 2c sc electrostatics magnetostatics currents and fields circuit elements maxwell s equations prerequisites mathematics 2a-b-c sd electromagnetic radiation interference diffraction quantum mechanics atomic physics se thermodynamics and kinetic theory relativity concurrent enrollment in physics 5l is required each quarter laboratory requirement may be waived by consent of instructor physics 5a-b-c ii slb-lc-ld-le fundamental physics laboratory 1.5-1.5-1.5-1.5 s f w s slb summer laboratory

cognitive sciences 78a introduction to social psychology 4 studies sociological contributions to theory and research in social psychology with focus on the social influences on personality attitudes beliefs and behavior socialization human groups and social interaction same as sociology 31 iii 89 special topics in lower-division psychology 4 prerequisites vary may be repeated for credit as topic varies upper division hlola-b·c honors seminar in psychology i ii iii 4-4-4 focuses on the research activities and honors thesis research projects of each student and on the research of various cognitive sciences faculty students discuss their research interests in the early and later stages of their projects research projects and write-ups are required restricted to students in the honors program in psychology research methods lloe introduction to experimental psychology 4 explores the application of scientific research methods to the study of psychology the development of testable

medicine overview the uci college of medicine became part of the university of california in 1965 prior to this time it was known as the california college of medicine which traces its roots to a private institution founded in 1896 mission statement the uci college of medicine is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of medicine for the benefit of society this mission is achieved through programs of excellence in education the college of medicine is committed to provide educational programs of the highest quality to medical students m.d ph.d students residents fellows allied health and graduate academic students further the college of medicine s educational programs are designed to stimulate self-learning and critical inquiry and to exemplify those human values necessary to fulfill the professional commitments of a career in the health sciences research excellence in research is an essential feature of the college of medicine therefore the college is committed to develop