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412 uci 2003-04 • school of social sciences 245a seminar in political anthropology 4 explores anthropological approaches to politics covers a range of issues and topics including theories of culture power and hegemony approaches to _colonial and post-colonial relations of global inequality and ethnographic approaches to the modern state prerequisite graduate standing or consent of instructor same as social science 254h 246a studies in the national order of things 4 examines how the nation has come to appear as an inevitable unit of the contemporary political and cultural order and how it shapes orders of krtowledge themes nation and gender nationalism and colonialism culture and citizenship violence and racism prerequisite graduate standing or consent of instructor same as social science 2541 246b law colonialism and nationalism 4 origins and spread of law in colonial and nationalist contexts law s role in constituting and policing difference recent theoretical approaches property in things and people human and indigenous rights customary law legal foundations of nationalism resistance to/through law globalization prerequisite graduate standing same as social science 254m 246c nations states and gender 4 explores the ways in which nations nationalism states and citizenship are gendered relations and processes questions include how do women construct themselves as political subjects and how are constructions of citizenship and discourses of rights gendered same as social science 253q 3221 social science plaza b 949 824-3771 charles e ted wright department chair the department of cognitive sciences is committed to the investigation of the abstract complex structures that underlie human cognition language thought memory learning sensorimotor integration and perception the main areas of research strength within the department are visual and auditory perception experimental psychology cognitive psychology and mathematical psychology undergraduate program students should be aware that psychology courses are offered in several different departments and programs students interested in general psychology including the areas of development clinical perception learning memory and cognitive processes are advised to consult the course listings here in the department of cognitive sciences section these courses are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in general psychology students interested in other areas of psychology are advised to consult the course listings in the school of social ecology section 247a structuralism and post-structuralism 4 traces recent theoretical discussions and arguments over the philosophical and historical subject from structuralist decenterings toward the characteristically post-structuralist contemporary concern with the historical and political constitution of subjectivities and subject positions prerequisite graduate standing or consent of instructor same as social science 252g in anticipation that the number of students who are qualified to elect psychology as a major will exceed the number of positions available students applying for admission for fall 2004 should be sure to file their application before november 30 2003 248a approaches to globalization 4 historical and contemporary approaches to the world economy emphasizing anthropological questions of culture power identity inequality examines neo-imperialism ·:late capitalism accumulation global markets urban space the state business and policy globalization discourse local responses to and instantiations of the global prerequisite graduate standing or consent of instructor same as social science 254l continuing-student applicants students who were not admitted to the psychology major upon their admission to the university may apply for entry into the major during the first five weeks of any quarter after their freshman year information about change of major requirements procedures and policies is available in the school of social sciences undergraduate counseling office 248b citizenship democracy and violence 4 building on the discussion of works which formulate broader hypotheses about the relationship of culture and the control of violence explores the dynamics of violence under democratic regimes in case studies either in europe or in the americas prerequisite graduate standing or consent of instructor same as· social science 254n excellence in esychological research psychology majors doing independent research under psychology 199 may be eligible for participation ip the undergraduate research opportunities program urop participants can obtain research funding and have the opportunity to have their research papers published in a peerreviewed student journal or to present them at a special conference of uci student research guidelines for the program are available from the department of cognitive sciences office 250a the cultural politics of visual representation 4 develops a theoretical framework for analyzing and reading visual images images as cultural productions are steeped in the values ideologies and taken-for-granted beliefs of the culture which produced them and a political economy that is class race and gender inflected · 259a b c dissertation writing seminar 4 4 4 intended for advanced post-fieldwork anthropology graduate students emphasis on the presentation of research design and results problems of ethnographic writing and qualitative and quantitative data and analysis prerequisites post-fieldwork .graduate standing in anthropology or consent of instructor 289 special topics in anthropology 4 special topics vary from quarter to quarter prerequisite graduate standing or consent of instructor may be repeated for credit as topics vary 290 dissertation research 4 to 12 prerequisite graduate standing or consent of instructor may be repeated for credit i department of cognitive sciences 299 independent study 4 prerequisite graduate standing or consent of instructor may be repeated for credit requirements for the bachelor s degree university requirements see pages 54-59 school requirements see pages 403-404 departmental requirements for the major in psychology school requirements must be met and must include 18 courses 70 units as specified below a psychology 9a-b-c b two introductory courses eight units in the social sciences chosen from anthropology 2a or 2b economics 1 linguistics 3 political science 6a 6b or 6c sociology 1 or by petition one or two quarters of social science hie h1f or h1g when topic is not psychology c a one-quarter course and laboratory in experimental psychology or research methods selected from psychology 112a and 112la 112g and 112lg requires 112f and ll2lf as prerequisites 112m and 112lm or 112p and 112lp psychology 112f and 112lf were previously numbered 115a and 115la note these courses have as prerequisites psychology 9a-b-c and one year of mathematics/statistics see course listings these prerequisites are strictly enforced psychology 112a 112la are the first quarter of a multi-quarter sequence that uc irvine 2003-2004