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156 uci 2003-04 • department of education requirements the minor requires completion of a minimum of seven courses at least five of which must be upper-division totaling 28 units drawn from the four required areas of study shown below and from the approved electives no more than two courses from the student s major area of study may be used for completion of the minor area 1 educational systems issues and reforms origins purposes and central issues in k-12 education education 50 i area 2 learning and the learning process either learning theory and classroom practices education 173 or psychology of learning abilities and intelligence education 176 each of these courses also fulfills a prerequisite requirement for the department s fifth-year teacher credential programs area 3 educational contexts and influences there are two requirements in area 3 1 a course that focuses on k-12 education/schooling and 2 fieldwork in k-12 schools to satisfy the fieldwork requirement students must be involved in at least 20 clock hours of verified observation and/or service in the schools courses which include fieldwork are educational strategies for tutoring and teacher aiding education 100 advanced tutoring education 103 multimedia and the arts in the multicultural classroom education 104e multicultural education in k-12 schools education 124 changing the high school experience education 150 and practicum in after-school learning and inquiry education 160 160l department of education courses that meet the course requirement in this area but do not include fieldwork are children schools and cinema education 125 mainstreaming special and general education education 162 foundations of education education 175 and health education for teachers education 380 courses from other academic units such as history of chicano education social science 173h may also be appropriate in this area taking one of these courses in combination with 20 clock hours of verified observation and/or service in the schools under the auspices of campus outreach programs or through independent observation or service in k-12 schools will fulfill both requirements in this area area 4 subject-matter content and pedagogy this area requires completion of one course focusing on an academic discipline of the student s choice which has direct applicability to k-12 instruction a list of courses approved for area 4 is available in the department of education note in addition to the approved courses shown a variety of other courses may be appropriate for areas 3 and 4 students must have these additional courses pre-approved by the department of education faculty advisor only two courses may be chosen from the student s major area of study electives the remaining courses needed to complete the sevencourse minor may be selected from any approved courses that are not used to meet an area requirement or from other courses deemed appropriate by the faculty advisor residence requirement for the minor at least four upper-division courses must be successfully completed at uci statement of intent a statement of intent is required of all students wishing to enroll in this minor forms are available in the department office 2000 berkeley place graduate degree programs master of science in chemistry or mathematics with a teaching credential in cooperation with the departments of chemistry and mathematics the department of education offers coordinated programs for the california single subject teaching credential and a master of science degree in chemistry or mathematics additional information is available from the department of education counseling office and the graduate affairs office in the departments of chemistry and mathematics master of arts in social science with a teaching credential in cooperation with the school of social sciences students enrolled in a graduate program offered by the school may choose to pursue a teaching credential while working toward their degree after completion of the requirements for an m.a degree students may apply for admission into the credential program administered by the department of education a detailed description of the program may be obtained from the department of education counseling office and the social sciences graduate office master of arts in teaching in elementary and secondary education the department of education offers an m.a.t degree program in elementary and secondary education the 15-month program is designed for candidates with a baccalaureate degree who wish to earn a teaching credential in conjunction with an advanced degree the m.a.t program consists of a one-year teacher credential program of the student s choice multiple subject or single subject and a total of six additional courses spread over the summers before and after the credential program candidates planning to earn a single subject credential and to teach in secondary schools are expected to have an academic major in the subject they plan to teach the combination of the m.a.t courses with the uci credential program provides a theoretical and empirical framework for candidates who may later be interested in working toward national board for professional teaching standards certification after three years of successful teaching admission candidates complete a supplementary application to the m.a.t program successful candidates must meet the general admission requirements of the uci office of research and graduate studies and must be admitted to a credential program offered by the department of education selection of candidates is based on the overall strength of each applicant s undergraduate preparation three letters of recommendation from individuals who are familiar with the applicant s ability to pursue graduate study and scores on the graduate record examination gre the california basic educational skills test and the cset the cset may be waived if a candidate has successfully completed an approved subject-matter program in his or her content area program of study during the summer prior to beginning the credential program students admitted to the m.a.t program enroll in three courses teachers lives and professional development education 201 outcomes of schooling and student assessment education 202 and the nature of research and inquiry in education education 203 in the summer following completion of their credential program m.a.t candidates enroll in three courses reflective practice in teaching education 204 teacher portfolios and assessment education 205 and instructional design and educational technologies education 240 uc irvine 2003-2004