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table of contents introduction to uci the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 from the chancellor 5 academic goals academic structure 6 accreditation equal opportunity and diversity ombudsman 7 the campus setting 8 instructional and research facilities 8 uci libraries network and academic computing services uci ecological preserve natural reserve system uci arboretum laser mkrobeam and medical program university of california irvine healthcare uci center for occupational and environmental health additional facilities university advancement 10 university communications 11 uci academic senate distinguished faculty 12 preadmission matters office of admissions and relations with schools campus tours how to use the catalogue undergraduate and graduate degrees and areas of study majors and careers 13 13 14 -20 special programs 23 access uci and summer session enrollment educational opportunity program uci center for educational partnerships student academic

62 uci 2009-10 • information for admitted students information for transfer students fulfilling requirements for a bachelor s degree this section provides a guide for transfer students in understanding how their course work from another collegiate institution applies to fulfilling uci degree requirements transfer students should use this information in conjunction with the previous section requirements for a bachelor s degree transfer students are required to meet university general education school department and major requirements described in the catalogue the courses and descriptions in this catalogue may be used by prospective transfer students as a guide for selecting courses of similar content and purpose in their own institutions no student who has taken a course which is accepted for credit by the office of admissions and rela tions with schools oars and which has been mutually determined with a community college as being acceptable toward completion of the uci general

studio art 138 world building 4• .interdisciplinary approaches to working across the digitallnondigital boundary to create an alternative universe emphasis is on critical thinking comprehensive planning integration of multiple media and narrative development prerequisites studio art !a-b-c and 65a 141 projects in video installation 4 incorporating narrative structures in a multi-screen context students design and produce an active space in which activities will move from one screen to another may be taken for credit twice materials fee 143 projects in computer painting 4 study and utilization of the computer as a digital sketchbook and design tool for the creation of paintings discussion of the issues related to benefits and limitations of new technology in the art-making process ·prerequisite studio art 30 103 or consent of instructor 146 the artist in the archive 4 considers data storage retrieval systems technology secrets disparate collections and forgetting focuses on

180 uci 2009-10 • the paul merage school of business fe209b investments 4 foundations of investment management theory and empirical evidence related to portfolio theory market efficiency asset pricing models factor models and option pricing theory students are expected to combine market research results and electronic information sources to create optimal investment strategies prerequisite management • fe209a fe210 business strategy 4 the study of the functions and responsibilities of senior management and the decisions that determine the direction of the organization and shape its future methods include application of concepts frameworks and analytical techniques to the strategic issues which real· world companies face prerequisites management fe202 fe205 fe209a i fe258 marketing strategies for high technology 4 prerequisite man· · agement fe205 fe259 strategic brand management 4 prerequisite management fe205 fe272 critical it decisions for business

electrical engineering and computer science eecs116 introduction to data management 4 introduction to the design of databases and the use of database management systems dbms for applications topics include entity-relationship modeling for design relational data model relational algebra relational design theory and structured query language sql programming prerequisite either ics 52 or informatics 43 with a grade of cor better for ics or informatics majors either ics 23/ics h23 or eecs 114 with a grade of c or better for computer engineering majors same as computer science 122a design units i eecs117 parallel computer systems 3 general introduction to parallel computing focusing on parallel algorithms and architectures parallel models flynn s taxonomy dataflow models parallel architectures systolic arrays hypercube architecture shared memory machines dataflow machines reconfigurable architectures parallel algorithms appropriate to each machine type area also discussed prerequisites

298 uci 2009-10 • school of humanities german placement tests are recommended but not·required for students who have successfully completed foreign language classes in high school or elsewhere to obtain information about the german placement test please contact the uci academic testing office at 949 824-6207 students with college-level course work should present their transcript to an academic counselor in the humanities undergraduate study office 143 humanities instructional building or call 949 824-5132 for assistance in determining which uci course to take apart from the optional placement test students are placed in german language courses according to the number of years of previous study in general one year of high school german is considered equal to one quarter of a uci german language course i approved by the undergraduate director of the department of german and students are advised to consult with the undergraduate director both before and after their stay abroad

358 uci 2009-10 • donald bren school of information and computer sciences 161 design and analysis of algorithms 4 time and space complexity of algorithms models of computation techniques for efficient algorithm design effect of data structure choice on efficiency of an algorithm fast algorithms for problems such as sorting set manipulation graph problems matrix multiplication fourier transfomis and pattern matching np-complete problems prerequisites ics 23/cse23 and res 51 or cse31/eecs31 with grades of c or better ics 6d/mathematics 6d ics 6b/mathematics 6b mathematics 6g or 3a mathematics 2b same as cse161 162 formal languages and automata 4 formal aspects of describing and recognizing languages by grammars and automata parsing regular and context-free languages ambiguity nondeterminism elements of computability turing machines random access machines undecidable problems npcompleteness prerequisites ics 23/cse23 and ics 51 with grades of c or better mathematics 2a-b and

physics and astronomy 417 240a galactic astrophysics 4 s lecture three hours the morphology kinematics and evolution of our milky way and other galaxies topics include stellar formation and stellar evolution end states of stars supernovae neutron stars the distribution of stars interstellar gas and mass in galaxies the local group 261a·b-c seminar in plasma physics 1-1-1 f w s advanced topics in plasma physics wave propagation nonlinear effects kinetic theory and turbulence stability problems transport coefficients containment and diagnostics applications to controlled fusion and astrophysics satisfactory/unsatisfactory only prerequisites physics 239a-b-c-d or equivalent 240b cosmology 4 f ~ture three hours an intr~duction to mod~m cosmology set within the context of general relativity topics include the expansion history of the universe inflation the cosmic microwave background density fluctuations structure formation dark matter dark energy and gravitationallensing 263a-b-c

476 uci 2009-10 • school of social sciences 112c research in experimental psychology 4 s each student conducts a research project in experimental psychology the projects are discussed in a seminar format written reports on each project are submitted at the end of the quarter prerequisite psychology ll2b ll2lb only one course from psychology ll2c and ll2f-g may be taken for credit 121s psychology of sleep and dreaming 4 covers the physiology neurochemistry and neuroanatomy associated with sleep contemporary sleep theory rem and nrem,phenomenology sleep disorders examination of differences between conscious and unconscious cognitive function the history of sleep and dream theories from ancient time to present day 112m research methods in psychology 4 f research methods in psychology for majors who wish to fulfill this requirement separately from upper-division writing covers both experimental and descriptive research methods analysis of results and reading the psychological

nursing science most of the courses required for the major require,completion of prerequisites the sample program shown is a preferred sequence that accounts for all prerequisites most required courses are · offered in sequence and only once a year new transfer and change-of-major students therefore ordinarily are admitted to the program once a year prior to the fall quarter full-time enrollment is required all students interested in the nursing science major should be aware that they will be required to do the following i meet the physical and mental requirements necessary to perform nursing practice functions as outlined in chapter 6 article 2 item 2725 of the business and professions code of california http www.m ca.gov/npalb-p.htm#2725 2 complete a criminal background check prior to entering the clinical portion of the major in the junior year as required by health care facilities in which students will have clinical experiences 3 purchase uniforms and other required equipment

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