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c;vii and env;mnmental etg;nee,lng 233 cee228a urban transportation networks i 3 s analytical approaches and algorithms to the formulation and solution of the equilibrium assignment problem for transportation networks emphasis on user equilibrium use comparison with system optimal mathematical programming formulation supply functions estimation estimating origin-destination matrices network design problems prerequisite cee220a or equivalent cee250 finite element method in structural engineering 3 s finite element concepts in structural engineering including vari~tional formulations shape functions elements assembly convergence and colnputer programming stiffness of truss beam and frame members two-jand three-dimensional solids plate and shell elements static vibration stability and inelasj tic analyses prerequisite consent of instructor cee228b urban transportation networks ii 3 advanced analysis optimization and modeling of transportation networks topics include advanced static and dynamic traffic assignment algorithms linear and nonlinear multicommodity network flow optimization network simplex and network control problems prerequisites cee221a cee228a cee252 nonlinear structural analysis 3 elements of plasticity theory plastic hinge analysis under static loads characteristic nlmlinear load-deformation curves load-deformation models simplified nortlinear beam-element models dynamic response by step-by-step methods axial-load bending moment interaction in flexual members methods for analysis of geometrically nonlinear systems prerequisites cee151b cee247 cee229a traffic systems operations and control i 3 w introduction to operation control and analysis of arterial and freeway traffic systems control concepts detectors local controllers system masters incident-detection techniques advanced traffic measurement technologies intelligent vehicle-highway systems advanced transportation management systems advanced traveler information systems cee229b traffic systems operations and control ii 3 s introduction to control theory control formulations for corridor and network systems with freeways and arterials real-time control and demand management development and application of microscopic and macroscopic simulation models for integrated traffic systems dynamic models of intelligent transportation systems prerequisites cee229a cee231 foundation engineering 3 w essentials for design and analysis of structural members that transmit superstructure loads to the ground topics include subsurface investigations excavation dewatering bracing footings mat foundations piles and pile foundations caissons and cofferdams other special foundations prerequisite cee156 or equivalent cee232 soil dynamics 3 s wave propagation soil properties for dynamic loads effects of earthquakes on retaining walls dams and embankments dynamic behavior of footings and pile foundations liquefaction of soils machine foundations prerequisites cee156 or consent of instructor and cee247 cee242 advanced strength of materials 3 w beams on elastic foundations combined axial and lateral loads curved beams unsymmetric bending shear center stresses and strains basic equations for theory of elasticity energy principles theory of torsion combined bending and torsion cee243 mechanics of composite materials 3 s stress-strain relationship for orthotropic materials invariant properties of an orthotropic lamina biaxial strength theory for an orthotropic lamina mechanics of materials approach to stiffness elasticity approach to stiffness classical lamination theory strength of laminates statistical theory of fatigue damage prerequisite consent of instructor cee245 experimental modal analysis 3 s a thorough coverage of modal analysis techniques including digital signal processing concepts structural dynamics theory modal parameter estimation techniques and application of modal measurement methods suitable for practical vibration analysis problems prerequisite cee247 or equivalent cee247 structural dynamics 3 f vibration of discrete and continuous mass elastic systems isolation and transmissibility dynamic recording instruments introduction to nonlinear theory of vibration response of structures to earthquake traffic and wind loads response spectra concepts normal mode analysis numerical integration techniques prerequisite cee80 or consent of instructor cee248 wind engineering 3 s essentials for the determination of extreme wind loads on structures topics include basic characteristics of wind engineering aspects of wind wind loads on structures wind hazard probabilities and dynamic effects of wind prerequisites ceell or equivalent and cee247 cee249 earthquake engineering 3 w earthquake magnitude intensity and frequency seismic damage to structures earthquake load prediction including response spectra normal mode and direct integration techniques the basis of building code earthquake load requirements for buildings seismic response of special structures lifeline engineering prerequisite consent of instructor i cee254 advanced reinforced concrete behavior and design 3 f flexural strength of reinforced concrete elements flexural dbctility of unconfined and confined members with axial loads shear and torsio nal behaviors strength of reinforced concrete ductile frames and shear !walls reinforced concrete detailing prerequisite consent of instructor f cee255 advanced behavior and design of steel structures 3 f advanced principles of structural steel design analysis ~nd design of beamcolumn members braced and unbraced frames for buildikgs and plate girders review of seismic design provisions design of conhections prerequisite cee 153 or consent of instructor i cee256 seismic bridge engineering 3 s seismic djsign philosophy for bridges fundamentals of structural dynamics seismicity and geotechnical aspects ductility modeling and design of components ~uperstructures bents foundations abutments and restrainers isolation ~nd dissipation devices retrofit design column jacketing superstructule and foundation cee258 earthquake-resistant structural design 3 s objectives of seis1 mic design cyclic load-distortion characteristics of typical structural elements desirable structural form ductility and methods/of achieving it use of energy dissipators project involving design of multistory multibay rigidjointed plane frame prerequisite consent of instructor i cee259 structural stability 3 s introduction to structural stability emphasizing behavior of simple structural components that illustrate various modes of instability euler columns beam columns bejm torsional and lateral instability circular ring buckling elementary matrik methods compatible with the finite element models now used in industry forlcomplex structures prerequisite consent of instructor cee262 environmental chemistry ii 4 w advanc d concepts from physical and organic chemistry as they relate to environ mental engineering emphasis on equilibrium and kinetics as they apply to ~edox reactions coordination adsorption gas phase reactions and ion exchange laboratory on gc gc-ms and ion chromatography prerequisite cee162 i cee263 advanced biological treatment processes 3 w analysis of natural biological processes in the aquatic environment dtsign of biological treatment processes with emphasis on suspended growth systems aerobic and anaerobic treatment systems biodegradation of corltaminants in the environment construction and use of computer models for/process design and operation prerequisites cee161 and cee162 cee265 advanced physical-chemical treatment s~stems 3 s analysis of natural chemical processes in the aquatic environmeht modeling of physical-chemical treatment systems analysis of chemical processes which affect the fate of contaminants in the natural environment cofnputer modeling of several systems included prerequisites cee161 and c:ee162 cee267 advanced treatment models 3 f analysit and modeling of advanced water and waste treatment methods fixed filln and suspended growth biological nutrient removal fluidized bed reactlors analysis of nonideal reactors prerequisite cee263 i cee268 pollution prevention through manufacturing materials selection and product design 3 s study of manufacturihg materials selection and product design alternatives that yield less solid ai4 and/or water pollutants analytical tools such as life-cycle analysis and economic analysis that can be used to compare alternatives are discussed a dse study approach is utilized cee271 flow in unsaturated porous media 3 w fluid flow in the unsaturated zone zone of aeration of the subsurface soil-water physics flow in regional groundwater systems miscible displadement mathematical modeling techniques prerequisite cee172 or consen of instructor i uc irvine 2007-2008