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introduction the university of california mark g yudof president the university of california uc was chartered as the state’s only land grant college in 1868 today uc is one of the world’s largest and most renowned centers of higher education and has a combined enrollment of more than 228,000 students on 10 campuses—berkeley davis irvine los angeles merced riverside san diego san francisco santa barbara and santa cruz among the campuses there are five medical schools a school of veterinary medicine and professional schools of business administration education engineering law oceanography and many others the collections of the more than 100 uc libraries are surpassed in size on the american continent only by the library of congress collection the uc faculty is internationally noted for its distinguished academic achievements uc-affiliated faculty and researchers have won 57 nobel prizes and more than 50 national medals of science national academy of sciences

66 uci 2012–13 • information for admitted students disqualification or has lost their student status the student must apply for readmission transcripts for courses taken at other institutions must be submitted to both the office of admissions and the academic advising office of the school or program which offers the intended major of the student applying for readmission graduate student readmission academic regulations and procedures except where noted all information applies to both undergraduate and graduate students additional information concerning academic regulations applying only to graduate students is included in the graduate division section a graduate student who withdraws and has not been granted a leave of absence approved by the dean of the graduate division is considered to have lapsed student status i.e no longer has student status a student whose status has lapsed must re-apply to a graduate program and can resume graduate study only if readmitted the

arts and humanities mark a levine ph.d new york university professor of history modern middle eastern history islamic studies histories of empire and globalization simon leung b.a university of california los angeles professor of studio art new genres critical theory contemporary art history catherine liu ph.d city university of new york graduate school and center director of the humanities center and professor of film and media studies and of comparative literature critical theory frankfurt school surveillance privacy intellectual history of psychoanalysis transnational new waves cultural revolutions carrie j noland ph.d harvard university professor of french twentiethcentury poetry literature of the avant-garde and performance studies frank b wilderson iii ph.d university of california berkeley co-director of the humanities and arts major and associate professor of african american studies and drama film theory marxism dramaturgy black political theory the major in arts and

188 uci 2012–13 • department of education 172b teaching and learning secondary mathematics 4 s how children and adolescents learn to understand mathematics research on mathematical cognition particularly on mathematical problem solving and the learning of algebra geometry and calculus examination of several innovative instructional programs derived from research on mathematics learning 173 cognition and learning in educational settings 4 f w s summer foundational concepts in cognition and development as applied to student learning primary topics include historical behaviorism basic cognitive structure and processes complex cognition cognitive development and motivation same as psychology and social behavior 192t note education 173 is a prerequisite for education 203 175 foundations of education 4 foundational questions of education are viewed from newly emerging developmental perspectives which treat cognition as embodied action and learning as cultural recapitulation

mechanical and aerospace engineering engineering elective courses students select with the approval of a faculty advisor a minimum of 8 units of engineering electives incorporating at least 1 unit of design engineering professional topics course economics 20a at most an aggregate total of 4 units of 199 or h199 courses may be used to satisfy degree requirements the nominal aerospace engineering program will require 185 units of courses to satisfy all university and major requirements because each student comes to uci with a different level of preparation the actual number of units will vary design unit values are indicated at the end of each course description the faculty advisors and the undergraduate student affairs office can provide necessary guidance for satisfying the design requirements selection of elective courses must be approved by the student’s faculty advisor and the departmental undergraduate advisor program of study sample program of study — aerospace

310 uci 2012–13 • school of humanities residence requirement for the major one course from the history 70 series history 100 history 190 and three upper-division history courses must be completed successfully at uci by petition two of the six may be taken through the uc education abroad program provided that course content is approved in advance by the chair of the history undergraduate program committee departmental requirements for the minor seven courses are required a a year-long survey in world history history 21a 21b 21c united states history history 40a 40b 40c or three courses from history 70a b c d e f chosen from three different regions problems in history 70a asia 70b europe 70c united states 70d latin america 70e middle east and africa 70f transregional history b four upper-division history courses residence requirement for the minor students who select the history 70 series must complete at least one 70 series course at uci at least four upper-division

statistics hal s stern bayesian methodology hierarchical modeling model checking model diagnostics statistical applications in the biological and social sciences statistics and sports jessica utts statistical education and literacy statistical applications to parapsychology medicine epidemiology and transportation yaming yu statistical computation bayesian methodology and missing data problems zhaoxia yu statistical genetics genomics and bioinformatics statistics is the science concerned with developing and studying methods for collecting analyzing interpreting and presenting empirical data statistical principles and methods are important for addressing questions in public policy medicine industry and virtually every branch of science interest in statistical methods has increased dramatically with the abundance of large databases in fields like computer science internet and web traffic business and marketing transaction records and biology the human genome and related data it is

department of pharmaceutical sciences 147 bsa 949 824-1239 http www.pharmsci.uci.edu a richard chamberlin department chair degrees pharmaceutical sciences b.s pharmacology and toxicology ph.d faculty offered in conjunction with the department of pharmacology bruce blumberg ph.d university of california los angeles professor of developmental and cell biology biomedical engineering and pharmaceutical sciences a richard chamberlin ph.d university of california san diego department chair and professor of pharmaceutical sciences and professor of chemistry and pharmacology olivier civelli ph.d swiss federal institute of technology department chair of pharmacology and professor departments of pharmacology developmental and cell biology and pharmaceutical sciences and eric l and lila d nelson chair in neuropharmacology john p fruehauf ph.d rush university associate professor of clinical medicine pharmaceutical sciences biomedical engineering and biological chemistry celia goulding ph.d

social ecology substantive problems and bodies of research preferably the perspective taken should be multidisciplinary but a single disciplinary approach is acceptable if it is more congruent with the student’s educational goals and is acceptable to the student’s committee each student’s plans for completing the breadth requirement are developed in collaboration with a committee of three social ecology faculty members students are encouraged to meet with this committee as early as possible during their graduate career and are required to do so no later than the third quarter of their second year when the student’s plans have been approved and implemented the examining committee will determine whether the breadth requirement was successfully completed and will recommend additional academic work if it is deemed necessary the normative time for advancement to candidacy is three years the fourth and possibly fifth years of study are devoted to developing and

554 uci 2012–13 • school of social sciences concentration in public choice students can also pursue a ph.d degree in economics with a concentration in public choice this is an interdisciplinary field at the intersection of economics and political science which draws on quantitative tools to model the functioning of political institutions faculty from the departments of economics political science and logic and philosophy of science and from the paul merage school of business are involved in research that supports the concentration courses in economics students who elect this concentration are admitted under the normal procedures for the program in economics and must fulfill all the requirements for the economics degree with the following modifications 1 one of the student’s two required fields of competence must be public choice included is a three-quarter core course in public choice economics 270a-b-c which is jointly organized by faculty in the departments of