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122 i uci 2010-11 • claire trevor school of the arts the uci career center provides services to students and alumni including career counseling information about job opportunities a career library and workshops on resume preparation job search and interview techniques see the career center section for additional information arts and humanities 101 mesa arts building 949 824-6646 jennifer fisher co-director arts carrie noland co-director humanities core faculty stephen barker ph.d university of arizona professor of drama and head of doctoral studies post-modern theatre beckett critical theory david brodbeck ph.d university of pennsylvania department chair and professor of music and the robert and marjorie rawlins chair in music nineteenth and twentieth-century music popular music studies julia bryan-wilson ph.d university of california berkeley director of the graduate program in visual studies and assistant professor of art history contemporary art feminist and queer theory craft history performance video art artistic activism coalitional politics jennifer fisher ph.d university of california riverside co-direcior of the arts and humanities major and associate professor of dance dance history and theory ethnography performance studies martha gever ph.d city university of new york associate professor of studio art video/cultural/critical studies lynn mally ph.d university of california berkeley professor of history modern russian and soviet history ian munro ph.d harvard university associate professor of drama european drama and performance early modern popular culture theatrical performance of wit carrie j noland ph.d harvard university professor of french twentiethcentury poetry literature of the avant-garde and perf9rmance studies james penrod m.f.a university of california irvine c.m.a laban institute of movement studies professor emeritus of dance ballet modern dance notation choreography movement analysis frank b wilderson lll ph.d university of california berkeley associate professor of african american studies and drama film theory marxism dramaturgy black political theory the major in arts and humanities allows motivated students to create their own interdisciplinary major with one focus in the school of the arts and the other in the school of humanities students work toward a critical and historical mastery of aesthetic theories and practices while learning about the process of making creative work this humanist background will equip students to participate more effectively as artists citizens and critics in a world where critical thinking and creativity are vital to success in a variety of work environments arts and humanities students investigate the symbolic dimension of human behavior and identity an interest shared by many critics and artists alike often this interest is expressed in the context of interdisciplinary programs designed to facilitate contact among faculty and students from a wide range of different academic disciplines this major s focus on the connection between practice and analysis distinguishes it from the broader and more diverse scope of more general interdisciplinary programs the scholarly work of many uci faculty in the arts and humanities lies at an intersection between the two academic units and the major translates this intellectual and creative activity into a coherent curriculum and projects current forms of scholarship and artistic practice into the classroom careers for the arts and humanities major there is a steadily growing market in private industry for students whose training combines skills sharpened by both the arts and humanities business demands graduates with strong writing and analytic skill talents stressed in the humanities they also desire people wi.th creativity and visual skills who have experience putting their original ideas into practice something emphasized in the arts graduates of this program will be very attractive to teacher-training programs law schools as well as academic ph.d programs additionally graduates may find work in professional fields directly allied with the arts including museum work art foundations art criticism journalism theatre and the entertainment industry application process for the arts and humanities major .new students are not admitted directly to the arts and humanities ·major coi tinuing students apply to change their major to arts and humanities no earlier than the fall quarter of their sophomore y.ear complete information about changing majors to arts and humanities is available at http www.changeofmajor.uci.edu students must submit a transcript and meet the change-of-major criteria for each of the two departments they propose to combine in addition a program of study approved by the designated faculty member in the claire trevor school of the arts and in the school of humanities is required for admission to the arts and humanities major students are strongly encouraged to consult with the arts student affairs office early in their decision to apply to arts and humanities requirements for the b.a degree in arts and humanities university requirements see pages 55-62 school requirements none requirements for the major humanities la-b-c a language other than english through 2c one lower-division survey in a specialization in the arts chosen from dance 90a-b-c drama 40a b c music 14a-b-c studio art 9a b c six units of studio courses in dance drama or studio art or six units of ensemble courses in music arts and humanities 100 taken to satisfy upper-division writing 101 16 additional units of upper-division arts courses focusing on a specific medium e.g photography or practice e.g modern dance and 16 additional units of upper-division humanities courses focusing on a specific theme region or period chosen with the approval of the arts and humanities faculty advi~ors students must-have their proposed program of study approved by their advisors each year it is expected that students will choose their courses from one major in the arts and one major in the humanities students with well-deveioped interests can shape their curriculum more precisely · to their needs residence requirement for the major at least five upper-division courses required for the major must be completed successfully at uci courses in arts and humanities schedule of classes designation artshum 100 the arts in theory and practice 4 writing seminar explores writings on art from different times and cultures how have artists and critics in different cultural contexts tried to explain the principles and theories that guide their work how can students use their concepts to assess art works prerequisite satisfactory completion of the lower-division writing requirement same as humanities and arts 100 101 topics in arts and humanities 4 this interdisciplinary course examines themes relevant to both the arts and the humanities may be repeated for credit as topics vary same as humanities and arts 101 199 independent study 1 to 4 directed reading and research in consultation with a faculty member substantial written work required may be repeated for credit as topics vary · uc irvine 2010-2011