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258 uci 2003-04 • school of humanities 97 fundamentals of italian with emphasis on reading 4 designed primarily for students interested in acquiring a solid reading knowledge of italian and to facilitate the understanding and translating of italian texts dealing with a variety of disciplines not open to italian studies minors does not serve as a prerequisite for any higher-level italian courses or fulfill any undergraduate foreign language requirement 99 special studies in italian 4 f w s both student and instructor arrive at the theme of the course and the critical approach to be followed in consultation intended to offer courses in italian otherwise unavailable prerequisites consent of instructor and department chair student must submit a written description of the course to the chair prior to the first week of classes to obtain consent may be repeated for credit when topic changes upper-division looa-8 italian language and civilization 4-4 systematic review of grammar with written and oral composition on topics chosen from readings on italian culture and civilization prerequisite completion of italian 2c or equivalent vll-8 lola 8 c introduction to italian literature 4 4 4 introduction to all of the genres of a narrowly defined period in relationship to a specific literary problem in italian prerequisite italian 2c or equivalent italian looa-b recommended vii-b i 140a-b-c readings in medieval and renaissance literature 4-4-4 in english 199 thtorial in italian literature and culture 4-4-4 f w s the student must submit a written description of the proposed course to the instructor and the chair prior to the beginning of the course prerequisites consent of instructor and approval of the department chair cultural systems therefore university language study is not merely a matter of memorizing vocabulary and practicing pronunciation it is the serious investigation of a foreign linguistic system and the cultures which are defined by it it is difficult-in fact nearly impossible-for us to scrutinize and analyze something we know as intimately as our native language and yet this is the order by which we formulate our thoughts and the order which may sometimes formulate our thoughts for us the foreignness of a foreign language allows us to objectify an entire linguistic system to observe its structure and its usage and then to make comparisons with our own linguistic situation this kind of knowledge of one s native language is the foundation of critical reflection on texts of any nature-historical philosophical literary political legal journalistic and others thus serious study of a foreign language is absolutely crucial to a university education the department teaches its language courses with this principle in mind and seeks to provide its students with a framework for these linguistic and cultural comparisons department literature and film courses offer a variety of critical perspectives from historical social or politically engaged readings to feminist and post-structuralist analysis topics range from studies of individual authors periods and genres to the history of german-language literature and film the theory of criticism and the relations of german-language literature to other literatures undergraduate program the department offers a major and a minor in german studies the major can be combined as a double major with any other uci course of study see an academic counselor for information department of german 400 murray krieger hall 949 824-6406 e-mail german@uci.edu jens rieckmann department chair faculty gail hart ph.d university of virginia director humanities core course and professor of german eighteenth and nineteenth-century german literature drama fictional prose ruth kluger ph.d university of california berkeley professor emerita of german kleist nineteenth-century literature stifter holocaust literature meredith lee ph.d yale university dean of the division of undergraduate education and professor of german lyric poetry eighteenth-century literature goethe music and literature herbert lehnert ph.d university of kiel research professor of german modern german literature glenns levine ph.d university of texas austin german language program director and assistant professor of german applied linguistics pedagogy german-jewish culture and literature william j lillyman ph.d stanford university research professor of german romanticism goethe tieck jens rieckmann ph.d harvard university department chair and professor of german twentieth-century literature fin-de-siecle austria hofmannsthal thomas mann thomas p saine ph.d yale university professor of german eighteenthcentury german literature goethe john h smith ph.d princeton university professor of german eighteenthand nineteenth-century literature and intellectual history literary theory affiliated faculty wolfgang bialas ph.d university of leipzig deutscher akademischer austauschdienst visiting professor 2000-04 philosophy comparative literature and cultural history contemporary german politics and society marxist theory frankfurt school and weimar republic the department of german pursues a program of german studies as part of the humanistic endeavor to understand and evaluate culture departmental courses are focused on language literature and film in context that is within the historical social intellectual and political circumstances of their production and continuing reception clearly we come to understand ourselves and our immediate culture much better through the study of different languages and all courses in the department are taught in german to the extent compatible with the aim of the coui:se in the lowercdivision language courses students develop skills in speaking listening reading and writing through an engaging collaborative task-based curriculum the courses place a great deal of emphasis on meaningful cultural literacy in german employing a diverse range of authentic texts and materials from the beginning including avid use of internet resources during the second year intermediate students benefit from a curriculum based on authentic literary and cultural content theater media and such and global simulation of real world situations these courses have the additional goal of contributing to students education in the humanities and developing their skills in critical thinking after completion of the intermediate level students enroll in the german 100 series advanced reading writing oral communication and in introduction to german literature and culture german 101 which provides an introduction to genre periodization and the german terminology used in critical analysis this course is taken in preparation for the upper-division literature and film courses german 102 117 118 119 120 which range historically from the reformation to the present and cover a variety of topics and approaches a further series of courses german 130 140 160 is taught in english for both german studies students and those who do not speak the language and covers topics in german literature and culture literary theory and criticism as well as german-language cinema students are encouraged to participate in work and study-abroad programs in german-speaking countries the department recommends the university s education abroad program eap in gottingen germany gottingen is an old university town in central germany where eap students complete an advanced language program and enroll in university courses with great success usually achieving native or near-native fluency during this exciting year abroad eap also offers semester and year-long programs in berlin and bayreuth all eap courses are accepted for uci graduation credit and many contribute to fulfillment of the german uc irvine 2003-2004