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24 volt to 12 volt adapter from 9 16 inch to 1 2 inch oil pressure gauge oil pressure gauges oil temperature gauge oil temperature gauges water temperature gauge water temperature gauges engine water temperature gauge oil pressure gauge for tank flare tube fittings vacuum regulator valve vacuum regulator valve c 6 engine intake manifold 12 volt to 6 volt 6 volt to 12 volt 12 to 24 volt 12 volt to 19 volt engine timing marks for 350 engine aircraft instrument panel lights stewart warner gauges oil gauges oil gauge pressure gauges pressure gauge capillary temperature gauges oil gauge pressure temperature gauge level gauges level gauge windshield temperature gauge water pressure gauges water pressure gauge pressure gauge fittings 6 volt temperature gauge tank level gauges oil pressure gauge manifold low pressure gauge water level gauge ac oil pressure gauge pressure gauge parts 12 volt gauge 2 18 npt pressure gauge tube fitting instrument instrument tube fitting oil gauge pressure switch instrumentation tubing fittings 12 volt oil pressure gauges engine temperature gauge gauge tube fittings and adapter fittings automotive instrument panel lights 0 15 water pressure gauges electric oil gauge manifold valves for pressure gauge 0 60 oil gauge

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instruments • gauges index instruments and gauges aerometer 265 ammeters 265 compasses 265 fuel gauges 267 miscellaneous 267 oil gauges 269 aerometer what is aerometer aerometer is an faa/pma approved device that electrically activates an existing hourmeter when the forward motion of the aircraft exceeds 27 mph ias what is aircraft time in service as defined by far part 1 “time in service with respect to maintenance time records means the time from the moment an aircraft leaves the surface of the earth until it touches at the next point of landing.” tachometers and cables 268 thermocouples 268 thermometer 267 turn and bank 268 venturi 268 ammeters deluxe ammeter lighted • 30-0-30 amps • 21⁄16-inch diameter case • light mounting bracket and instructions included deluxe ammeter 82310 57.91 standard ammeters unlighted • 30-0-30 amps 21⁄16-inch diameter case mounting bracket and instructions included why track

instruments • gauges airpath compass application chart application aero commander 1955 to 1959 aero commander 1959 to 1961 aero commander after 1961 aero commander 24 volt red lighted beech 35 after 1955 airpath model c-2400l4vt-1a c-2400l4vt-1a c-2400l4vt-1a c-2400l4vt-1a oem part c2400l4vt-35-50 beech 50 bellanca champ bellanca decathlon bellanca viking bell helicopter 24 volt red lighted cessna 120 140 170 cessna 172 from 1957 to march 1969 cessna 172 180 182 before 1957 cessna 182 1957 to 1965 cessna 182 after 1965 12 volt cessna 182 after 1965 24 volt cessna 310 from october 1957 to december 1960 hughes helicopter 12 volt luscombe mooney mark 20 and 20a navion single engine piper apache after july 1957 piper cherokee after january 1961 c2400l4vt-35-50 c2400l4vf-35-50 c-2300 c-2350l4m-23b c-2400-l4p c-2300-dl4 c-2300 c-2300-l4i 0713068-2 c-2300-dl4 c-2350-l41 c-2200-l4 c-2200-l4 c2400l4vw310rg piper comanche before april 1960 piper comanche after april 1960 piper pacer

instruments • gauges fuel gauges miscellaneous instruments description part price scott fuel gauge 19528-02 857.99 stewart-warner fuel level gauge 82211 $48.48 description part price horizontal gyro ag1050a por lift detector ag164 1,326.52 altitude encoder ak-350 $179.50 water temperature gauge 82326-72 $71.45 vertical speed indicator r1001 $324.95 manifold pressure/fuel pressure gauge include with order the specific make and model engine for the application so the instrument may be properly marked and calibrated flap position indicator • electric instrument only • 21⁄8-inch diameter • ac part number 1518380 ag1055 call for price flap position indicator ag1045 call for price fuel level gauge • 21⁄16-inch case • mounting bracket and instructions included fuel level gauge 82303 67.52 hobbs engine hour meter record engine time electrically from solenoid installed in oil line operates only when engine is running

instruments • gauges tachometers and cables thermocouples tachometers tachometer – 2300 rpm d1-112-5023 226.67 ac tachometer rt10 $65.00 ac tachometer – c90 mkg rt7-c90 184.54 description part price cht thermocouple probe – 18mm 86202 135.00 thermocouple gasket – 14mm gc14mm $0.25 copper constantine thermocouple tachometer cables • 6-inch length • 14mm • gasket type • type b terminals specify make and model of tachometer installed in your plane and whether it is recording or nonrecording type thermocouple ag1102 101.30 application assembly length tach shaft recording tach shaft non-recording swift pa-18 25” u1713-r250 $92.61 tach-25nr $67.61 28” u1713-r280 $111.48 tach-28nr $70.78 30” u1713-r300 $111.48 tach-30nr $71.16 31” tach-31 $70.78 u1713-n310 $111.48 33” u1713-r325 tach-33 $111.48 tach-33nr $82.06 34” tach-34 $82.06 u1713-n340 $111.48 35” u1713-r350 $111.48

instruments • gauges oil gauges avox oil temperature gauge stewart-warner oil temperature gauge • range 140° to 325°f • 21⁄16-inch diameter case • mounting brackets instructions ½-inch adapter nut and 72-inch length of tubing included this oil temperature gauge is a quality built instrument of proven dependability it is furnished with all parts and fittings necessary for installation case and bezel dimensions are the same as scott’s oil pressure gauge two washers part number 2677 are available to adapt each instrument to panel holes from 21⁄8-inch diameter to 2¾-inch diameter oil temperature gauge 82327-72 106.89 scott oil pressure gauge the rn-2550 is an accurate but low-priced automotive type instrument for light aircraft it is designed to fit panel holes from 21⁄16-inch diameter to 21⁄8-inch diameter it has a 1⁄8-inch npt thread flared tube fitting connection range 0 to 120 psi oil pressure gauge rn2250