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registration and other procedures area 4 social and behavioral sciences at least three courses from at least two different disciplines area 5 physical and biological sciences at least two courses with one from the physical sciences and one from the biological sciences one course must include a laboratory area 6 language other than english proficiency equivalent to two years of high school courses in the same language transferability of credit the university is committed to serve as fully as possible the educational heeds of students who transfer from other california collegiate institutions the principles covering transferability of unit credit and course credit are explained below and unless otherwise indicated are much the same whether transfer is from a two-year or a four-year institution duplicate credit prohibited students may not receive unit credit or earn grade points for college courses in which the content duplicates material of a previously completed course or examination for which the student has been granted college credit see page 44 for exceptions related to advanced placement and international baccalau reate credit see page· 68 for exc.eptions related to the repeat of deficient grades unit credit for work taken elsewhere the university of california grants unit credit for courses completed at other accredited colleges and universities when such courses are consistent with the functions of the university as set forth in the master plan for higher education in california equivalent advanced standing credit from institutions on the semester calendar may be determined at a ratio of one semester unit to one and one-half quarter units to graduate from uci a minimum of 180 quarter units equivalent to approximately 45 uci quarter courses are needed community colleges a student may earn a maximum of 105 quarter units 70 semester units at a community college toward a university degree no further unit credit may be transferred from a community college although subject major or general education credit for courses taken will still be granted students anticipating transfer to uci are urged to consult with their community college counselors the counselors with the aid of that college s uc transfer course agreement uctca can advise students ab ut california community college courses and units which will transfer to the university in addition staff in the uci office of admissions and relations with schools can advise students abounhe transferability of courses uctcas for all california community colleges are available at http www.assist.org four-year institutions unit credit is granted for courses consistent with the university of california s functions and which have been completed in colleges or universities accredited by the appropriate agencies while limitations of credit may be imposed in certain subject areas these are consonant with the curricula for all students in the university of california no defined maximum number of units which can be earned toward the degree is set for students tran.sferring from fouryear institutions however see the residence requirement in the uci requirements section university of california extension extension courses prefixed by xb xd xi xr xsb and xsd are granted unit credit on the same basis as courses taken in residence at any accredited collegiate institution 63 students intending to transfer extension course credit for a degree at another college or university should verify acceptance of the course with that institution resident students of the university of california must obtain the consent of the dean of their school or college prior to enrolling for credit in an extension course extension courses are not accepted as part of the residence requirements of the university grades earned in university extension are not used in calculating the university grade.point average decisions regarding the acceptability of extension courses taken in institutions other than the university of california rest with the uci office of admissions and relations with schools decisions regarding the applicability of such courses toward specific degrees · and majors rest with the student s academic dean course credit for work taken elsewhere the policies above refer only to the unit transferability of cour~es and are uniformly implemented on all uc campuses thus courses which are determined by the university of california to be transferable are assured only of being granted elective course credit the application of transfer work to specific course and major requirements is determined by the student s academic dean the irvine campus makes every effort to eliminate all barriers to orderly progress from california community colleges into uci s programs to this end courses from many california community colleges have been reviewed by uci faculty and approved as acceptable toward meeting lower-division major or general educa-· tion requirements although course equivalencies for the general education requirement may be liberally interpreted for purposes of transfer courses to be applied toward school and departmental major requirements must be more precisely equated with uci courses in unit value and in content all california community colleges have entered into articulation agreements with uci so that the specific application of their courses to uci s general education school and/or departmental major requirements may be readily communicated to prospective transfer students -by careful selection of courses it is possible for students to satisfy some or all of the lower-division requirements of their intended program or school prior to transfer it is recommended that transfer students complete as much of the lower-divi•sion general education school and major requirements as possible prior to transferring to uci articulation agreements are available at http www.assist.org students are urged to consult community college counselors or the uci office of admissions and relations with schools for information on planning a program for transfer prospective transfer students with specific questions about course work in their major should contact the respective school or department at uci registration and other procedures except where noted all information applies to both undergraduate and graduate students additional information concerning registration and academic policies applying only to graduate students is presented in the graduate,division section later in this catalogue schedule of classes and registration information the schedule of classes contains current class offerings including time room instructor capacity number of enrolled students and number of students on the waitlist web links status open waitlisted full and more access the schedule of classes on the registrar s web site at http www,reg.uci.edu the schedule of classes is available just prior to the beginning of each quarter s registration period six weeks before the end of the quarter 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