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290 uci 2007-08 • school of humanities martin schwab ph.d university of bielefeld director of the minor in humanities and law and professor of philosophy and comparative literature victoria silver ph.d university of california los angeles associate professor of english james steintrager ph.d columbia university associate professor of english and comparative literature yuliya v tverdova m.p.a binghamton university assistant professor of political science the program in european studies provides undergraduates with an opportunity to study europe from the vantage points of several disciplines in the humanities and social sciences because europe is both a geographical place and an idea which changes throughout history it has had different meanings at different times and in different places the study of europe thus requires an open pluralistic and interdisciplinary curriculum that takes a critical approach to the idea or ideas of europe the program provides a multidisciplinary view of europe as a whole and of its historical political and cultural formation and global implications it also provides a focus on a specific area of european experience that cuts across traditional disciplinary and national boundaries participation in an education abroad program in a european country is strongly recommended for all european studies majors i students may elect to emphasize one of the following areas · medieval studies early modern europe 1450-1789 modern europe 1789-present encounters with the non-european world british studies french studies german studies italian studies the mediterranean world past and present russian studies or spanish/portuguese studies as an alternative students may define their own emphasis in consultation with a program advisor and with the approval of the european studies advisory board because there are so many emphasis options within the major students are required to consult the director on a quarterly basis for academic advising career opportunities a degree in european studies prepares its graduates to enter advanced degree programs in international business history law and political science the strong academic skills and professional orientation acquired by european studies majors are necessary to pursue successful careers in such fields as international banking law journalism management public relations publishing and government service humanities graduates in general learn to express ideas clearly do independent research and think analytically and imaginatively-the required tools for success beyond the undergraduate career the uci career center provides services to students and alumni including career counseling information about job opportunities a career library and workshops on resume preparation job search and interview techniques see the career center section for additional information requirements for the bachelor s degree university requirements see pages 57 62 school requirements see pages 258-259 requirements for the major completion of two years of language through the 2c level in french german classical greek italian latin portuguese russian or spanish two courses in european literature or arts outside the student s emphasis and d humanities 190 taken to.satisfy the upper-division writing requirement note one course from either the approved emphasis list or the elective category must be from the encounters with the non-european world emphasis note courses are sometimes approved in more than one emphasis any course that appears on the approved list for a student s emphasis cannot be used as a course outside the emphasis even if it also appears on other lists quarterly consultation with the director of european studies is required residence requirement for the major at least five upper-division courses required for the.major must be completed successfully at uci emphases and approved courses the following list includes a few examples of courses that have been approved for each emphasis the complete list is extensive and varies from quarter to quarter depending upon course scheduling for complete up-to-date information about approved courses students are advised to consult the european studies web site at http www.humanities.uci.edu european_studies medieval studies gothic architecture art history 114a women and gender in late medieval literature english 102a jewish history from ancient to early modern history 130a early modern europe 1450-1789 art of venice art history 121 milton english 103 tudor england history 117 a modern europe 1789-present modern european art art history 134 german literature and culture in translation german 150 world war cold war and reunification 1939 history 122c encounters with the non-european world new world slave societies and their legacies african american studies 140 topics in east asian philosophy east asian languages and literatures 117 indian and colonial societies in mexico history 161a british studies elizabethan and jacobean drama drama 103 medieval and renaissance literature english 102a stuart england history 117b french studies problems in french culture french 110 french cinema french 160 early modern france 1500-1774 history 120a german studies literature and society 1918-1945 german 102b emergence of the german nation 1815-1890 history 122a hegel to nietzsche history 127b italian studies studies in southern renaissance art art history 121 renaissance europe history 112a introduction to italian literature italian 101 the mediterranean world past and present studies in greek art art history 103 classical mythology classics 150 later roman empire history 105b russian studies twentieth-century russia history 124b peoples and cultures of post-soviet eurasia political science 154f topics in russian literature russian 150 spanish/portuguese studies introduction to portuguese and brazilian literature portuguese 120 latin american literature of the twentieth century spanish 130c literature in translation spanish 150 thirteen courses of which four may be lower-division a humanities 101a-b b six courses from an approved emphasis list see sample below four of which must be upper-division c four multidisciplinary electives two courses in european history or political science or social science outside the student s emphasis and uc irvine 2007-2008