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table of contents introduction to uci the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 welcome to uci 5 academic goals 6 academic structure accreditation 7 equal opportunity and diversity university ombudsman 7 the campus setting 8 instructional and research facilities 8 uci libraries network academic computing services uci ecological preserve natural reserve system uci arboretum laser mierobeam and medical program uci medical center uci center for occupational and environmental health additional facilities university advancement 11 uci academic senate distinguished faculty 12 preadmission matters office of admissions and relations with schools 16 campus tours how to use the catalogue 16 undergraduate and graduate degrees and areas of study 17 majors and careers 22 special programs 26 access uci and summer session enrollment educational opportunity program center for educational partnerships student academic advancement services graduate

requirements for a bachelor s degree american history and institutions this requirement may be met by one of the following options 1 completion in high school of one year of united states history with grades of c or better or one semester of united states history and one semester of united states government with grades of c or better or 2 achieving a score of 3 4 or 5 on the college board advanced placement examination in united states history or 3 achieving a score of 550 or better on the sat ii american history test note for students entering fall 2006 the minimum score required will change see http www.universityofcalifornia edu/admissions for information or 4 presentation of a certificate of completion of the requirement at another california institution or 5 completion at uci or another u.s institution of one year of college-level united states history with grades of c or better or one course in united states history and one in united states government with grades of c or better

music 111 the university s education abroad program offers students the opportunity to study abroad during their junior year music majors may enroll in conservatories and universities in several countries highly qualified performers may be eligible to attend the conservatorio g b martini in bologna italy see the educational abroad program section for additional information recommended proficiency levels in each baccalaureate degree program students receive private lessons on their instruments or in voice and perform in orchestral or choral concerts in chamber ensembles and in solo recitals freshmen students wishing to enter either of the baccalaureate · degree programs in music must demonstrate appropriate performance proficiency and should have had a minimum of three years of private instrumental or vocal instruction they should know scales fundamental notation triads and have the ability to read music in both treble and bass clefs basic keyboard skill is highly desirable as is

166 i uci 2005-06 • department of education program of study during the summer prior to beginning the credential program students admitted to the m.a.t program enroll in three courses teachers lives and the policy environment of teaching education 201 outcomes of schooling and student assessment education 202 and advanced concepts in learning and cognition education 203 in the summer following completion of their credential program m.a.t candidates enroll in three courses critical assessment of teaching practice and learning education 205 cognition and pedagogy in specific school subjects education 206 or cognition and pedagogy in quantitative literacy education 207 and instructional design and educational technologies education 240 residency full-time study for one year and two summers is required comprehensive examination a comprehensive examination is completed by m.a.t candidates during the second summer the examination consists of a structured paper built out of

220 uci 2005-06 • the henry samueli school of engineering eecs163 power systems 4 f generation transmission and use of electrical energy fault calculation protection stability and power flow corequisite eecsj63l prerequisite eecs70b formerly ece163 design units i eecs163l power systems laboratory 1 f experiments and field trips relevant to studies in power systems corequisite eecsi63 formerly ece163l design units 0 eecs166a industrial and power electronics 4 w power switching devices pulse width modulation pwm methods switching converter topologies control and magnetics prerequisites eecs 170c eecs 160a or consent of instructor concurrent with eecs267 a formerly ece166a design units 2 eecs166b advanced topics in industrial and power electronics 3 practical design of switching converters electromagnetic compatibility thermal management and/or control methods prerequisite eecs166a or consent of instructor formerly ecei66b design units 1 i eecs170a electronics i 4 f the properties

274 uci 2005-06 • school of humanities the student will augment the reading list and keep it current during the whole course of study at least two years of residence are required students entering with the master s degree will be advised individually as to remaining course requirements since the majority of ph.d candidates choose careers as teachers the german department recognizes its obligation to offer them preparatory experience therefore all candidates for the ph.d are required to teach under the supervision of a faculty member at least one course in each of three quarters for which they will receive credit as german 399 three of these courses may be counted toward the 22 courses required for the ph.d i comprehensive examination there are two parts to the examination in order to fulfill the written examination requirement the student will choose either 1 to present a lecture to the faculty and to the other graduate students or 2 to write a three-part examination one part

information and computer sciences elective for the elective a non-ics course can only be taken with the approval of a kdd faculty member artificial intelligence core course list project in artificial intelligence ics 175a information retrieval filtering and classification ics 207 introduction to artificial intelligence ics 270a network-based reasoning/constraint networks ics 275a network-based reasoning/belief networks ics 275b neural networks ics 276a representations and algorithms for molecular biology ics 277 a statistics core course list descriptive multivariate statistics ii ics 238b discrete mathematics and probability psychology 203a introduction to mathematical statistics psychology 203b experimental design psychology 203c theory of mathematical statistics mathematics 201a probability mathematics 270a-b-c 329 theory fundamentals of the design and analysis of algorithms ics 260 data structures ics 261 analysis of algorithms ics 263 architecture/cad/hardware

mathematics 226a-b-c computational differential equations 4-4-4 lecture three hours finite difference and finite element methods quick treatment of functional and nonlinear analysis background weak solution lp spaces sobolev spaces approximation theory fourier and petrov-galerkin methods mesh generation elliptic parabolic hyperbolic cases in 226a-b-c respectively corequisite mathematics 226la-lb-lc if offered prerequisites basic differential equations such as in mathematics 3d and either mathematics 112a or engineering mae140 plus either abstract analysis e.g mathematics 140a-b or numerical analysis mathematics 105a-b or equivalent 226la-lb-lc laboratory for computational differential equations 2-1-1 laboratory two hours for 226la one hour for 226lb and 226lc provides practical experience to complement the theory in mathematics 226a-b-c corequisite mathematics 226a-b-c 230a-b-c algebra 4-4-4 f w s lecture three hours elements of the theories of groups rings fields modules galois

438 uci 2005-06 • school of social sciences 222d social networks and dynamics 4 network dynamics provides an integrated anthropological basis for modeling cultural sociocognitive and social network phenomena students convert data relevant to research questions into a network format explore themes and materials that provide a basis for research findings and write up results in a term project prerequisite graduate standing 223a research design 4 data collection organization and analysis in ethnographic or quasi-experimental settings including interviewing participant observations behavior observations and questionnaires research design issues include sampling longitudinal research and comparative research emphasis on the integration of qualitative and quantitative data prerequisite graduate standing or consent of instructor same as social science 255a/sociology 220a anthropology 223a and sociology 265 may not both be taken for credit 225a grant and proposal writing 4 focuses on

492 i uci 2005-06 • college of health sciences sheila t fitzgibbons m.p.a california state university long beach associate clinical professor of medicine infectious disease camille fitzpatrick m.s.n california state university long beach associate clinical professor of family medicine primary care and geriatrics kirsten fleming ph.d california school of professional psychology assistant adjunct professor of psychiatry and human behavior pamela rodman m.s university of california irvine assistant clinical professor of pediatrics human genetics and birth defects cecilia a florio m.d m.p.h university of california san francisco assistant clinical professor of family medicine family medicine and · primary care eldon l foltz m.d university of michigan medical school professor emeritus of neurological surgery donald n forthal m.d university of california irvine division chief of infectious disease and associate professor of medicine infectious disease john c fox m.d tufts

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