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table of contents introduction to uci the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 from the chancellor 5 academic goals 6 academic structure accreditation 7 cooperative for problem resolution 7 the campus setting 8 instructional and research facilities 8 university libraries office of academic computing irvine ecological preserve natural reserves system uci arboretum laser microbeam and medical program thesaurus linguae graecae uci medical center uci center for occupational and environmental health additional facilities office of university advancement 11 uci academic senate distinguished faculty 12 preadmission matters office of admissions and relations with schools 17 how to use the catalogue 17 undergraduate and graduate degrees and areas of study 18 majors and careers 23 special programs 26 university program for high school scholars educational opportunity program center for educational

information for admitted students orientation each may information about uci s orientation programs sponsored by the office of the dean of students is sent to applicants for admission who plan to enroll in the fall student-parent orientation programs spop are held three different times during the summer spop is designed to help new students with their registration materials and offers informative sessions on academic programs extracurricular activities housing choices and much more participants and their parents live in residence halls and the program fee covers room board and program costs two mini-spops intensive one-day events are held in july for students and parents who are unable to attend the multi-day programs for more information telephone 949 824-7759 or send e-mail to jhalvaks@uci.edu transfer orientation is a unique one-day program geared to the needs of transfer students held at the end of july the program provides advising access to campus resources a graduate school

92 i uci 1999-2000 • school of the arts aid office the school of the arts has a modest number of teaching assistantships available in all areas and all candidates are automatically reviewed for teaching assistantship positions the school informs successful candidates by june 1 for the following academic year requirements for the bachelor s degree university requirements see pages 54 59 school requirements none 101 mesa arts building 949 824-6646 stephen barker director program requirements three one-year surveys in three different areas of the arts selected from art history 40a b c dance 90a-b-c drama 40a b c or music 40b-c-d nine performance/studio courses e.g acting ballet drawing chorus orchestra six upper-division courses in the history theory and criticism of the arts in at least two areas of the arts including arts 130 a senior thesis two years in a language other than engiish at university level or equivalent competence related courses in disciplines other than the arts

neurobiology and behavior 137 217a principles of cancer biology i 4 s every other year lecture three hours oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes are studied from molecular viewpoints also studies their role in cancer viral carcinogenesis designed for graduate students interested in cancer research format includes lectures and student-led discussions prerequisites molecular biology and biochemistry 203 and 204 254 protein crystallography 3 s of even years lecture three hours introduces students to the theory and practice of macromolecular crystallography covers all aspects including protein crystallization space groups phasing methods electron density map interpretation refinement and preparation of results for publication corequisite calculus prerequisite consent of instructor same as physiology and biophysics 211 217b principles of cancer biology ii 4 s every other year lecture three hours topics include cancer cell growth and metastasis chemical carcinogenesis and cancer genetics and

182 uci 1999-2000 • school of engineering requirements for the bachelor s degree in electrical engineering freshman mathematics 2a chemistry la lla breadth credit for at least 186 units including university requirements see pages 54-59 school requirements see pages 156-157 departmental requirements mathematics courses mathematics 2a-b-c-d 3a and 3d 24 units basic science courses chemistry 1a and 1la physics 5a-b-cd-e and 5lb-lc-ld-le at least 32 units basic engineering courses engineering e80 e101 ecell ece31 ece31la ece70a ece70b and ece70lb 23 units i sample program of study fall electrical engineering core courses engineering ece113a ece113la ece113b ece113lb ece113c ece113lc ece113d or ece151 ece120a ece120b ece140a ece140la ece170 ece180 or mathematics 114a and ece186 43 units technical electives 19 units students may select with the approval of their faculty advisor an area of specialization and complete the associated requirements as shown below the technical

226 uci 1999-2000 • school of humanities 102b literature an!l society 1918-1945 4 see above description prerequisite german 2c or consent of instructor vii-b 299 dissertation research 4 to 12 for students who have been admitted to doctoral candidacy satisfactory/unsatisfactory only 103 german phonetics 4 s contrastive analyses of the sound of english and german emphasis on standard german pronunciation prerequisite german 2c not offered 1999-2000 398a-b the teaching of german 2-2 f w s required of all teaching assistants in the german department also open to present and prospective teachers of german who are not teaching assistants note courses numbered 117 to 199 with the exception of german 139 may be repeated provided course content changes german 101 or consent of instructor is prerequisite for courses 117 to 130 399 university teaching 4-4-4 f w s required of and limited to teaching assistants 117 topics in german literature and culture 750-1750 4 specific course content

conflict resolution research is conducted and given academic credit through independent study or group research courses offered in each academic unit the summer university research fellowship surf the summer academic enrichment program saep and the pregraduate mentorship program pgmp are examples of programs at uci which allow students to work as research assistants with professors minor in conflict resolution 721 social science tower 949 824-6410 wayne sandholtz director faculty dennis aigner ph.d university of california berkeley professor of management and economics scott a bollens ph.d university of north carolina chair of the department of urban and regional planning and associate professor of social ecology peter a bowler ph.d university of california irvine associate adjunct professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and of environmental analysis and design uc natural reserve system academic coordinator and director of the ucj arboretum teresa p caldeira ph.d university of

school of social ecology arnold binder dean interim 163 social ecology undergraduate counseling 949 824-6861 graduate counseling 949 824-5917 world wide web http lwww.seweb.uci.edu faculty i phyllis f agran m.d university of california irvine m.p.h harvard university professor of pediatrics and social ecology hoda anton-culver ph.d st andrews university scotland professor of medicine epidemiology and preventive medicine and of social ecology dean bradford baker m.d university of california berkeley director of the uci center for occupational and environmental health and professor of clinical medicine community and environmental medicine and social ecology mark baldassare ph.d university of california berkeley professor of social ecology and roger w and janice m johnson chair in civil governance the social ecology of public management urban sociology public opinion research social impact assessment arnold binder ph.d stanford university dean interim of the school of social ecology

economics requirements for the bachelor s degree g an honors thesis university requirements see pages 54-59 h a minimum of four additional upper-division economics courses school requirements see page 346 departmental requirements for the major school requirements must be met and must include 15 courses 60 units as specified below a economics 20a-b-c this course sequence is a prerequisite for almost all upper-division economics courses b all majors must demonstrate competence in probability and statistics prior to enrolling in any upper-division economics course or they must be concurrently enrolled in an approved probability and statistics course students may satisfy this requirement by completing economics 10a-b-c or an equivalent course c all majors must demonstrate competence in calculus by completing mathematics 2a-b or equivalent courses students must complete at least mathematics 2a or an equivalent course prior to enrolling in economics 100a and both mathematics 2a and 2b or

406 uci 1999-2000 • college of medicine college of medicine alumni relations maureen hausen director 949 824-7155 the uci college of medicine is an outgrowth of what began in 1896 as the pacific college of osteopathy pso some years later pso became the college of osteopathic physicians and surgeons which then became the california college of medicine in 1962 and subsequently became part of the uc system in 1965 the office of alumni relations provides programs and services for nearly 4,000 alumni of the college as well as for students from financial support to honor s night awards mentorships to reunions the office of alumni relations seeks to provide a cornerstone from which students and alumni can benefit from their relationships to one another and in so doing strengthen the college of medicine the m.d program admission and outreach all inquiries regarding admission programs and procedures of the uci college of medicine should be directed to university of california irvine