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table of contents introduction to uci the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 from the chancellor 5 academic goals academic structure 7 accreditation equal opportunity and diversity 7 university ombudsman the campus setting 8 instructional and research facilities 8 uci .libraries network and academic computing services uci ecological preserve natural reserve system uci arboretum laser microbeam and medical program university of california irvine medical center uci center for occupational and environmental health additional facilities university advancement 11 · university communications 12 uci academic senate distinguished faculty 13 preadmission matters office of admissions and relations with schools campus tours how to use the catalogue undergraduate and graduate degrees and areas of study majors and careers 15 15 16 21 special programs 25 access uci and summer session enrollment educational opportunity program uci

62 uci 2008-09 • information for admitted students b c:redit for three years of high school study or its equivalent in a smgle language other than english with a c average or better in the third year c a score of 3 4 or 5 on a college board advanced placement examination in a language other than english note students who earn a 3 4 or 5 on the ap chinese examination must take the uci chinese placement examination to determine course credit d score of 570 or better on a college board sat subject test m a language other than english with the exception of the test in modem hebrew for which a score of 500 or better is · required e ompletion of an approved course of study through the education abroad program eap careful planning is required to ensure that this requirement is fulfilled check with an eap counselor at the center for international education to determine the programs in countries that fulfill this requirement social science 70a 70b 70c 78a 78b 78c 165 167 170e 172b

studio art requirements for the bachelor s degree university requirements see pages 58-63 school requirements none departmental requirements for the major studio art la-b-c taken the first year in residence studio art 9a 9b and lla art history 40a b cor 42a b c four lowerdivision courses selected from studio art 20-99 upper-division courses totaling 44 units as follows three intermediate-level courses with no more than two in one area studio art 102-115 five advanced or project courses senior thesis exhibition [studio art 198 and four other courses chosen from studio art 100 101 130-195 199 three issues courses studio art 116-129 sample program for freshmenfall winter studio art la art history 40a/42a writing 39b studio art ib art history 40b/42b general education writing 39c spring studio art i c art history 40c/42c general education general education concentration in game culture and technology the concentration in game culture and technology is available to students majoring in

180 i uci 2008-09 • the paul merage school of business mba277 managing electronic business 4 helps managers to understand the key issues of doing business in the information age studies how existing business processes can be made more efficient examines strategies business models electronic markets e-supply chains business-technology integration new trends and real-world cases mba29.5d operations management laboratory 2 use up-to-date information to make intelligent decisions for effective manufacturing and service operations management students obtain hands-on experience with visual interactive software packages to analyze and manage operations corequisite management mba208 mba278 information systems project management 4 concentrates on project management techniques in the context of information systems projects organizing planning budgeting scheduling management leadership and control special emphasis is placed on issues of system implementation and management of

electrical engineering and computer science technical elective courses students select with the approval of a faculty advisor a minimum of five courses of technical elective courses students may select an area of specialization and complete the associated requirements as shown below engineering professional topics course engr190w at most an aggregate total of 6 units of 199 or h199 courses may be used to satisfy degree requirements 199 and h199 courses are open to students with a 3.0 gpa or higher the nominal electrical engineering program will require 189 units of courses to satisfy all university and major requirements because each student comes to uci with a different level of preparation the actual number of units will vary specialization in electro-optics and solid-state devices 11 units selected from engineering eecs 170d if not used to satisfy major requirements eecs174 eecs175a-b eecs187 eecs 188 eecs 198 special topics in electro-optics or solid state materials/devices

298 uci 2008-09 • school of humanities alice m laborde ph.d university of california los angeles professor emerita of french eighteenth-century french literature carrie j noland ph.d harvard university associate professor of french twentieth-century poetry world war it and literature of the avant-garde richard l regosin ph.d the johns hopkins university professor of french sixteenth-century french literature undergraduate program in french the undergraduate program in french offers a broad humanistic course of study designed for students in the liberal arts the orientation of the program is multidisciplinary where the study of literature is linked to critical cultural and historical concerns courses reflect the faculty s interest in the related disciplines of history philosophy anthropology women s studies cultural studies and comparative literature and express its conviction that the study of french literature and culture is enriched by pursuing its relations with other

358 uci 2008-09 • donald bren school of information and computer sciences 20b introduction to computer science with applications to biology 4 no background in computer science programming or biology required fundamental programming concepts are introduced using the language python with a problem-oriented approach all problems come from· elementary molecular biology may not be taken for credit after ics 21/cse21 ics h21 or informatics 41 21 introduction to computer science i 6 introduces fundamental concepts related to computer software design and construction develops initial design and programming skills using a high-level language fundamental concepts of control structures data structures and object-oriented programming same as cse21 only one course from ics 21/cse21 and ics h21 may be taken for credit may not be taken for credit after informatics 42 ii or v ix h21 honors introduction to computer science i 6 introduces fundamental concepts of computer software design and

physics and astronomy 215a-b-c quantum mechanics 4-4-4 f w s lecture three hours 215a foundations dirac notation basic operators and their eigenstates perturbation theory spin 215b atomic physics scattering theory formal collision theory semi-classical radiation theory many body systems 215c quantization of the electromagnetic field relativistic quantum mechanics second quantization 220 electronics for scientists 4 f lecture two hours laboratory four hours applications of modern semiconductor devices to physical instrumentation characteristics of semiconductor devices integrated circuits analog and digital circuits prerequisite graduate standing concurrent with physics 120 222 continuum mechanics 4 f introduction to the continuum limit and stress and strain tensors hydrodynamics of perfect fluids two-dimensional problems motion of incompressible viscous fluids navier-stokes equations basic elasticity theory description of viscoelastic materials introduction to nonlinear behavior

476 uci 2008-09 • school of social sciences 3 certain courses offered in the school of biological sciences and the school of social ecology may be used in partial satisfaction of this requirement a total of three of these courses 12 units may be used in this way with a maximum of two from either of these schools the courses that may be used in this way are those in the department of cognitive sciences course listings numbered psychology 127 147 and 177 as well as psychology and social behavior p164s same as criminology law and society c105 and biological sciences dl37 el74 nllo and n159 · 4 no more than two of the courses each of four or more units may be numbered 190-199 note psychology majors are strongly encouraged to take biological sciences la-b and 35 in satisfaction of the science and technology portion of the general education requirement category ii furthermore it is strongly recommended that students w,ho intend to pursue postbaccalaureate work in psychology take

health sciences laura s pare m.d university of chicago pritzer medical school health sciences associate clinical professor department of neurological surgery victor passy m.d university of california irvine senior lecturer with security of employment emeritus otolaryngology daniel pelot m.d howard university school of medicine senior lecturer with security of employment emeritus medicine gastroenterology ellena peterson ph.d georgetown university associate dean of admissions and outreach school of medicine associate director of medical microbiology and professor department of pathology and laboratory medicine robert f phalen ph.d university of rochester professor department of community and environmental medicine susanne j phillips f.n.p california state university long be.ach assistant director of the family nurse practitioner program and health sciences associate clinical professor department of family medicine program in nursing science and family medicine daniele piomelli ph.d

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