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62 ucr 2010-11 • information for admitted students transfer students·are strongly advised to check with the academic counselor in their prospective major or oars about courses that may be used to satisfy uci requirements school departmental and major requirements in addition to the university and uci requirements listed above each undergraduate student must satisfy the degree requirements for the major and if applicable the minor or concentration selected uci school and departmental or major and minor requirements may overlap courses taken to fulfill a sthool or departmental requirement may also help fulfill the uci general education requirement students are urged to make sure that they understand how many courses are permitted to satisfy more than one requirement information on specific degree requirements and courses is available in the academic unit sections of this catalogue students must declare a major by the time they reach junior status 90 units excluding college work completed prior to high school graduation and should make certain that the background and the preparation prerequisite to junior and senior work in the major have been accomplished transfer students should read the section on information for transfer students fulfilling requirements for a · bachelor s degree students should note that with the exception of courses designated pass/not pass only courses taken pass/not pass may not be used to satisfy specific course requirements of the student s school and major unless authorized by the appropriate dean atlditional information on grading is located in the academic regulations and procedures section minor programs for certification in a minor a student must obtain a minimum overall grade point average of at least c 2.0 in all courses required for the minor program no more than two courses applied to a minor may be taken pass/not pass completion of the minor is noted on a student s transcript students are not required to minor in a program in order to graduate from uci application for graduation in order to receive a degree an undergraduate student must submit an online application for graduation via the student access link at http www.reg.uci.edu no later than the published deadline specific deadline dates for filing are established quarterly so that ·candidates academic records can be reviewed to verify that all graduation requirements have been met these dates vary among academic units students should contact their academic counseling office for deadline and degree audit information information for transfer students fulfilling requirements for a bachelor s degree this section proyides a guide for transfer students in understanding how their course work from another collegiate institution applies to fulfilling uci degree requirements transfer students should use this information in conjunction with the previous section requirements for a bachelor s degree transfer students are required to · meet university general education school department and major requirements described in the catalogue the courses afld descriptions in this catalogue may be used by prospective transfer students as a guide for selecting courses of similar content arid purpose in their own institutions no student who has taken a course which is accepted for credit by the office of admissions and relations with schools oars and which has been mutually determined with a community college as being acceptable toward completion of the uci general education requirement shall incur any lbss of credit in satisfaction of the requirement transfer students completion of the uci general education requirement students transferring to uci must satisfy the uci general educa7 tion ge requirement by completing either a the current uci ge requirement b one of the options listed in the catalogue rights section ·or c the intersegmental general education trans· fer curriculum transfer students should not feel that the uci ge requirement must be completed prior to matriculating .to uci the ge requirement which must be completed prior to graduation may be satisfied by college-level courses appropriate to uci offerings and may be met at any time during the undergraduate years except in the case of the lower-division writing requirement which must be completed within the first three quarters of residency at uci note transfer students should be aware that uci is on the quarter system for the purpose of counting courses for the uci ge requirement one semester course is equivalent to one quarter course and two semester courses· are equivalent to three quarter courses intersegmental general education transfer curriculum california community college transfer students may receive credit for the uci ge requirement by completing the intersegmental general education transfer curriculum igetc the igetc consists of a series of subject areas and types of courses which will satisfy the general education requirements at any campus of the university of california fulfillment of the igetc does no satisfy the uci upper-division writing requirement students who do not complete igetc prior to transfer may be eligible for partial certification from their community college partial certification is defined as completing all but two 2 courses on the igetc pattern warning students need to meet minimum uc transfer admission requirements therefore partial certification that acklowledges a deficiency in area 1 and/or area 2 may also indicate a student does not meet minimum transfer requirements please note 1 igetc must be completed in total or partial igetc certification must be completed prior to enrolling at uci 2 students are responsible for requesting igetc certification from their community college and 3 the igetc certification should be submitted to the uci office of a dmissions and relations with schools no later than the end of t~e first quarter of uci enrollment courses used to fulfill the igetc must be completed with a grade of c or better courses may also be taken on a pass/no pass basis provided pass is equal to a letter grade of cor better lists of specific approved courses which may be taken in fulfillment of the igetc are available from california community colleges and at http www.assist.org intersegmental general education transfer curriculum area 1 english communication one course in english composition and one course in critical thinking/english composition area 2 mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning one course in mathematics or mathemati6al statistics which has a prerequisite of intermediate algebra area 3 arts and humanities at least three courses with at least one from the arts and one from the humanities uc irvine 2010-2011