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sealed lead acid battery red red white white 24 volt to 5 volt 12 volt to 24 volt converter 5 inch to 4 inch 12 volt to 24 volt 6 volt electric system light and lenses light emitting diode light emiting diode electric gas shut off valve electric water shut off valve electric shut off valve 12 volt electric model a tail light model t tail light model a tail lights hooded instrument panel light aircraft instrument panel lights nickel cadmium batteries 6 amp circuit breaker 3 amp circuit breaker sealed nickel cadmium batteries 8 amp circuit breaker fuse 125 amp circuit breaker 40 amp circuit breaker 40 amp circuit breakers valve regulated lead acid battery 15 amp circuit breaker circuit breaker 20 amp circuit breaker 30 amp circuit breaker 70 amp 20 amp circuit breaker 1 inch circuit breaker 20 amp circuit breaker 50 amp 50 amp circuit breaker 6 volt sealed beam bulb circuit breaker 20 amp remote circuit breaker 16 amp circuit breaker 10 amp lead acid battery circuit breaker push switch 24 volt 5 amp circuit breaker 30 amp circuit breaker panel push switch 12 volt 5 amp circuit breaker 3 volt 12 amp circuit breaker 12 volt 6 amp circuit breaker 12 volt 2 amp circuit breaker 12 volt 3 amp circuit breaker 24 volt batteries 15 amp circuit breaker pricing 6 volts lead acid battery lead acid batteries 6 volt relay 12 volt 15 amp circuit breaker 32 volt 30 amp circuit breaker

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lighting • electrical system aircraft make piper aircraft model cbc part cb25 rg-25 rg-25xc or cb35a rg-35a rg-35axc pa-11 pa-12 pa-14 pa-16 pa-18 super cub pa-22 pa-23 12v pa-24 comanche pa-25 pawnee pa-28 cherokee pa-28-161 warrior pa-28181 archer iii pa-28r arrow pa-28r-201 arrow pa-28r-201t turbo arrow pa-30 twin comanche pa-32r lance pa-34 seneca pa-39 twin comanche pa-44 seminole pa-23 pa-36 pawnee brave 24volt raytheon beechcraft aircraft make raytheon beechcraft continued aircraft model t-34b t-34c twin bonanza 50 cb35a rg-35a rg-35axc cb24-11 rg24-11 rg24-15 cb24-11m pa-32r-301t rg24-11m pa-31 navajo chieftain t-1020 rg24-15 2 cb25 rg-25 rg-25xc or 2 pa-36 pawnee brave 12-volt cb35a rg-35a rg-35axc cb24-11m pa-41 malibu rg24-11m cb35a rg-35a 17 b c d e f gs rg-35axc 2 cb35a rg-35a 18 e18s g18s 12-volt rg-35axc d18d e18s 24-volt cb24-3151 baron series e55 56 58 58tc 58p 2 cb25 rg-25 95-b55 rg-25xc rg-400e bonanza f33a 35 a35 b35 c35 35r d35 e35 f35 g35 1135 j35 k35 m35

lighting • electrical system concorde’s hrmfb – high reliability maintenance-free batteries high reliability maintenance-free batteries – their history since their introduction in 1986 the concorde battery corporation has developed several styles of hrmfb also known as vrslab valve regulated sealed lead acid batteries concorde battery corporation has a dedicated research and development department that is continuously improving and refining their sealed product line formed in 1977 originally their factory was dedicated to manufacturing dry charged vented or flooded electrolyte aircraft batteries but now with the concorde vrslab’s proven reliability and great acceptance in both military and commercial aviation over 80 percent of their manufacturing facility has been changed over from dry charged to vrslab production how they differ some of the main differences between the old vented lead acid aircraft batteries and the new valve regulated sealed lead

