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introduction the university of california mark g yudof president the university of california uc was chartered as the state’s only land grant college in 1868 today uc is one of the world’s largest and most renowned centers of higher education and has a combined enrollment of more than 220,000 students on 10 campuses—berkeley davis irvine los angeles merced riverside san diego san francisco santa barbara and santa cruz among the campuses there are five medical schools a school of veterinary medicine and professional schools of business administration education engineering law oceanography and many others the collections of the more than 100 uc libraries are surpassed in size on the american continent only by the library of congress collection the uc faculty is internationally noted for its distinguished academic achievements uc-affiliated faculty and researchers have won 57 nobel prizes and 53 national medals of science national academy of sciences membership

64 uci 2011–12 • information for admitted students if an undergraduate student plans to leave the university after completing all academic work for the latest quarter of enrollment and has not paid tuition and fees for the next quarter a formal notice of withdrawal is not necessary lapse of status a student’s status may lapse for the following reasons failure to pay required tuition and fees by the prescribed deadline failure to respond to official notices failure to settle financial obligations when due or to make satisfactory arrangements with campus billing services failure to complete the admission health requirements or failure to comply with admission conditions each student who becomes subject to lapse of status is given advance notice and ample time to deal with the situation however if the student fails to respond to initial notices action will be taken without further notice a “hold” will be placed on all of the student’s records and

124 uci 2011–12 • claire trevor school of the arts 197 studio art internship 1 to 4 under faculty supervision students participate directly in a variety of art institution settings including museums galleries and nonprofit organizations pass/not pass only prerequisites junior standing consent of instructor and consent of department chair may be taken for credit twice 198 senior exhibition 4 preparation installation and participation in the annual senior exhibition pass/not pass only prerequisite senior studio art majors only open to studio art majors only 199 independent study 1 to 4 individual study or directed creative projects as arranged with faculty member prerequisite consent of instructor may be repeated for credit materials fee topic dependent graduate 210 first-year graduate seminar 4 f introductory theory to contemporary art intellectual history theoretical antecedents and current critical concerns prerequisite graduate standing 211 methods and materials

184 uci 2011–12 • department of education 126 ethics and education 4 f w s examination of ethics in education and how ethicists frame moral problems presentation of major ethical themes that affect education analysis of specific models for dealing with ethical goals and developing morality for k–12 students offers models for solving ethical dilemmas within an educational context prerequisite education 50 128 exceptional learners 4 s an introductory survey of the nature needs and education of k–12 children with exceptionalities covers the categories and characteristics of exceptionalities relevant state and federal legislation and the role of general education teachers in special education 131 educational technology 4 w presents an overview of the types and uses of educational technology to support and enhance the k–12 learning experience familiarizes students with lesson planning instructional design learning theory and integrating technology into the

244 uci 2011–12 • the henry samueli school of engineering systems and design research is conducted in the areas of dynamic systems optimization and control biomechanical engineering robotics and machine learning and design engineering advanced concepts in dynamics optimization and control are applied to the areas of biorobotics flight trajectory design guidance and navigation learning systems micro sensors and actuators flexible structures combustion fuel cells and fluid-optical interactions biomechanical engineering integrates physiology with engineering in order to develop innovative devices and algorithms for medical diagnosis and treatment the focus of robotics and machine learning is the creation of machines with human-like intelligence capabilities for learning faculty in design engineering develop methodologies to address issues ranging from defining the size and shape of components needed for force and motion specifications to characterizing performance in terms

304 uci 2011–12 • school of humanities disciplinary skills weighing evidence constructing logical arguments and exploring the role of theory in historical analysis and human action the department offers a number of lower-division courses open to nonmajors as well as majors most of which fulfill part of the uci general education requirement the department requires all majors to take an introductory course in three of six regional histories— united states history european history latin american history transregional history asian history or middle east and african history these courses are also open to nonmajors students who are interested in the study of history but are majoring in other disciplines may minor in history the minor incorporates elements of the department’s program for majors but allows students enough flexibility to pursue programs in other departments and schools upper-division courses range from the examination of individual nation-states e.g

