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298 uci 2010-11 • school of humanities requirement for the m.a degree is nine courses eight of which must be taken within the department of german· reading knowledge of a foreign language other than german also is required for the m.a degree whenever possible a candidate is urged to complete this requirement before entering the program further requirements follow students entering with a b.a must complete their requirements for the m.a by the end of the second year of study six quarters at the latest the preparation of a reading list all candidates should prepare as early as possible a list of works read in the field of german literature both primary texts and critical works this list should preferably be augmented by critical texts and by works from other literatures which in the candidate s opinion relate to the german works on the list since it should ultimately contain representative selections from various eras of german literature and some works· of criticism a tentative list must be discussed with the graduate advisor before the end of the fall quarter of the year in which the candidate expects to receive the m.a candidates should indicate ·on the list a number of works with which they are especially familiar in its final form including works read during the course of study both in and out of class the list will be submitted together with the master s essay two weeks before the oral examination it is the student s responsibility to keep the reading list current i m.a comprehensive examinatio·n consists of two parts 1 the master s essay the purpose of the written part of the m.a comprehensive examination is to show the candidate s methodological progress in interpreting german literature it consists of an essay in which a text is elucidated and related to a pertinent works by the same author b its social and historical context and c other works of german or other literatures with which the candidate is familiar the level of the discussion will normally be enhanced by the candidate s knowiedge of the relevant secondary literature the topic of the essay should be tentatively formulated and reported to the graduate advisor before the end of the second quarter of the student s residence 2 the oral examination during the oral examination the following items will be discussed a the essay and b the reading list the discussion based on the reading list will focus on works which the student knows well but may broaden into other areas one year of residence doctor of philosophy in german the department requires a minimum of 22 approved courses from students entering with a bachelor s degree these may include courses in philosophy history comparative literature and others suitable for the individual student s program of study the student also will participate in each of the german department s colloquia the student will augment the reading list and keep it current during the w!jole course of study at least two years of residence are required students entering with the master s degree will be advised individually as to remaining course requirements since the majority of ph.d candidates choose careers as teachers the german department recognizes its obligation to offer them preparatory experience therefore all candidates for the ph.d are required to teach under the supervision of a faculty member at least one course in each of three quarters for which they will receive credit as german 399 three of these courses may be counted toward the 22 courses required for the ph.d faculty mentors each graduate student will be assigned a faculty mentor to consult at least once each quarter about progress the program academic questions or any other issues pertaining to the student s graduate career a student may change mentors for any reason indeed without giving a reason at any time after meeting with either the graduate advisor or chair first-year review students ending their first.year of study at uci must undergo a more comprehensive review procedure this applies to students entering with either a b.a or an m.a after the review students will be apprised of the departmental evaluation and advised on a future course of study or recommended for discontinuation of the program annual review all students will undergo an annual review by the faculty of the department each spring· the faculty will meet to discuss students progress in the program annual review and evaluation of student performance and progress assure both the student and the department that each student is meeting the academic standards teaching standards for teaching· assistants and associates readers and abd lecturers and professional standards of conduct expected of graduate students in the program the review process provides an opportunity to assess and make recommendations regarding any deficiencies in student performance and progress the following factors will be considered in determining graduate student performance and progress grade point average time to degree foreign language requirement and teaching performance grade point average all graduate students in german including those in both the master s program and the doctoral program are expected to maintain a 3.3 gpa a gpa below 3.3 in any quarter falls below the academic standard expected by the department pursuant to the terms of appointment a student whose gpa falls below 3.3 in any given quarter and whose cumulative gpa is not 3.3 by the end of the academic year may be ineligible for funding and faculty may recommend the student be disqualified from the program foreign language requirements students must demonstrate reading knowledge of two languages or extensive competence in one language other than german and english choice of languages depends on the student s area of specialization students are expected to demonstrate satisfactory progress progress is normally demonstrated by passing language examinations administered by a member of the faculty in the german department or other language department versed in the language or by registering for and passing language courses equivalent to the intermediate level as approved by the graduate advisor full-time students must demonstrate near-native speaking abilities in german and english students with significant deficiencies in language competency that will adversely affect their academic progress normally will not be admitted-to doctoral candidacy students in the doctoral program will meet language requirements on a schedule established by their doctoral committees but in all cases the requirements must be met prior to taking the ph.d qualifying examination if these requirements are not met in a timely manner faculty may recommend disqualification from the program qualifying examination in order to advance to candidacy the student must take and pass a qualifying examination at least two months prior to the planned date of the exam students must submit a comprehensive reading list prepared in consultation with their committee chair to the examination committee the committee may make emendations to the list on the basis of that list student must design four courses one course should be designed as an introduction to german literature and culture the other three courses drafted in consultation with the student s committee chair are graduate seminars and must ensure breadth and depth of coverage of german literature and culture they may be organized around topics genres authors or periods at l ast one of these courses must comprise the student s intended area of dissertation uc irvine 2010-2011