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drama soc introduction to lighting design 4 f w s introduction to the principles theories and equipment employed by the lighting designer for the stage areas of investigation include history technology and script analysis detailed studio attention is given to the theory and practice of design 65 music theatre workshop i 2 f w for students new to singing or musical theatre basic vocal technique characterization and physicalization of music and lyrics introduced may be taken for credit three times upper-division 100 university theatre 4 rehearsal and performance in a faculty-directed production by audition only may be repeated for credit 101 theatre production the production courses are offered to give students the opportunity to participate in departmental productions students engage in the production and construction of designed work as well as its applied execution during performance prerequisite consent of instructor may be taken for credit for a maximum of 24 units provided productions change lola theatre production costume 1 to 6 f w s pass/not pass only 101b theatre production scenic 1 to 6 f w s pass/not pass only lolc theatre production lighting 1 to 6 f w s pass/not pass only lold theatre production stage management 2 to 8 f w s i ole theatre production audio 1 to 6 f w s pass/not pass only 103 lectures in dramatic literature 4 courses include medieval and tudor drama elizabethan and jacobean drama shakespeare restoration and eighteenth-century drama modem british drama modem american drama tragedy and comedy prerequisite when offered for upper-division writing satisfactory completion of the lower-division writing requirement may be repeated provided topic changes 105 148a b history of american musical theatre 4 4 f w discusses the composers librettists directors choreographers and performers in the american musical theatre 148a 1700s-1940s ballad opera minstrels vaudeville burlesque operetta revues and musical comedy 148b 1940s-present book musicals concept musicals broadway opera and new forms concurrent with drama 248a b 149 music proficiency for actors 0 f w s tutorial in basic keyboard and sight reading skills students repeat course until they can teach themselves a vocal line from a piano/vocal score pass/not pass only open only to students in the honors in music theatre program formerly drama 166m 150 costume production techniques 4 studio instruction in pattern making draping millinery and construction techniques prerequisite drama soa may be repeated for credit 151 scenery production techniques 4 theatre architecture the physical stage and its equipment the principles of scenery construction and the nature and sources of scenic materials are among the lecture topics theatre engineering is studied as a drawing subject particular emphasis is given to the maintenance of design integrity in scenic execution prerequisite drama sob 152 lighting production techniques 4 an exploration of the methods and resources used by the lighting designer in the theatre class tours are conducted to leading theatres and commercial suppliers to examine equipment and procedures first hand detailed studio attention is given to the development of stage lighting graphics and problems related to road trouping prerequisite drama soc 153 makeup production techniques 4 a studio laboratory course in the techniques of stage makeup including projects in prosthetics and ventilation of hair prerequisite consent of instructor 104 greek drama 4 a concentrated examination of the major works of aeschylus sophocles euripides and aristophanes with additional readings in greek dramatic theory and theatre history 155 lighting systems 4 a study of basic electrical practice used in theatrical lighting areas of investigation include control system design system wiring maintenance of equipment and new developments in the field of lighting and illumination prerequisite drama soc 120a b c development of theatre 4 4 4 a one-year lecture course concentrating on the development of world theatre from a visual point of view from the earliest storytelling rituals through international stage development to contemporary theatrical forms prerequisite or corequisite drama 40 a b c vii-b 157 lighting composition 4 provides an opportunity for students to pursue stage lighting composition in a studio atmosphere laboratory practice includes weekly exercises in style and genre emphasis is placed on the realization of conceptual ideas prerequisite drama soc may be repeated for credit 130a-b intermediate acting 4-4 130a rehearsal and presentation of at least five scenes from contemporary material exercises in developing relationship communication and character-to-character contact may be repeated for credit 130b rehearsal and performance of four scenes developing characters in depth examination of the credibility and theatricality of characterization and style prerequisite for 130a drama 30a-b-c with a grade of b or better for transfer students one year of beginning acting with a grade of b or better prerequisite for 130b drama 30a-b-c or equivalent transfer courses with a grade of b or better and drama 130a may be repeated for credit 158 studio in theatre design 4 examines the various functions of scenery and costume locale historical period mood and atmosphere with special assignments in each area discussion of problems in scenic metaphors and visualization with emphasis on techniques of planning and presentation e.g floor plans models and rendering prerequisite drama soa or sob or consent of instructor may be repeated for credit 132 playwriting 4 completion of a full-length play or its equivalent discussion of student writing and of relevant literary texts prerequisite satisfactory completion of the lower-division writing requirement may be repeated for credit as topics vary 135 master classes in acting 1 to 4 advanced acting in specialized areas including acting for the camera film situation comedy commercials auditioning and industry preparation shakespeare moliere chekov improvisation movement for the actor self-starting stage combat repertory acting singing comedy clowning and masks prerequisites drama 30a-b-c or equivalent transfer courses and drama 130a with a grade of b or better drama 130b may be repeated for credit 145 music theatre singing 1 f w s private weekly voice lessons for the advanced musical theatre student corequisite drama 166 or 174 may be taken for credit nine times 146a-b new york satellite program 4-4 w s an immersion experience in new york city for the musical theatre performer 146a class preparation 146b master class in new york prerequisites drama 30a and audition may be taken for credit three times formerly drama 146 147 music theatre dance 4 f w an exploration of various dance styles from different eras of the musical theatre stage prerequisite drama 6s or 16s may be taken for credit six times 159 proseminar in theatre design 4 content varies prerequisite consent of instructor may be repeated for credit 160 light plotting techniques 4 a study of the development of theatrical lighting plots from initial conceptualization through final documentation areas of emphasis include script analysis visual approaches equipment selection and compositional qualities of light prerequisite drama soc 161 stage lighting graphics 4 s a studio course in the various graphic methods employed by lighting designers in the theatre investigations will include manual and computer-aided techniques prerequisite drama soc 162 history of stage lighting 4 w a historical study of lighting design methods techniques and innovation areas of emphasis include the development of light sources equipment and design styles 163 introduction to stage management 4 f a basic study of theatrical dance and opera stage management practices forms and methods from first script reading to closing night opportunity to observe professionals at work in regional and touring situations as available 165 music theatre workshop ii 4 f w s a workshop in audition technique and song interpretation admission by audition only may be taken for credit six times 166a b c music theatre workshop iii 4 4 4 f w scene study and song repertoire examined by era for the advanced music theatre student 166a 1900s-1930s operetta revue and musical comedy 166b 1940s1960s book musicals 166c 1970s-present new forms and broadway opera prerequisites drama 16s and audition may be taken for credit six times uc irvine 2003-2004