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electrical engineering and computer science eecs222d system-on-chip hardware synthesis 3 hardware ip specification cycle-accurate languages and modeling target architectures data path and control unit design tasks and design methodology behavioral synthesis resource allocation operation scheduling binding communication protocol and interface synthesis arbiter transducer controller design and synthesis net list generation prerequisite eiecs222a or consent of instructor eecs223 real-time computer system 3 time bases clock synchronization real-time communication protocols specification of requirements task scheduling validation of timelines real-time configuration management prerequisites eecs211 and eecs213 eecs224 faui tolerant computing 4 various aspects of fault-tolerant computing systems includes hardware and software failures reliability and mechanism to recover from failures prerequisite eecs211 · eecs225 advanced data engineering 3 advanced data models data analysis intelligence and integration distributed database management systems parallel databases multimedia and visual databases web database management advanced database applications prerequisite eecs 116 or computer science 122a eecs240 random processes 3 extensions of probability theory to random variables varying with time general properties of stochastic processes convergence estimation including nonlinear and linear minimum mean square error and maximum likelihood spectral density and linear filters poisson processes and discrete-time markov chains prerequisite eecs140 eecs241a digital communications i 3 concepts and applications of digital communication systems baseband digital transmission of binary multiamplitude and multidimen~ional signals introduction to and performance analysis of different modulation schemes eecs241b digital communications ii 3 concepts and applications of equalization multicarrier modulation spread spectrum and cdma digital communications through fading memory channels prerequisite eecs241a eecs242 information theory 3 fundamental capabilities and limitations of information sources and information transmission systems an analytical framework for modeling and evaluating communication systems entropy mutual information asymptotic equipartition property entropy rates of a stochastic process data compression channel capacity differential entropy the gaussian channel prerequisite eecs240 eecs243 error correcting codes 3 s different techniques for error correcting codes and analyzing their performance linear block codes cyclic codes convolutional codes minimum distance optimal decoding viterbi decoding bit error probability coding gain trellis coded modulation prerequisite eecs240 eecs244 wireless communications 3 introduction to wireless communications systems wireless channel modeling single carrier spread spectrum and multi-carrier wireless modulation schemes diversity techniques multiple-access schemes transceiver design and system level tradeoffs brief overview of gsm coma is-95 and ·2.5 3g cellular schemes prerequisite eecs241b eecs245 space-time coding 3 a fundamental study of capacity of mimo channels space-time code design criteria space-time block codes space-time trellis codes differential detection for multiple antennas spatial multip1exing blast prerequisite eecs242 eecs246 network coding theory and applications 3 theoretical frameworks for network coding linear algebraic and random network coding linear programming and combinatorial frameworks network code design benefits and costs practical network coding applications to wireless networks content distribution security and other areas prerequisites eecs248a/networked systems·201/computer science 232 and an introductory course in linear algebra same as networked systems 256 eecs248a internet 4 f a b~oad overview of basic internet concepts internet architecture and protocols including addressing routing tcp/ip quality of service and streaming prerequisite eecs148 computer science 132 or consent of inslf lctor same as computer science 232 and networked • systems 20 i 239 eecs248b performance analysis of computer communication networks 3 w mathematical modeling and optimization of network performance and design data link layer and media access protocols queuing models for communication networks routing and congestion control prerequisite eecs248a same as networked systems 250 · eecs250 digital signal processing i 3 fundamental principles of digital signal processing sampling decimation and interpolation discrete fourier transforms and fft algorithms transversal and recursive filters discrete random processes an.d finite-word effects in digital filters prerequisites eecs152a or equivalent eecs251a-b detection estimation and demodulation theory 3-3 fundamentals of hypothesis testing and bayes and maximum likelihood estimation arma and state variable models for random time series analysis wiener and kalmin filtering and prediction adaptive algorithms for identification and tracking of parameters of time-varying models prerequisite eecs240 eecs260a linear systems i 3 state-space representation of continuoustime and discrete-time linear systems controllability observability stability realization of rational transfer functions prerequisite eecs 160a or equivalent eecs261a linear optimization methods 3 formulation solution and analysis of linear programming and linear network flow problems simplex methods dual ascent methods interior point algorithms and auction algorithms duality theory and sensitivity analysis shortest path max-flow assignment and minimum cost flpw problems prerequisite mathematics 21 or consent of instructor eecs267a industrial and .power electronics 4 w power switching devices pulse width modulation pwm methods switching converter topologies control and magnetics prerequisite eecs 170c eecs 160a or consent of instructor concurrent with eecs 166a eecs267b topics in industrial and power electronics 3 practical design of switching converters electromagnetic compatibility thermal management and/or control methods prerequisite eecs267 a or consent of instructor.· eecs270a advanced analog integrated circuit design i 3 basic transistor configurations differential pairs active load/current sources supply temperature-independent biasing op-amp gain and output stages amplifier frequency response and stability compensation nonidealities in op-amps noise and dynamic range in analog circuits prerequisites eecs 170c and 170lc or equivalent or consent of instructor eecs270b advanced analog integrated circuit design ii 3 w advanced transistor modeling issues discrete-time and continuous-time analog integrated circuit ic filters phase-locked loops design of ics operating at radio frequencies low-voltage/low-power design techniques aid and d/a converters agc circuits prerequisite eecs270a or consent of instructor eecs270c design of integrated circuits for broadband applications 3 s topics include broadband standards and protocols high-frequency circuit design techniques pll theory and design design of trailsceivers electrical optical interfaces prerequisite eecs 270a or consent of instructor eecs270d radio-frequency integrated circuit design 3 s topics include rf component modeling matching network design transmission line theory/modeling smith chart and s-parameters noise modeling of active and passive components high-frequency amplifier design low-noise amplifier lna design mixer design rf power amplifier prerequisite eecs270a or consent of instructor eecs272 topics in electronic system design 3 new research results in electronic system design may be repeated for credit eecs273 electronics packaging 3 materials processes techniques and principles in interconnect and packaging of electronic products after the device-containing semiconductor wafer is fabricated the electronic optical thermal mechanical and reliability properties of the materials are evaluated in the context of modern electronics manufacturing processes prerequisite consel lt of the instructor uc irvine 2010-2011