lighting • electrical system lights and lenses description part price green light assembly an3157-3 $5.03 amber light assembly an3157-4 $6.04 grimes lights grimes map light • 12-volt or 24-volt • will mount over instruments or any place convenient in the cockpit 2 1 map light a1719 $29.24 steel formed navigation light plates 1 grimes type b wing light red lens a2430-2r-94 183.09 green lens a2430-2g-94 183.09 2 grimes type a wing light red lens a1228-1r-93 290.16 green lens a1228-1g-93 290.16 grimes type a b c lens bail a1234 $6.50 lens gasket a1232 $1.78 a b a light plate for model s tail light 0400-113 $25.93 • can be welded or screwed to rudder to attach model s light grimes lenses b light plate for model e navigation light 0400-112 $27.30 • can be welded or screwed to wingtip bows to attach model e light strobe light bracket • can be used on the top of piper rudders • faa field approval required 1 2 3 strobe

lighting • electrical system circuit breakers and switches bendix ignition switch • for all light planes cbadegfj strobe heads beacons anti-collision systems single light remote systems h k i switch with no “start” position 10-357290-1 $338.97 switch with “start” position 10-357200-1 $390.43 plate for part number 10-357200-1 “off r l both start” 10-126676 $4.64 switch shield 0311777 124.00 l a circuit breaker 5-amp an3160-5 $56.10 b spring loaded “on-off” switch an3022-7b $11.34 c regular “on-off” switch 31ts1-2 an3022-2 $136.00 d double pole “on-momentary on” an3023-10 $21.05 e fuse clip composition base fc1 $2.91 f c6363 circuit breaker – klixon 5-amp c6363-5 103.10 15-amp c6363-15 103.26 30-amp c6363-30 157.99 g klixon pm circuit breaker 5-amp pm-5 $26.40 10-amp pm-10 $26.40 20-amp pm-20 $26.40 35-amp pm-35 $26.40 40-amp pm-40 $26.40 h klixon

lighting • electrical system anti-collision light system position lights and anti-collision light distribution patterns requirements anti-collision systems from whelen aviation lighting an approved anti-collision strobe light system must project light 360° around the aircraft’s vertical axis one or more strobe lights can be used an approved anti-collision strobe light system must project light or -30° above and below the horizontal plane of the aircraft one or more strobe lights can be used the or -75° projected light is required since july 18 1977 approved light pattern in the horizontal plane the anti-collision wingtip mounted lights must converge within 1200 feet directly in front and rear of the aircraft on center line if the wingtip strobe light convergence is greater than 1200 ft in back of the aircraft a third light is necessary 2-light strobe package w2000 $733.68 • for use with existing model e style lights strobe lights 2 each a650 126.95

lighting • electrical system whelen self-contained strobe whelen flashing anti-collision light the sa cf is a self-contained cometflash anti-collision strobe light with a glass dome aviation white the rugged sa is ideal for agricultural applications where chemicals are used the sa cf has an effective intensity of 300 candles in a hemisphere specifications • current draw 2.7 amps 14 volts 1.35 amps 28 volts • weight .27 lbs • wire 20 awg teflon • lamp 35w halogen • filament cc-8 axial • lens lexan® polycarbonate specifications power consumption 3.2 amps 14 volts dc 1.6 amps 28 volts dc • weight 1.5 lbs • diameter 3.71 inches • height 5.50” • flash rate 50 5 fpm • dome material pyrex glass aviation white only flash tube replacement the sa406 flash tube used in the sa cf is a plug-in type easily replaced with minimum labor and time whelen self-contained strobe sa-cf-14/28 581.25 whelen anti-collision

lighting • electrical system a650 whelen wingtip strobe assembly w1250 whelen position light recommended light two a650 wingtip lights the a650 may be added to the existing type e position light with a minimum of structural modification only a ¼-inch hole in the position light is required the wingtip strobe retainer supports the position light tip as the original retainer did the a650 is electronically and mechanically interchangeable with the whelen a429 • tso-c30b approval specifications weight 0.2 lbs • exposed height 2.4 inches • a612 magnifying lens the w1250pg and w1250pr are approved position lights they are designed to fit underneath the wingtip fairings specifications weight 0.3 lbs • exposed height 1.25 inches • length 2.75 inches red light w1250pr-14 196.56 green light w1250pg-14 196.56 wingtip light a650 126.95 a650-pr/pg whelen wingtip light this wingtip light can be installed with almost no modifications to the

