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table of contents introduction to uci the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 academic goals 6 academic structure accreditation 7 office of equal opportunity and diversity 7 office of the assistant executive vice chancellor-university ombudsman 7 the campus setting 7 instructional and research facilities 8 university libraries office of academic computing irvine ecological preserve natural reserves system uci arboretum laser microbeam and medical program thesaurus linguae graecae uci medical center center for occupational and environmental health office of university advancement 11 uci academic senate distinguished faculty 12 preadmission matters office of admissions and relations with schools 18 how to use the catalogue 18 undergraduate and graduate degrees and areas of study 19 majors and careers 24 special programs 27 university program for high school scholars educational opportunity program

46 uci 1998-99 • preadmission matters housing or financial aid office directly for information about deadlines priorities and availability of these services transcripts the office of admissions and relations with schools requires complete accurate and up-to-date information about a student s academic program and work in progress in order to process and respond to the application in a timely manner the transcript and other documents submitted as part of the application become the property of the university they cannot be returned or forwarded in any form to another college or university freshman applicants applicants will be notified if a preliminary high school transcript is required applicants are also responsible for asking testing agencies to report examination scores for either the sat i or act tests and three sat ii examinations to the uci office of admissions and relations with schools an official final high school transcript showing a statement of graduation also must be

graduate education theses and dissertations candidates for the ph.d ed.d and certain master s degrees must conduct an extensive research project and submit a dissertation or thesis in order to fulfill degree requirements research expenses are not supported by the university and the cost of preparing the dissertation or thesis ordinarily ranges from $200 to $1,000 but may be considerably more after approval by the doctoral or thesis committee appointed for each candidate by the academic unit on behalf of the graduate council two copies of the dissertation or thesis must be filed for placement in the uci library the final copy must meet the university s requirements for style format and appearance before the degree can be conferred a thesis and dissertation manuscript preparation manual is available for sale in the uci bookstore in the library for photocopying and on the world wide web at http www.editor.uci.edu editor/td_manual dissertations and theses must be filed by the deadline

132 uci 1998-99 • school of biological sciences 206 special topics in evolution 4 s lecture four hours extensive introduction to the primary literature of evolutionary biology topics include population genetics quantitative genetics neutralism molecular evolution evolution of genetic systems genetic architecture of fitness speciation and macroevolution restriction graduate students only i 207 quantitative methods in ecology and evolutionary biology 4 w lecture four hours statistics for ecologists and evolutionary biologists emphasis on specific applications and underlying assumptions rather than on methods of calculation topics include experimental design parametric and nonparametric methods analysis of variance and covariance and multiple regression prerequisite at least one quarter of statistics including regression and analysis of variance open to graduate students only 208 special topics in organismal biology and physiology 4 f seminar two hours a summary of information in

electrical and computer engineering because most graduate courses are not repeated every quarter students should make every effort to begin their graduate program in the fall master of science degree general requirements two plans are offered for the m.s degree a thesis option and a comprehensive examination option for both options students are required to develop and obtain approval by the department s graduate advisor of a complete program of study opportunities are available for part-time study toward the m.s degree the program of study must be completed within four calendar years from the date of admission plan 1 thesis option the thesis option requires completion of 36 units of study the completion of an original research investigation the writing of the thesis describing it and approval of the thesis by a thesis committee required undergraduate courses and seminar courses such as ece294 and ece295 may not be counted toward the 36 units no more than four units of ece299 and three

218 uci 1998-99 • school of humanities heidi tinsman ph.d yale university assistant professor of history latin america steven c topik ph.d university of texas department chair and professor of history latin america anne walthall ph.d university of chicago professor of history and east asian languages and literatures early modern and modern japan jonathan m wiener ph.d harvard university professor of history recent american theory and history r bin wong ph.d harvard university professor of history and east asian languages and literatures modern chinese comparative economic undergraduate program the undergraduate program in history is designed to develop critical intelligence and to foster an awareness of ourselves and our world through the study of the past the department presents a variety of approaches to history and each emphasizes basic disciplinary skills weighing evidence constructing logical arguments and exploring the role of theory in historical analysis and human action

262 uci 1998-99 • interdisciplinary studies jane 0 newman ph.d princeton university associate professor of comparative literature sixteenth and seventeenth-century english french german italian and neo-latin literature feminist theory new historicism and cultural materialism genre theory drama epic pastoral early modem women s history carrie j noland ph.d harvard university assistant professor of french twentieth-century poetry world war ii and literature of the avante-garde patrick sinclair ph.d northwestern university department chair of classics and associate professor of classics roman social history latin prose lexicology john h smith ph.d princeton university associate professor of german eighteenth and nineteenth-century german literature and intellectual history literary theory lesbian and gay studies sally stein ph.d yale university associate professor of art history history of photography and mass media heidi tinsman ph.d yale university assistant professor of history

social ecology betty h olson ph.d university of california berkeley professor of social ecology and community and environmental medicine aquatic microbiology environmental health and molecular biology water resources richard perry j.d stanford university ph.d university of california berkeley assistant professor of social ecology language and law legal theory jaw and society linguistics joan petersilia ph.d university of california irvine professor of social ecology program evaluation public policy juvenile justice henry n pontell ph.d state university of new york stony brook chair of the department of criminology law and society and professor of social ecology criminal justice sociology of law medical sociology joann prause ph.d university of california irvine lecturer in social ecology statistics quantitative epidemiology employment typology karen s rook ph.d university of california los angeles professor of social ecology gerontology social support systems subjective well-being and

348 uci 1998-99 • school of social sciences motivated and well-qualified students find the graduate program highly attractive because of its small size and its great flexibility self-discipline and an inquiring mind are prerequisites admission the deadline for application for admission is january 15 for fall quarter students are admitted for winter or spring quarters only under exceptional circumstances late applications are considered on a space-available basis all applicants must take the graduate record exam gre prior to the application deadline foreign applicants must also submit test of english as a foreign language toefl scores requirements all students must show competence in microeconomics macroeconomics and econometrics normally this is done by taking a threecourse sequence in each of these areas students also must master two fields of applied economics by taking a two-course sequence possibly including independent reading courses and writing a research paper in each

medicine students a great deal of the informal knowledge concerning medical school is communicated through the components of msp small groups of first-year students are led by second-year co-leaders who develop clinically relevant case-based problems for discussion covering material learned in first-year basic science courses fourth-year students serve as co-leaders for similar groups of second-year students first-year discussion groups meet every other week and groups for second-year students meet once per month first and second-year students also receive msp study packets which contain test questions and answers from the previous year and are distributed prior to each examination a new msp component is designed to meet the needs of third-year students as they face the challenges and transitions that are a part of this phase of their training during their various clerkships third-year students are assisted in four basic areas by fourth-year students oral examinations presentation of

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