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310 uci 2003-04 • school of information and computer science 158 parallel architectures and algorithms 4 parallel processing systems emphasis on theory and application of arrays trees and hypercubes computational models and applications sorting integer arithmetic matrix operations fast fourier transform and others interconnection networks framework for the description analysis and construction of hypercube-like interconnect prerequisite ics 152 ics 161 recommended 160e engineering data structures and algorithms 4 design of efficient algorithms for practical data structures in engineering applications models of computation np-completeness prerequisite engineering ece40 same as engineering ece144 161 design and analysis of algorithms 4 time and space complexity of algorithms models of computation techniques for efficient algorithm design effect of data structure choice on efficiency of an algorithm fast algorithms for problems such as sorting set manipulation graph problems matrix multiplication fourier transforms and pattern matching np-complete problems prerequisites ics 23/cse23 and ics 51 or cse31/ece31 with grades ofc or better mathematics 6a or ics 6a same as cse161 162 formal languages and automata 4 formal aspects of describing and recognizing languages by grammars and automata parsing regular and context-free languages ambiguity nondeterminism elements of computability turing machines random access machines undecidable problems npcompleteness prerequisites ics 23 and ics 51 with grades of cor better mathematics 2a-b-c mathematics 6a or ics 6a mathematics 6b mathematics 6c or 3a same as linguistics 102 163 graph algorithms 4 algorithms for solving fundamental problems in graph theory graph representations graph traversal network flow connectivity graph layout matching problems prerequisite ics 161 i 164 principles of computational geometry 4 algorithms and data structures for geometric computation and graphics programming fundamental problems of computational geometry such as convex hulls voronoi diagrams delaunay triangulations polygon partitioning arrangements geometric searching hidden surface elimination motion planning prerequisite ics 161 165 project in algorithms and data structures 4 design implementation execution and analysis of algorithms for problems such as sorting searching data compression and data encryption time-space-structure trade-offs prerequisite ics 161 168 computer and network security 4 overview of modem computer and networks security attacks and countermeasures authentication identification data secrecy data integrity authorization access control computer viruses network security also covers secure e-commerce and applications of public key methods digital certificates and credentials prerequisites ics 6a 23 and 143 both ics 153 and 161 are recommended 175b introduction to expert systems 4 introduction .to the methodology of design and implementation of expert systems laboratory work uses expert system shells to construct knowledge-based systems emphasis on techniques for representing and organizing domain and control knowledge as opposed to the theory and implementation of inference engines prerequisite ics 171 178 applications of probability in computer science 4 application of probability to real-world problems in computer science typical topics include analysis of algorithms and graphs probabilistic language models network traffic modeling data compression and reliability modeling prerequisites mathematics 2a-b and 67 either ics 6a or mathematics 6b mathematics 6d and either mathematics 3a or 6c 180 special topics in information and computer science 4 may be repeated for credit if title or topic varies prerequisites vary 183 computer graphics 4 introduction to the fundamental principles of 3d computer graphics including polygonal modeling geometric transformations visibility algorithms illumination models texturing and rasterization use of an independently-learned 3d graphics api to implement these techniques prerequisite ics 52 with a grade of cor better formerly ics 186a 184 file and database management 4 database system architecturedata structures storage structures and data languages alternate approaches to database management systems relational approach hierarchical approach network approach database security and integrity query processing prerequisite ics 52 with a grade of cor better same as engineering ece146 185 project in database management 4 introduces students to advanced database technologies students gain experience in programming complex applications using database management systems topics include objectoriented and object-related technologies xml and internet databases prerequisite ics 184 188 projects in advanced 3d computer graphics 4 projects in advanced 3d graphics such as illumination geometric modeling visualization and animation topics may include physically based and global illumination solid modeling curved surfaces multiresolution modeling imagebased rendering basic concepts of animation and scientific visualization prerequisite ics 183 or equivalent recommended ics 161 164 165 formerly ics 186b 187 computer game development 4 introduction to the principles of interactive two and three-dimensional computer game development concepts in computer graphics algorithms software engineering art and graphics music and sound story analysis and artificial intelligence are presented and are the basis for student work prerequisites ics 186 and ics 121 or 161 or 171 or music 151 or studio art 106 or consent of instructor 171 introduction to artificial intelligence 4 different means of representing knowledge and uses of representations in heuristic problem solving representations considered include predicate logic semantic nets procedural representations natural language grammars and search trees prerequisites ics 52 with a grade of c or better mathematics 2a-b-c 196 tutoring in ics 1 to 4 offers opportunities to tutor both on an individual as needed basis and as part of regularly scheduled courses specific tutoring assignments depend on the courses with which the student is working as determined by the instructor in charge in most cases includes time in individual tutoring and a term paper or project may be taken for credit for a total of eight units pass/not pass only 172 programming techniques in artificial intelligence 4 the study of methods for implementing artificial intelligence programs in high-level languages exercises on implementation of data structures for representing rules frames grammars networks and algorithms for search inference language processing and learning prerequisite ics 171 h197 honors seminar 2 an overview of computer science and selected recent trends in research students attend talks on current faculty research with opportunities for discussion prerequisite participation in the ics honors program or campuswide honors program pass/not pass only formerly ics 197 173 neural networks 4 an introduction to the rapidly growing field of neural networks i.e algorithms derived from-brain circuitry models covered include the hopfield model delta rule perceptrons backpropagation competitive learning mathematical analyses applications and biological bases of neural network algorithms prerequisites ics 52 with a grade of c or better mathematics 2a-b-c mathematics 6c or 3a h198 honors research 4 directed independent research in computer science for honors students prerequisites ics h 197 upper-division standing and satisfactory completion of the lower-division writing requirement participation in the ics honors program or campuswide honors program consent of instructor 199 individual study 2 to 5 174 bioinformatics 4 introduces fundamental problems in biology that lend themselves to computational approaches the lectures present the necessary biological background to understand the importance of the problem and the data available for algorithmic analysis prerequisites ics 21 22 and 23 ics 171 with a grade of c or better 175a project in artificial intelligence 4 construction of a working artificial intelligence system evaluation of capabilities of the system including impact of knowledge representation prerequisite ics 171 uc irvine 2003-2004