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chicano/latino studies alejandro morales latin american and chicano literature film studies creative writing leticia oseguera stratification of american higher education the civic role of higher education college transitions and baccalaureate degree attainment for underrepresented groups jose rodrigo lazo u.s literature and the americas latino studies u.s immigrant literature the nineteenth century cuba and cuban american studies vicki l ruiz twentieth-century u.s history specializing in chicana chicano studies latina history oral narratives gender studies labor and california and the west rodolfo d torres urban politics the state and class structures studies in racism and inequality poverty and social policy deborah vargas chicana!latina cultural production racialized sexualities transnational feminisms cultural studies popular culture james diego vigil urban psychology socialization and educational anthropology sociocultural change urban poverty mexico and u.s southwest ethnography and comparative ethnicity the department of chicano/latino studies offers an emphasis in chicano/latina studies which is available in conjunction with the ph.d programs in the departments of anthropology criminology law and society education english history political science planning policy and design sociology and spanish and portuguese the program in social science and the program in women s studies satisfactory completion of the emphasis is certified by the chair of chicano/latina studies and is noted in the student s dossier admission applicants must first be admitted to or currently enrolled in one of the participating programs listed above applicants must submit to the chicano/latino graduate program committee 1 an application form listing prior undergraduate and graduate course work related to chicano/latino studies if any institutions attended and majors and 2 a one to two-page statement of purpose including career objectives areas of interest and research and record of research teaching community and/or creative work the committee determines admissions in consultation with the chicano/latina studies core faculty based upon the extent to which the applicant s research interests relate to chicano/latino studies the applicant s previous course work and research or other experience related to chicana/latino studies lack of prior course work does not preclude admission so long as the statement of research interests is congruent with the graduate emphasis and makes a compelling case requirements minimum course work for the graduate emphasis in chicano latino studies consists of four courses two core courses chicano/latina studies 200a and 200b a coherent sequence normally taken in consecutive quarters and any two courses selected from the list of graduate courses in chicano/latina studies for doctoral students the qualifying examination and dissertation topic should incorporate u.s latinos and/or issues relevant to chicano/latina studies as a central focus of analysis one member of the candidate s dissertation committee should be a core or affiliate faculty of the chicana/latino studies department courses in chicana/latino studies lower-division 61 introduction to chicano/latino studies i 4 introduces links between culture history and sociology of chicano/latino communities examines the formation evolution and adaptation of chicano!latino communities within a national and international perspective reviews literature on chicano!latino studies as a field of intellectual inquiry iii vii-a 463 62 introduction to chicano!latino studies ii 4 foundations of latinos from pre-history to present with emphasis on race class gender and culture examines institutions/processes of indigenous culture conquests colonialism/neocolonialism racialization capitalist industrialization immigration americanization history literary and artistic materials/texts of latino subgroups iii vii-a 63 introduction to chicano!latino studies iii 4 an introduction to chicano/latino studies through inter and intra-group comparisons of various latino groups in the united states issues examined include immigration political participation and protest socioeconomic status gender relations and sexuality and ethnic and racial discrimination iii vii-a 64 introduction to minority politics 4 examines major theories that attempt to explain the roles of race and ethnicity in u.s politics while also looking at the political attitudes and behaviors of ethnic and racial populations in order to measure their contemporary political influence same as political science 61a iii vii-a 65 ethnic and immigrant america 4 focusing on asian latino and black immigrant groups examines the second generation s experience of straddling two cultures and growing up american covers topics such as assimilation bilingualism race relations education bicultural conflicts interracial marriage and multiracial identities sarrie as sociology 68a vii-a upper-division 101 research in the latino community 4 students engage in firsthand research in the local orange county environment students identify a research problem conduct a literature review develop questions and/or hypotheses appropriate methods and write a proposal formerly chicano/latino studies 195a 102 chicano/latino research seminar 4 taught as a writing and research seminar in chicano/latino studies student develops own project engages in peer editing drafts writes and presents paper at spring research conference prior course work in chicano!latino studies helpful i.e chicano/latino studies 61 62 63 prerequisites chicano!latino studies 101 satisfactory completion of the lower-division writing requirement and upper-division standing formerly chicano/latino studies iooc vii-a 103 comparative latino populations 4 provides foundation for understanding of chicano/latino studies as an interdisciplinary field of inquiry focus on the history arts cultures of distinct mexican cuban puerto rican central american latino communities topics include precolonial history and culture conquest mestizaje colonialism/neocolonialism resistance same as social science 173k formerly chicano/latino studies iooa vii-a 104 latinos in a global society 4 examines interconnections between diverse latino groups in the u.s and the effects of globalization on their social cultural political realities topics include immigration demographics socioeconomic differentiation familial relations political protest/resistance law and policy and links to homeland issues prerequisite chicano latino studies 103 same as social science 173l formerly chicano/latino studies ioob vii-a 110-129 literature arts media culture lloa b chicano literature 4 4 focus on contemporary chicano literature in relation to chicana literature women s literature american literature and latino literature prerequisites spanish 3a and 3b or consent of instructor same as spanish 140a b vii-a 111a critical issues in chicano studies 4 a critical survey of social science literature on the chicano experience and a general discussion of the various models and theories applied by social scientists to the study of oppressed national minorities discussion of race and class within the context of the chicano experience vii-a 111b chicano culture 4 current research and perspectives on different aspects of chicano culture political economic sociological artistic and folkloric prerequisites spanish 3a and 3b or consent of instructor may be taken for credit twice as topics vary same as spanish 142 vii-a 113 literature and ethnicity 4 examines the works of several american minority authors in order to discuss the relationship of ethnicity as a social phenomenon to literature same as social science 175a vii-a uc irvine 2007-2008