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table of contents introduction to uci · the university of california 4 the irvine campus 4 from the chancellor 5 academic goals academic structure 6 accreditation equal opportunity and diversity ombudsman 7 the campus setting 8 instructional and research facilities 8 uci libraries office of information technology uci ecological preserve natural reserve system uci arboretum laser microbeam and medical program university of california irvine healthcare uci center for occupational and environmental health additional facilities university advancement university communications 11 uci academic senate distinguished faculty 12 preadmission matters office of admissions and relations with schools campus tours how to use the catalogue undergraduate and graduate degrees and areas of study majors and careers 13 13 14 19 special programs 23 access uci and summer session enrollment center for educational

62 ucr 2010-11 • information for admitted students transfer students·are strongly advised to check with the academic counselor in their prospective major or oars about courses that may be used to satisfy uci requirements school departmental and major requirements in addition to the university and uci requirements listed above each undergraduate student must satisfy the degree requirements for the major and if applicable the minor or concentration selected uci school and departmental or major and minor requirements may overlap courses taken to fulfill a sthool or departmental requirement may also help fulfill the uci general education requirement students are urged to make sure that they understand how many courses are permitted to satisfy more than one requirement information on specific degree requirements and courses is available in the academic unit sections of this catalogue students must declare a major by the time they reach junior status 90 units excluding college work

.studio art 121 190 senior project and critique 4 directed-study critique class in preparation for final project and life after graduation documentation and portfolio preparation for graduate school investigation of exhibition spaces and funding opportunities participation in artists communities outside the university artists rights issues prerequisite senior standing may be repeated for credit as topics vary 236 graduate topics in studio production 4 f w s graduate group study of a specific medium or art practice e.g painting video installation photography sculpture/3-d performance digital media public art sound art film includes consideration of technical theoretical historical and/or formal issues prerequisite graduate standing may be repeated for credit as topics vary 1908 senior projects and critique in photography 4 directed group study focused on production of photographic projects of significant scope and ambition emphasis on preparation for continued study and/or

180 uci 2010-11 • department of education by passing the appropriate cset examination in their subject area or by completing a ctc-approved subject-matter program in the teaching area uci offers a ctc-approved subject-matter program in mathematics while a major in mathematics is not required to complete the subject-matter preparation program the mathematics major with a specialization in mathematics for education is designed to satisfy niost of the subject-matter preparation requirements for credentialing complete a college-level course or pass an examination on the u.s constitution obtain a cpr certificate in adult child and infant training note for the intern teacher program applicants must verify competency prior to admission subj~ct-matter i requirements for the undergraduate cal teach science and mathematics single subject credential program the following departments offer undergraduates an option to earn a bachelor s degree in mathematics or a science discipline while

electrical engineering and computer science eecs222d system-on-chip hardware synthesis 3 hardware ip specification cycle-accurate languages and modeling target architectures data path and control unit design tasks and design methodology behavioral synthesis resource allocation operation scheduling binding communication protocol and interface synthesis arbiter transducer controller design and synthesis net list generation prerequisite eiecs222a or consent of instructor eecs223 real-time computer system 3 time bases clock synchronization real-time communication protocols specification of requirements task scheduling validation of timelines real-time configuration management prerequisites eecs211 and eecs213 eecs224 faui tolerant computing 4 various aspects of fault-tolerant computing systems includes hardware and software failures reliability and mechanism to recover from failures prerequisite eecs211 · eecs225 advanced data engineering 3 advanced data models data analysis

298 uci 2010-11 • school of humanities requirement for the m.a degree is nine courses eight of which must be taken within the department of german· reading knowledge of a foreign language other than german also is required for the m.a degree whenever possible a candidate is urged to complete this requirement before entering the program further requirements follow students entering with a b.a must complete their requirements for the m.a by the end of the second year of study six quarters at the latest the preparation of a reading list all candidates should prepare as early as possible a list of works read in the field of german literature both primary texts and critical works this list should preferably be augmented by critical texts and by works from other literatures which in the candidate s opinion relate to the german works on the list since it should ultimately contain representative selections from various eras of german literature and some works· of criticism a

358 uci 2010-11 • donald bren school of information and computer sciences 167 introduction to applied cryptography 4 an introduction to the essential aspects of applied cryptography as it is used in practice topics include classical cryptography blqck ciphers stream ciphers public-key cryptography digital signatures one-way hash functions basic cryptographic protocols and digital certificates and credentials prerequisites ics 6d mathematics 6d ics 22/cse22 or informatics 42 cs 161/cse161 and/or upper-division standing 168 network optimization 4 network modeling techniques and related algorithms for solving large-scale integer programming problems exact methods and heuristic teclmiques applications include computer and communications networks and transportation and logistics networks prerequisite upper-division standing or consent of instructor 169 introduction to optimization 4 a broad introduction to optimization unconstrained and constrained optimization equality and

physics and astronomy sample program fall astrophysics specialization winter spring physics 137 physics 144 or 145 physics 138 physics 115b physics 125b physics 144 or 145 junior physics 116 senior physics 113b physics 139 graduate program the department offers the m.s and ph.d degrees in physics these degrees are awarded in recognition of demonstrated knowledge of the basic facts and theories of physics and of a demonstrated capacity for independent research active programs of research are underway in particle physics nanophysics biophysics medical physics condensed matter physics low-temperature physics plasma physics gravitational physics astrophysics and cosmology in general graduate study in the physics ph.d program is expected to be a full-time activity other proposed arrangements should be approved by the graduate committee the normative time for completion of the ph.d is six years of full-time study and the maximum time permitted is seven years students may pursue the m.s

476 uci 2010-11 • school of social sciences graduate program sample programs psychology majors general graduateschool track honors freshman psych 9a b c 2 intra soc sci 1 computer 6 gen ed psych 9a b c humanities core math 2a-b 7/stats 7 psych 9a b c humanities core math 2a-b 7/stats 7 3 quarters statistics 1 3 core2 2 intra soc sci 1 computer 3 gen ed 3 quarters statistics 1 3 core 2 2 intra soc sci 1 computer 3 gen ed apply to honors in spring 1 core2 3 module/udp3 4 gen ed eiectives psych 112a-b c and i udp3 psych hll1a-b c· psych h101a i core2 2udp3 5 gen ed electives 9 electives 2 psych 199 i psych 190 8 electives psych hioib-c 2 psych 199 sophomore 3 quarters statistics 1 3 core2 6 gen ed eiectives junior 1 core 2 3 modu1e/udp3 4 gen ed electives and select one psych 112a-b c and 1 udp3 psych 112m and 3 udp3 senior 9 electives and select one 2 psych 199 and psych 190 3 udp 3 participating faculty sample program transfer psychology majors junior psych 9a b c 3 quarters

public health 119 special topics in epidemiology and genetics 4 lecture three hours special topics courses are offered fr9m time ·to time course content varies with interest of the instructor prerequisites public health 1 and in some cases con5ent of the instruct9r may be repeated for credit as topics vary health policy and administration 120 nutri1tion and global health 4 lecture three hours global issues related to nutrition and public health evaluation of nutritional risk factors associated with the development of chronic diseases and the role of nutritional medicine in prevention ·topics include food safety communicable diseases supplements and regulatory issues 121 iptroduction to complementary and alternative medicine 4 lecture three ;1ours examines health and disease in contemporary american culture and society with definitions models and practices of what has come to be known as orthodox conventional medicine selected alternative or complementary modes of

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