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table of contents introduction to uci the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 from the chancellor 5 academic goals 6 academic structure 7 accreditation equal opportunity and diversity 7 university ombudsman the campus setting 8 instructional and research facilities 8 uci libraries network and academic computing services uci ecological preserve natural reserve system uci arboretum laser microbeam and medical program university of california irvine medical center uci center for occupational and environmental health additional facilities university advancement 11 university communications 12 uci academic senate distinguished faculty 13 preadmission matters office of admissions and relations with schools campus tours how to use the catalogue undergraduate and graduate degrees and areas of study majors and careers 16 16 17 22 special programs 26 access uci and summer session enrollment educational opportunity

60 uci 2007-08 • information for admitted students ii natural sciences students must select a three-course combination from one of the following areas biological sciences any three courses from biological sciences la lb 5 6 sa 9a 9b 9c 9d 9e 9f 9g 9j 9k 9m 9n 10 11 12a 12c 12d 15 16,20,35,36,37,38,45,55,65 75 93 94 note the prerequisite for 1b is la social ecology criminology law and society c7 environmental analysis and design e8 psychology and social behavior p9 plla p11b p11c social ecology h20a b c sociology sociology 1 2 3 23 31 62 66,78 chemistry chemistry la-b-c and llb-lc or lla-lb or lle la-b-c and m2la-lb-lc h2a-b-c and h2la-lb-lc iv humanistic inquiry students must select a three-course series or group from one of the following areas earth system science any three courses from earth system science 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 physics 14 15 16 17 18 19 20a 20b 20c 20d 21 engineering 5 arts arts interdisciplinary la-b c dance 90a-b-c drama40a,40b,40c music 14a-b-c 40b-c-d

118 i uci 2007-08 • claire trevor school of the arts upper-division 122a·b-c piano literature 2·2·2 f w s survey of stringed keyboard literature from the english virginalists through twentieth-century composers historical formal and stylistic considerations of music presented performances by class participants and occasional outside guests prerequisites music 16a-b-c 126 piano pedagogy 2 the materials and methods of piano instruction are examined and evaluated 135 advanced counterpoint 4 advanced exercises and composition in two and three-part tonal writing canon and fugue as well as some contemporary forms prerequisite music 43 136 instrumentation 4 ranges and capabilities of modern orchestral instruments exercise in writing for various combinations of wind string and percussion instruments and for full orchestra prerequisite music 16c note courses in the 140-148 sequence are for music majors and include such topics as the motet in the thirteenth and fourteenth

business 175 fully employed m.b.a program the fully employed m.b.a femba program gives emerging managers an opportunity to earn an m.b.a degree with minimal disruption to their ·professional lives students attend classes on weeknights and/or saturdays during the program the femba program admits new students for enrollment in spring or fall students beginning the program in spring attend classes nine consecutive quarters and complete the program in 27 months students beginning the program in fall attend classes nine non-consecutive quarters summers off and complete the program in 33 months the program consists of both core courses and electives allowing students to establish a solid foundation of traditional business skills and then customize their education based on personal interests and goals the curriculum provides constant interaction between information presented in the classroom and what is being used on the job reinforcing and enhancing the studerics learning experience in

c;vii and env;mnmental etg;nee,lng 233 cee228a urban transportation networks i 3 s analytical approaches and algorithms to the formulation and solution of the equilibrium assignment problem for transportation networks emphasis on user equilibrium use comparison with system optimal mathematical programming formulation supply functions estimation estimating origin-destination matrices network design problems prerequisite cee220a or equivalent cee250 finite element method in structural engineering 3 s finite element concepts in structural engineering including vari~tional formulations shape functions elements assembly convergence and colnputer programming stiffness of truss beam and frame members two-jand three-dimensional solids plate and shell elements static vibration stability and inelasj tic analyses prerequisite consent of instructor cee228b urban transportation networks ii 3 advanced analysis optimization and modeling of transportation networks topics include advanced static and

290 uci 2007-08 • school of humanities martin schwab ph.d university of bielefeld director of the minor in humanities and law and professor of philosophy and comparative literature victoria silver ph.d university of california los angeles associate professor of english james steintrager ph.d columbia university associate professor of english and comparative literature yuliya v tverdova m.p.a binghamton university assistant professor of political science the program in european studies provides undergraduates with an opportunity to study europe from the vantage points of several disciplines in the humanities and social sciences because europe is both a geographical place and an idea which changes throughout history it has had different meanings at different times and in different places the study of europe thus requires an open pluralistic and interdisciplinary curriculum that takes a critical approach to the idea or ideas of europe the program provides a multidisciplinary view

348 uci 2007-08 • donald bren school of information and computer sciences lob computer-based information systems 4 the analysis design implementation quality assurance deployment and ongoing management of computer-based information systems and related software hardware and networking issues end-user customization of applications and interfaces and selection of information via query macro and scripting languages prerequisite ics loa open to nonmajors only formerly ics 11 v ioc networked information discovery and retrieval 4 network-based communication and information resources including electronic mail news and other sources technical personal and social aspects of their development access and use extensive use of a wide range of established and developing technologies prerequisite ics lob open to nonmajors only formerly ics !c v 52 introduction to software engineering 6 introduction to the concepts methods and current practice of software engineering the study of largescale

406 uci 2007-08 • school of physical sciences comprehensive examination progress toward the degree is assessed by a written comprehensive examination covering a broad range of fundamentals of physics at the graduate and advanced undergraduate levels it is offered twice a year and a student is allowed a maximum of three attempts the first attempt must occur before the end of the fall quarter of the student s second year and the examination must be passed by the end of spring quarter of the student s second year advancement to ph.d candidacy for advancement to ph.d candidacy a student must pass an oral advancement examination it is typically taken within one year of successful completion of the comprehensive examination to satisfy normative progress toward the degree it must be taken by the end of the student s third year the candidacy committee that administers this examination will contain one or two faculty members from outside the department this oral examination will cover

chicano/latino studies alejandro morales latin american and chicano literature film studies creative writing leticia oseguera stratification of american higher education the civic role of higher education college transitions and baccalaureate degree attainment for underrepresented groups jose rodrigo lazo u.s literature and the americas latino studies u.s immigrant literature the nineteenth century cuba and cuban american studies vicki l ruiz twentieth-century u.s history specializing in chicana chicano studies latina history oral narratives gender studies labor and california and the west rodolfo d torres urban politics the state and class structures studies in racism and inequality poverty and social policy deborah vargas chicana!latina cultural production racialized sexualities transnational feminisms cultural studies popular culture james diego vigil urban psychology socialization and educational anthropology sociocultural change urban poverty mexico and u.s southwest ethnography

health sciences david hsiang m.d jefferson medical college associate clinical professor of surgery oncology ke-qin hu m.d tongji medical university china associate professor of clinical medicine gastroenterology lan huang ph.d university of florida assistant professor of physiology and biophysics developmental and cell biology and biological chemistry taosheng huang m.d fujian medical college china ph.d mt sinai medical school assistant professor of pediatrics human genetics and birth defects and of developmental and cell biology f allan hubbell m.d m.s.p.h baylor university college of medicine department chair and professor of medicine general internal medicine and primary care and professor of environmental health science and policy marcel hungs m.d university of aachen medical school assistant professor of clinical neurology lynn e hunt m.d university of california los angeles chief of pediatric primary care and clinical professor of pediatrics primary care kenneth h ibsen ph.d