364 uci 2011–12 • donald bren school of information and computer sciences 134 project in user interaction software 4 students complete an end-toend user interface programming project based on an iterative design paradigm topics may include requirements brainstorming paper prototyping iterative development cognitive walk-through quantitative evaluation and acceptance testing prerequisites informatics 131 and 133 141 information retrieval 4 an introduction to information retrieval including indexing retrieval classifying and clustering text and multimedia documents prerequisites ics 23/cse23/ics h23 or informatics 43 statistics 7 or 67 same as cs 121 143 information visualization 4 introduction to interactive visual interfaces for large datasets and to principles of human visual perception and human computer interaction that inform their design various applications for data analysis and monitoring are discussed prerequisite informatics 131 or informatics 43 or ics 52

school of social ecology valerie jenness dean 5300 social behavioral sciences gateway social ecology student services 949 824-6861 graduate counseling 949 824-5918 http socialecology.uci.edu faculty m victoria basolo ph.d university of north carolina chapel hill associate professor of planning policy and design victoria a beard ph.d university of british columbia associate professor of planning policy and design arnold binder ph.d stanford university professor emeritus of criminology law and society marlon g boarnet ph.d princeton university professor of planning policy and design and of economics scott a bollens ph.d university of north carolina professor of planning policy and design and drew chace and erin warmington chair in the social ecology of peace and international cooperation tim-allen bruckner ph.d university of california berkeley assistant professor of public health and of planning policy and design kitty c calavita ph.d university of delaware professor emerita of

484 uci 2011–12 • school of social sciences 127t child therapies 4 examines research methodologies empirical data and implications of diverse intervention strategies primary topics include psychotherapy process and outcome family therapies behavioral intervention cognitive behavior modification pediatric psychopharmacology and ethical and social policy implications of intervening in other people’s lives prerequisites psychology 7a or 9c or psychology and social behavior 9 or 11c or equivalent psychology 122c or consent of instructor same as psychology and social behavior 155c psychology majors have first consideration for enrollment 140m human memory 4 developments in the area of memory history of memory research theories of the nature of memory visual memory recognition memory high-speed scanning free recall short-term memory mnemonics retrieval relationship of memory to thinking selected theoretical formulations for memory prerequisite psychology 7a or 9b or

544 uci 2011–12 • college of health sciences 198 directed studies 1 to 4 prerequisite public health 1 may be repeated for credit as topics vary 199 special studies 1 to 4 prerequisites consent of instructor and upperdivision standing may be repeated for credit as topics vary graduate 200 foundations of public health 4 presents the overarching framework principles and core responsibilities of public health research and practice from a multidisciplinary perspective provides necessary foundation for further studies toward advanced cross-cutting approaches essential for public health practice prerequisite graduate standing or consent of instructor 201 cancer epidemiology 4 concentrates on understanding how epidemiology plays a role in the search for cancer etiology prevention control and treatment gives an overview of cancer research with an appreciation of the multidisciplinary nature of the field prerequisites public health 203 or 206 graduate standing or consent of

604 uci 2011–12 • general catalogue correspondence directory university of california irvine ca 92697 campus directory assistance 949 824-5011 speech and hearing impaired persons tty 949 824-6272 world wide web http www.uci.edu office admissions undergraduate admissions and relations with schools graduate school of law school of medicine associated students bookstore campus tours and visitor center career center dean of students disability services center financial aid and scholarships housing outreach services international center registrar student health center summer session transfer student services uc irvine medical center veteran services vice chancellor student affairs location 260 aldrich hall telephone 949 824-6703 120 aldrich hall 824-4611 1000 school of law 824-4545 medical education building 824-5388 g244 uci student center 824-5547 uci student center 824-book a138 uci student center 824-4636 100 student services i 824-6881 g308 uci student center 824-5181 100