lighting • electrical system effective candles produced using whelen double flash power supplies model a600 pg/pr a650 pg/pr a650 a500 a625 a450 a470a in aviation white a470a in aviation red 25 joules per flash 660 660 660 330 660 330 20 joules per flash 600 600 600 300 600 300 12 joules per flash 380 380 380 190 380 190 825 825 500 180 165 unavailable about cometflash ® whelen engineering is proud to have pioneered and introduced the new cometflash cf a major advancement in the field of safety lighting by pulsing the flash tube four times in rapid succession the effective “on-time” of the strobe is increased from 2/1000 of a second to 4/10 of a second this increases your airplanes visibility the development of the cometflash reflects whelen’s dedication to safety toll free sales 1-888-433-5433 whelen power supply – model hda-cf the hda-cf is the finest power supply system available it has the capacity for simultaneous flashing alternate flashing or

lighting • electrical system whelen installation packages description part price sa/hr installation package sa/hr $21.00 hs-30 installation package 30-foot cable hs-30 $73.08 hs-5 wingtip installation package 5-foot cable hs-5 $39.06 hd-60 installation package 60-foot cable hd-60 135.80 ht installation package ht-1 ht $18.27 hd t3-90 installation package 90-foot cable hd,t3-90 151.52 ht 10 installation package 10-foot cable ht-10 $42.21 interior and cockpit lighting a300 whelen map reading light designed for indirect cockpit illumination the a300 will upgrade your aircraft cockpit with greater illumination slide switch permits direct chart reading available with red or instrument white lens specifications 6 watt lamp • diameter 4.125 inches • depth behind mounting flange 1.06 inches • weight 0.16 lbs 70339 dome flood and compartment light the 70339 is designed for recessed overhead or wall mounting with minimal depth it can be supplied with

lighting • electrical system whelen parts – exploded views a600-pg and a600-pr w1284 w1283 w1290 a605 price chart on page 284 a427-4 a470 a469b a402a-r a402a-s a402a-w a402a-d-r a402a-d-s a402a-d-w a409 a467 a467a a444 ref a610 a612 a507 a606 a612-d a615 a508 a616 a600-pr and a600-pg w1283 a475 w1290 w1284 a444 ref sa402 a409 38-0230946-00 sa406 a626 a612 a427-4 a610 a444 ref w1285-2 a626-d a500a a444 ref a650 a508 a509 a425 a457a a457a-d optional a455 a510 a506 a612 a444 ref a626 a444 ref a610 a626-d a429 a555a a508 a509 a507 a427 a428 a425 a457a a455 a510 a504 a424 a444 ref a430 a426 a444 ref a426-d w1285 a425 a457a a436 a435 a457a-d optional a444 ref w1284 w1283 w1290 w1285-2 w1282 a625 order online at a628 a612 a62b-d optional a629 a627 a444 ref price and availability subject to change without notice • shop online at

lighting • electrical system prices for whelen parts red optic lens a402a-r $31.50 split red/white optic lens a402a-s $31.50 white optic lens a402a-w $31.50 tail strobe light retainer a425 $20.30 light retainer a426 $81.27 flash tube assembly a427 $78.75 wingtip strobe lens a428 $98.00 flash tube a435 $78.98 gasket a436 $3.50 gasket a455 $7.56 lens a457a $35.70 gasket a467 $7.61 flash tube a469b $70.20 flash tube/socket a506 146.79 socket assembly a507 $19.53 halogen lamp 14 volt a508-14 $23.94 halogen lamp 28 volt a508-28 $23.94 lens retainer 19-170049-009 a606 $46.90 flash tube assembly a610 $70.20 magnifying lens a612 $35.28 lens a615 $66.78 flash tube assembly a627 $82.53 lens assembly sa402 $186.62 flash tube sa406 $76.86 nav light cover w1282 $34.65 gasket w1283 $8.19 model e green lens w1284-g $44.10 model e red lens w1284-r $37.80 light base w1285-2 $93.24 navigation light 14 volt