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table of contents introduction to uci the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 from the chancellor 5 academic goals 6 academic structure accreditation 7 equal opportunity and diversity university ombudsman 7 the campus setting 8 instructional and research facilities 8 uc irvine libraries network academic computing services uci ecological preserve natural reserve system uci arboretum laser microbeam and medical program uci medical center uci center for occupational and environmental health additional facilities university advancement 11 uci academic senate distinguished faculty 12 preadmission matters office of admissions and relations with schools 18 campus tours how to use the catalogue 18 undergraduate and graduate degrees and areas of study 19 majors and careers 24 special programs 28 access uci and summer session enrollment educational opportunity program center for educational

summary of eap opportunities program duration country australia barbados brazil canada chile china costa rica czech republic note see hungary and russia students may participate in the czech republic option only after completing the fall semester in hun~tary or russia denmark egypt france germany ghana:· hong kong s.a.r hungary students apply for budapest fall spring or year or the year option consisting of budapest falvprague spring india ireland republic of israel italy c ·c c eeec .c cll cll cll eligibility c c · jl b 0 japan korea mexico netherlands new zealand philippines russia students apply for fall only or year-long options with the fall in moscow and the spring in prafue singapore south africa spain sweden taiwan thailand turkey united kingdom vietnam

108 i uci-2004-05 • claire trevor school of the arts 34 movement for actors 4 f w s introduces the basics of stage movement for actors the theory and practical application of physical relaxation centering focus and balance the body is trained to express a wide range of creative impulses for performance may be taken for credit three times 3s speech for the theatre 4 f w s a course aimed at 1 improving natural clear unaffected speech and 2 eliminating negative habits and regional accents exercises for physical tension vocal support tone production vocal quality and articulation open only to arts majors may be repeated for credit 40a b c development of drama 4 4 4 f w s a one-year lecture-discussion course each quarter may be taken independently in the development of western drama concentrating on the drama s intellectual social and artistic foundations about 10 plays and supplementary critical material are read each quarter 40a greek drama through shakespeare readings from

education 161 cbest and verify subject-matter competence in addition candidates for a multiple subject credential are required to pass the reading instruction competence assessment rica this test may be taken during or immediately following completion of the teacher education program a grade of b or better is required in all courses and in intern teaching for successful completion of the program if competence has been demonstrated by the conclusion of the intern teaching program and all other requirements are met the student is eligible for a preliminary credential recommendation by uci to prove subject matter competence multiple subject candidates must pass the california subject examination for teachers cset students are tested in the following areas reading language and literature history social science science mathematics physical education human development and visual and performing arts multiple subject students must pass all subtests of the cset for further information see

214 uci 2004-05 • the henry samueli school of engineering computer networks and distributed computing concentration cndc i the concentration in computer networks and distributed computing is concerned with the design and evaluation of computer networks and distributed computer systems and their integration into a comprehensive computing network both hardware and software aspects of these systems are covered specific topics include computer communication protocols performance modeling and analysis of computer networks computer network hardware reliability security and fault tolerance in computer networks and distribution computer systems distributed operating systems distributed software architectures distributed data bases network-based parallel computing and programming languages for parallel/distributed processing related topics are addressed by the networked systems m.s and ph.d degrees listed in the interdisciplinary studies section of the catalogue and within the computer

266 uci 2004-05 • school of humanities transferable from other uc graduate programs with departmental approval doctor of philosophy in french upon successful completion of the master s examination and admission to the ph.d program or upon admission with a master s degree from an accredited institution a guidance committee is appointed in consultation with the student the guidance committee advises the student in the choice of courses to help prepare for the written and oral qualifying examinations leading to advancement to candidacy for the ph.d degree the committee is comprised of five faculty members three from the department one from outside the department who represents the student s outside area of specialization and for the qualifying examination another faculty member not affiliated with the department who represents the faculty-at-large one member of the committee is expected to direct the dissertation language requirements a reading knowledge of two foreign languages

information and computer science design ics 252 vlsi system design ics 254 design synthesis ics 256 system tools ics 257 combinatorial algorithm for design synthesis ics 258 graph algorithms ics 265 real-time computer systems engineering eecs223 m.s students who do not have an undergraduate degree in computer science must also take ics 260 suggested electives students may focus their studies in specific domains within embedded systems by completing groups of electives as shown below embedded system architectures focus ics 241 252 253 embedded software focus ics 221 227 245 distributed and networked embedded systems focus choose four out of the following five courses ics 241 242 243 244 micro~electronic embedded systems focus ics 251 254 256 257 system reliability and fault tolerance focus ics 241 250 251 253 theoretical foundations of embedded systems focus ics 242 243 258 265 comprehensive examination or thesis each student must either 1 pass a written comprehensive

372 uci 2004-05 • school of physical sciences 2d-e multivariable calculus lecture three hours discussion two hours 2d 4 f w summer differential and integral calculus of real-valued functions of several real variables including applications prerequisites mathematics 2a-b mathematics 2d and h2d may not both be taken for credit v 2e 4 w s the differential and integral calculus of vector-valued functions implicit and inverse function theorems line and surface integrals divergence and curl theorems of green gauss and stokes prerequisite 2d mathematics 2e and h2e may not both be taken for credit h2d-e honors multivariable calculus 4-4 w s lecture three hours discussion two hours covers the same material as mathematics 2d-e but with a greater emphasis on the theoretical structure of the subject matter especially recommended for prospective mathematics majors and others with a particular interest in mathematics satisfies the same requirements and prerequisites as 2d-e prerequisites for

anthropology benjamin colby culture theory and cultural pathology content analysis psychological anthropology cognition narrative structures psychoneuroimmunology japan mesoamerica women s health and well-being in orange county robert garfias ethnomusicology ethnicity susan greenhalgh political economy transnational studies feminism/gender politics of reproduction critical demography disciplinarity china taiwan pacific rim karen leonard social history oflndia caste ethnicity and gender asianamericans and muslim americans religion ethnicity class and gender william m maurer anthropology of law globalization transnationalism citizenship and nationalism finance capital identity caribbean a kimball romney experimental and psychological anthropology quantitative and cognitive anthropology kaushik sunder raj an biotechnology capitalism comparative ethnography genomics globalization nation-state political economy post-colonialism science and technology studies subjectivity india douglas

college of medicine thomas c cesario m.d dean irvine hall admissions and outreach 949 824-5388 world wide web http www.com.uci.edu faculty i jane a abdelhadi m.d university of new mexico assistant clinical professor of medicine internal medicine and primary care amir abolhoda m.d university of california irvine assistant clinical professor of medicine behnoosh afghani m.d university of southern california associate clinical professor of pediatrics phyllis f agran m.d university of california irvine m.p.h harvard university chief of pediatric gastroenterology and professor of pediatrics and social ecology thomas ahlering m.d saint louis university associate professor of urology chowdhury ahsan m.b.b.s dhaka medical college bangladesh assistant clinical professor of medicine cardiology gurpreet ahuja m.d india institute of medical science associate clinical professor of otolaryngology gregory albers m.d university of california los angeles assistant clinical professor of medicine

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