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table of contents introduction to uci the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 from the chancellor 5 academic goals 6 academic structure accreditation 7 cooperative for problem resolution 8 the campus setting 8 instructional and research facilities 9 uc irvine libraries network academic computing services uci ecological preserve natural reserves system uci arboretum laser microbeam and medical program uci medical center uci center for occupational and environmental health additional facilities office of university advancement 12 uci academic senate distinguished faculty 13 preadmission matters office of admissions and relations with schools 16 how to use the catalogue 16 undergraduate and graduate degrees and areas of study 17 majors and careers 22 special programs 26 university program for high school scholars educational opportunity program center for educational partnerships student academic advancement services graduate diversity

50 uci 2001-02 • information for admitted students students pursue three year-long interdisciplinary honors core courses one course per quarter satisfying several categories of the breadth requirement many of these courses provide an interdisciplinary approach to major subjects and issues faculty from a variety of disciplines are chosen especially for their teaching ability and scholarship during their junior and senior years participants pursue original research under the direct supervision of faculty members culminating in the production of an honors thesis creative project or publication-quality paper many chp students also participate in major-specific honors programs the senior honors thesis that is developed and produced through these programs satisfies the chp thesis requirement chp students begin their course of study by taking honors sections of the humanities core course team-taught by professors from various disciplines in the school of humanities the humanities core

98 uci 2001-02 • claire trevor school of the arts 80 introduction to dance 4 f w s survey of nineteenth and twentiethcentury ballet modern dance and theatre dance for non-majors only dance 80 and dance 90a-b-c may not both be taken for credit vii-b 81 dance cultures of the world 4 a survey of selected world dance forms focusing on social and cultural context vii-b 90a-b-c dance history a b c 4-4-4 f w s 90a introduction to nonwestern dance dance in the western tradition from prehistory through the middle ages 90b the history of dance in the western tradition from the renaissance through the nineteenth century 90c the history of dance in the western tradition the twentieth century dance 90a-b-c and dance 80 may not both be taken for credit iv vii-b 91a-b-c dance in the hispanic world 4-4-4 f w s history and current state of hispanic dance with particular attention to spain and mexico 91a dance traditions in spain and her colonies to 1898 91b ritual folk and social dance genres

146 uci 2001-02 • school of biological sciences the department offers graduate study under the auspices of the school of biological sciences and in conjunction with the program in molecular biology genetics and biochemistry which is described in a previous section students admitted into the combined program who select a research advisor in the department begin thesis research in the second year students are required to attend and participate in the departmental research seminar and are required to attend departmental seminars in addition students are required to complete two advanced-level graduate courses subsequent to entering the department s ph.d concentration in the third year students take the advancement-to-candidacy examination for the ph.d degree by presenting and defending a proposal for specific dissertation research completion of the ph.d normally requires five years of graduate study courses in biological chemistry 200a b c research in biological chemistry 2 to 12 f

194 uci 2001-02 • the henry samueli school of engineering computer systems vlsi architectures computer design automation numerical processing and intelligent management in addition to the general department requirements the following requirements must be met master of science degree plan 1 thesis option a total of 36 units are required for the degree graduate seminar courses such as ece294 and ece295 may not be counted toward the 36 units four core courses in the computer systems and software concentration css must be completed with a grade of b 3.0 or better at least three additional core or concentration courses must be completed with approval of the faculty advisor and the graduate advisor two of these three additional concentration courses may be graduate courses offered outside of the computer systems and software concentration however they must be non-research and non-seminar courses related to the thesis topic at most 12 units of ece296 m.s thesis research may be counted

242 uci 2001-02 .• school of humanities full-time graduate study the department will decide after completion of the m.a at the latest whether or not to permit the student to continue in the ph.d program the m.a thus may be in some cases a terminal degree in those cases where the student enters the uci graduate program in german with an m.a from another institution the department will evaluate the student s progress during the first year of study before deciding to allow continuation toward the ph.d students who enter with normal academic preparation and pursue a full-time program of study ordinarily should be able to earn the ph.d degree within six years or less master of arts in german before entering the program a candidate is expected to have the equivalent of our undergraduate major students with a bachelor s degree in another subject may be considered for admission normally their course of studies will have to be extended in order to make up for the deficiency however each

290 uci 2001-02 • department of information and computer science 269 seminar in the theory of algorithms and data structures 2 current research and research ·trends in the theory of algorithms and data structures may be repeated for credit 270a introduction to artificial intelligence 4 the study of theories and computational models for systems which behave and act in an intelligent manner fundamental subdisciplines of artificial intelligence including knowledge representation search deduction planning probabilistic reasoning natural language parsing and comprehension knowledge-based systems and learning 270b advanced artificial intelligence programming 4 study of a set of common techniques that reappear in many artificial intelligence projects such as planning natural language processing learning expert systems and model-based reasoning prerequisites ics 172 and 270a may be taken concurrently or consent of instructor 278 data mining 4 introduction to the general

338 uci 2001-02 • school of physical sciences course requirements students are required to exhibit mastery of the basic sequences-classical mechanics electromagnetic theory quantum mechanics and statistical physics a minimum of 12 quarter courses including 211 213a-b 214a 215a-b 223 and at least three other courses numbered between 200 and 259 must be passed with a grade of b or better students are strongly encouraged to take physics 211 213a-b 214a 215a-b 223 and 206 for experimentalists or 212 for theorists in their first year of study it is expected that students having selected a research specialty will ordinarily take the core course in that subject 236a-b-c 237 a-b-c 238a-b-c or 239a-b-c in their second year of study the curriculum for the m.s program includes a summer session to assimilate students with different undergraduate backgrounds formal shop laboratory and computational courses a sequence on current topics to bridge the gap between fundamental principles and

386 uci 2001-02 • school of social sciences 21aadolescent psychology 4 focuses on psychosocial dynamics of today s adolescents in america emphasizing the quest for identity independence values and sexual orientation the influence of society family school and peers is analyzed strategies for helping troubled adolescents are discussed prerequisite psychology 7 a or 9a-b-c psychology 21a and psychology and social behavior p114d may not both be taken for credit ill 21f psychology and the family 4 examines theories research implications and applications of psychology as they relate to the understanding of family structure process development and change prerequisite psychology 7a or 9a-b-c 23a principles of applied psychology 4 introduction to the understanding of human functioning through cognitive and behavioral analysis and application iii 24a life-span development 4 combines developmental and clinical psychology concepts to explore major life transition stages and adjustment

434 uci 2001-02 • college of medicine calvin s mclaughlin ph.d massachusetts institute of technology professor of biological chemistry biological sciences community and environmental medicine and ophthalmology susan mcnaney m.s.n university of california los angeles assistant clinical professor of family medicine david c medway m.d george washington university assistant clinical professor of medicine general internal medicine and primary care rita mehta m.d m.g.m medical college india assistant clinical professor of medicine hematology/oncology daniel b menzel ph.d university of california berkeley professor of community and environmental medicine hooshang meshkinpour m.d tehran university school of medicine iran professor of medicine gastroenterology frankl meyskens m.d university of california san francisco director of the chao family clinical cancer research center associate dean for research and professor of medicine hematology/oncology and biological chemistry don r

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