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requirements for a sachelor s degr-ee history ii i8a 2ia 2ib 2ic 50 70a 70b 70d 70e 70f ioi 102b i03 lloa 110b iloc ii2c 112d 114 115a ii6a 116b ll7b ii8a 118b ii8c i20b i20c i20d i20e i22a i22b i22c i23c i23d i24a i24b i26a i26b i26c i27b i27c i28a i28c 130a 130b 130c 131 132 133a 134a 134b 134c l34d 158a 158b i6ia i6ic i63 165 i69 i70d 170e 170f i70g i710 171e i71g i72d 172e i72f 172g 173d i73e 173f i73g 174g 175f i75g humanities· 10 100 international studies i1 13 i4 ilia 112a 113a 12i i22 130 135 isla 152a 155a 160 161 161a 162 164 165 166 167 168 rio 171 i72 173 177a 177c 177d 177e 177f 179 183e 189 italian 2a-b-c lola lolb japanese 2a-b-c s2ab-bc 3a-b-c iooa-b lola 101b 101c 115 180 korean 2a-b-c 3a-b-c lola lolb lolc 115 180 latin looa loob 103 104 linguistics i music 40b-c 40d persian 2a-b-c s2ab-bc philosophy 1i7 planning policy and design i40 · political science 6a 41a 42a 43d 44a 141b 141c 141e 142h 143e 146a isla 151b 151c 1510 151f 152c 15id 152f i53a 153b 153e 154c 154f 154g 155f 156a 157 a 172a 172b portuguese 2a-b-c 120a 120b 120c 121 psychology and social behavior 192r public health 168 religious studies sa 5b 5c russian 2a-b-c 50 140 150 190 ·social science 5d 115d 115e 115h 120 123a 152a 170p 172f 172k 173n 173p 173q 176a 183e 184f 188a 188b 188c 188d 188e 188f 188g 188h 188i 1881 188k 188l 188m sociology 2 44 77 165a 170a,170b 175a 175b 175d spanish 2a-b-c 2ab 2bz 2md 2ns s2ab-bc 3a 3b 44 · 50 lola 101b lloa 110b 116 119 121 130a 130b i30c iso 151,160,185 vietnamese 2a-b-c 3a-b-c 115 150 women s studies 60c 110a 110c 120c 165b 165d 166a 167a 167b 61 institution where the language of instruction is not english will meet the requirement appropriate documentation must be presented to substantiate that the course work was completed ix laboratory or performance every student at uci shoulr l have at least one academic experience that goes beyond traditional classroom delivery examples include ·courses in which students conduct laboratory experiments complete a performance in the fine arts study abroad participate in outreach efforts or complete an academic internship field study or practicum in satisfying category ix students are encouraged to use courses that aiso satisfy another category s requirement · after completing this ge requirement successful students should be able to do the following describe the connections between theory and practice as demonstrated within the context of the student s own experiential learning and demonstrate enhanced development in at least two of the following areas professionalism communication skills technology interpersonal skills working on ·a team leadership and problem-solving students must complete one course from the following jist anthropology i61t 176a asian american studies 118 biological sciences 14 101 chemistry llb 1lc 1le h2la h2lb h2lc m2la m2lb m2lc computer science and engineering cse 21 or students may complete one of the following fourth-quarter landance 12a 12b 12c 14 30a 30b 30c 34 40a 40b 40c 50a guage options sob soc 52a 52b 52c 110 132a 132b 132c 142a 142b a credit for four years of high school study or its equivalent in a 142c 152a 152b 152c single language other than english with a c average or better in drama 30a 30b 30c the fourth year education 100 104d 131 132 137 153b 160 181b 193 engineering engr197a b a score of 4 or 5 on a college board advanced placement film and media studies 111 117c 120a 120b 120c 197 198 examination in a language other than english note students humanities 195 who earn a 3 4 or 5 on the ap chinese examination must take information and computer science 6 21 h21 192 the uci chinese placement examination to determine course informatics 41 credit music 160 161 162 164 176 78 c a score of 620 or better on a college board sat subject test in nursing science 170l a language other than english with the exception of the test in physical sciences 5 105 modern hebrew for which a score of 540 or better is required physics 3lb 3lc 7la 7lb 7lc 7ld d the equivalent as determined by an appropriate ai:ld available public health 195 mean of evaluation for information on availability of such exam social ecology 195 inations and testing schedules consult the academic testing social sciences 182a 194a 194b 196 197 center 949 824-6207 if an appropriate means of evaluating sociology 114a competence in a non-english language of instruction does not studio art 20 30a 30b 40 51 71a 71b 81a 81b 91 exist satisfactory completion with a c average or better of two university studies 10 185 192 i95 197d years of formal schooling at the sixth grade level·or higher in an note some of the category ix courses have required corequisites see course descriptions for details uc irvine 2010-2011