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476 uci 2010-11 • school of social sciences graduate program sample programs psychology majors general graduateschool track honors freshman psych 9a b c 2 intra soc sci 1 computer 6 gen ed psych 9a b c humanities core math 2a-b 7/stats 7 psych 9a b c humanities core math 2a-b 7/stats 7 3 quarters statistics 1 3 core2 2 intra soc sci 1 computer 3 gen ed 3 quarters statistics 1 3 core 2 2 intra soc sci 1 computer 3 gen ed apply to honors in spring 1 core2 3 module/udp3 4 gen ed eiectives psych 112a-b c and i udp3 psych hll1a-b c· psych h101a i core2 2udp3 5 gen ed electives 9 electives 2 psych 199 i psych 190 8 electives psych hioib-c 2 psych 199 sophomore 3 quarters statistics 1 3 core2 6 gen ed eiectives junior 1 core 2 3 modu1e/udp3 4 gen ed electives and select one psych 112a-b c and 1 udp3 psych 112m and 3 udp3 senior 9 electives and select one 2 psych 199 and psych 190 3 udp 3 participating faculty sample program transfer psychology majors junior psych 9a b c 3 quarters statistics 1 1 computer 2 intra soc sci 3 core2 1 • 2 3 senior 1 core2 3 module/udp3 1 elective and select one psych 112a-b-c and 3 udp3 psych 112m and 5 udp3 either psychology ioa-b-c or social science ioa-b-c with psychology 10 recommended for those planning to attend graduate school in psychology psychology core course,·an upper-division course with the ending number 0 udp in an upper-division psychology course taken in satisfaction of the upper-division writing requirement psychology minor requirements requirements for the minor in psychology are met by taking seven or eight psychology courses 28 or 32 units as specified below a psychology 7 a for the 28-unit minor or 9a b c for the 32unit minor b three upper-division psychology courses chosen from the following core courses in psychology 120a 120d 120h 120p 130a 140c 140l 140m 160a 160d c for students who take psychology 7 a three additional psychol i ogy courses four or more units each no more than one of which is a lower-division course for students who take psychology 9a b c two additional upper-division psychology courses four or more units each psychology 190-199 cannot be used to fulfill this requirement d in addition the school mathematics and computer science requirement school requirement a must be satisfied william batchelder mathematical models of learning and memory mathematical psychology and measurement bruce berg audition auditory attention psychophysics of complex sounds computational models of hearing · myron braunstein visual perception alyssa a brewer neuroimaging of visual perception visual deficits and neurological disorders charles f chubb visual perception mathematical modeling histogram contrast analysis barbara dosher human information processing memory retrieval attention visual perception michael d zmura vision hearing language brain-computer interfaces jean-claude falmagne mathematical.behavioral sciences emily d grossman visual perception neuroimaging gregory hickok neuroanatomy of language neural plasticity neuroimaging cognitive neuroscience donald hoffman machine and human vision visual recognition artificial intelligence virtual reality consciousness and cognition shape from motion geoffrey j iverson mathematical psychology psychophysics statistics mary-louise kean cognitive neuropsychology biological foundation of higher mental processes jeffrey krichmar computational neuroscience robotics michael d lee mathematical and computational models of stimulus representation categorization memory decision-making problem solving r duncan luce axiomatic measurement decision theory psychophysics response times virginia mann reading ability phoneme awaren,ess developmental dyslexia phonological skills early intervention precocious readers speech perception context effects cross-linguistic comparisons louis narens measurement logic and metacognition lisa pear1 linguistics computational linguistics language development · language change bayesian models virginia m richards auditory perception and cognition human gsychophysics kourosh saberi signal detection psychophysics cortical neuroscience sensory genetics barbara sarnecka cognitive development language development number concepts conceptual change individual cognitive development historical development of science and mathematics george sperling vision perception information processing jon sprouse linguistics syntax psycholinguistics ramesh srinivasan cognitive neuroscience brain development consciousness perception eeg brain dynamics mark steyvers semantic influences in recognition and recall computational models for knowledge extraction dynamic decision-making models causal reasoning bayesian networks w.c watt cognitive semiotics charles e ted wright cognitive psychology human motor control fitts task aimed movements handwriting immersive virtual reality 1/f noise quantitative models john i yellott jr mathematicili psychology visual perception graduate study in the cognitive sciences the department of cognitive sciences offers a ph.d degree ·program in psychology with a specialization in cognitive science to prepare students for research and teaching careers in academia industry and government the emphasis is on modem techniques of experimentation and theory construction special attention is given to providing hands-on research experience and equipping students with sophisticated mathematical and computing skills the department has 29 faculty two are members of the national academy of sciences and many serve as editors or editorial board members of leading professional journals and as members of nsf and nih study panels many cognitive sciences faculty are also members of uci s institute of mathematical behavioral sciences and the department is generally regarded as one of the world s leading centers for mathematically oriented research in cognitive psychology the department is also allied closely to the school s center for cognitive neuroscience uc irvine 2010-2011