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table of contents introduction to uci the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 from the chancellor 5 academic goals 6 academic structure accreditation 7 office of equal opportunity and diversity office of the university ombudsman 7 the campus setting 8 instructional and research facilities 8 uc irvine libraries network academic computing services uci ecological preserve natural reserves system uci arboretum laser microbeam and medical program uci medical center uci center for occupational and environmental health additional facilities university advancement 11 uci academic senate distinguished faculty 12 preadmission matters office of admissions and relations with schools 17 campus tours how to use the catalogue 17 undergraduate and graduate degrees and areas of study 18 majors and careers 23 special programs 26 access uci and summer session enrollment educational opportunity program center for educational

54 uci 2003-04 • information for admitted students nearly every country in the world this includes all academic programs sponsored by u.s institutions that occur on foreign soil or water as in the case of the semester at sea program direct enrollment at foreign institutions summer session abroad programs through uci and other uc campuses and uci independent study 199 done in foreign countries under the supervision of a uci faculty member with careful planning lop students participating in study programs can make progress toward their uci degree by fulfilling major minor or breadth requirements students may apply for transfer credit and uci financial aid by completing the international study advance contract many scholarships are also available to acquaint students with opportunities abroad lop sponsors the annual go abroad fair and periodic presentations orientations · and workshops it also maintains a library of international resources and publications listing opportunities

drama soc introduction to lighting design 4 f w s introduction to the principles theories and equipment employed by the lighting designer for the stage areas of investigation include history technology and script analysis detailed studio attention is given to the theory and practice of design 65 music theatre workshop i 2 f w for students new to singing or musical theatre basic vocal technique characterization and physicalization of music and lyrics introduced may be taken for credit three times upper-division 100 university theatre 4 rehearsal and performance in a faculty-directed production by audition only may be repeated for credit 101 theatre production the production courses are offered to give students the opportunity to participate in departmental productions students engage in the production and construction of designed work as well as its applied execution during performance prerequisite consent of instructor may be taken for credit for a maximum of 24 units provided

156 uci 2003-04 • department of education requirements the minor requires completion of a minimum of seven courses at least five of which must be upper-division totaling 28 units drawn from the four required areas of study shown below and from the approved electives no more than two courses from the student s major area of study may be used for completion of the minor area 1 educational systems issues and reforms origins purposes and central issues in k-12 education education 50 i area 2 learning and the learning process either learning theory and classroom practices education 173 or psychology of learning abilities and intelligence education 176 each of these courses also fulfills a prerequisite requirement for the department s fifth-year teacher credential programs area 3 educational contexts and influences there are two requirements in area 3 1 a course that focuses on k-12 education/schooling and 2 fieldwork in k-12 schools to satisfy the fieldwork requirement students

electrical engineering and computer science admissions office the depth examination is conducted during each spring quarter a student must pass the ph.d preliminary examination within two complete academic year cycles after entering the ph.d program a student has only two chances to take and pass the ph.d preliminary examination a student who fails the ph.d preliminary examination twice will be asked to withdraw from the program or will be dismissed from the program and may not be readmitted into the program the ph.d degree is granted upon the recommendation of the doctoral committee and the dean of graduate studies part-time study toward the ph.d degree is not permitted students should be able to complete all requirements for the ph.d within 5-6 years from the date of admission doctoral programs must be completed within seven calendar years courses in computer science and engineering lower-division cse21 introduction to computer science i 6 first of a three-quarter introductory

258 uci 2003-04 • school of humanities 97 fundamentals of italian with emphasis on reading 4 designed primarily for students interested in acquiring a solid reading knowledge of italian and to facilitate the understanding and translating of italian texts dealing with a variety of disciplines not open to italian studies minors does not serve as a prerequisite for any higher-level italian courses or fulfill any undergraduate foreign language requirement 99 special studies in italian 4 f w s both student and instructor arrive at the theme of the course and the critical approach to be followed in consultation intended to offer courses in italian otherwise unavailable prerequisites consent of instructor and department chair student must submit a written description of the course to the chair prior to the first week of classes to obtain consent may be repeated for credit when topic changes upper-division looa-8 italian language and civilization 4-4 systematic review of grammar with

310 uci 2003-04 • school of information and computer science 158 parallel architectures and algorithms 4 parallel processing systems emphasis on theory and application of arrays trees and hypercubes computational models and applications sorting integer arithmetic matrix operations fast fourier transform and others interconnection networks framework for the description analysis and construction of hypercube-like interconnect prerequisite ics 152 ics 161 recommended 160e engineering data structures and algorithms 4 design of efficient algorithms for practical data structures in engineering applications models of computation np-completeness prerequisite engineering ece40 same as engineering ece144 161 design and analysis of algorithms 4 time and space complexity of algorithms models of computation techniques for efficient algorithm design effect of data structure choice on efficiency of an algorithm fast algorithms for problems such as sorting set manipulation graph problems

physics and astronomy matter at both advanced and undergraduate course levels the faculty is vigorous innovative and engaged in everything from the traditional activities of research education and university service to community action literature and national policy making to mention a few examples the department encourages student-faculty interaction undergraduate program the goal of the undergraduate major in physics is to develop expert problem solvers with a broad understanding of physical principles the program is flexible and prepares students for careers in industrial research applications programming education law or business as well as for graduate study in astronomy biomedical physics engineering or physics annual mandatory meetings with faculty advisors assist students in selecting a program that matches their aptitudes and interests in addition to the core physics courses students complete either a standard track such as the track for future ph.d physicists or one of the

412 uci 2003-04 • school of social sciences 245a seminar in political anthropology 4 explores anthropological approaches to politics covers a range of issues and topics including theories of culture power and hegemony approaches to _colonial and post-colonial relations of global inequality and ethnographic approaches to the modern state prerequisite graduate standing or consent of instructor same as social science 254h 246a studies in the national order of things 4 examines how the nation has come to appear as an inevitable unit of the contemporary political and cultural order and how it shapes orders of krtowledge themes nation and gender nationalism and colonialism culture and citizenship violence and racism prerequisite graduate standing or consent of instructor same as social science 2541 246b law colonialism and nationalism 4 origins and spread of law in colonial and nationalist contexts law s role in constituting and policing difference recent theoretical approaches

medicine francis m crinella ph.d louisiana state university clinical professor of pediatrics child development physical medicine and rehabilitation and psychiatry and human behavior t timothy crocker m.d university of california san francisco professor emeritus of community and environmental medicine roger l crumley m.d university of iowa department chair and professor of otolaryngology head and neck surgery aoyd l culler m.d university of tennessee chief of pediatric endocrinology and adjunct professor of pediatrics endocrinology dennis d cunningham ph.d university of chicago senior associate-dean for academic affairs college of medicine and professor of microbiology and molecular genetics ralph w cygan m.d state university of new york downstate medical center executive director of uci medical center and clinical professor of medicine general internal medicine and primary care dvora cyrlak m.d yale university chief of pavilion radiology and clinical professor of radiological

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