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paint • dope • covering supplies e-9313 enamel hardener/gloss additive e-9313 is a special drier/additive that modifies engine enamel into a stronger film that dries faster and creates an even glossier surface adding 2 fluid ounces per thinned quart improves the gloss and removes the tendency for engine enamel to remain slightly tacky for long periods do not add more than 2 fluid ounces more than this amount can cause the enamel to curdle 1 pint 23-e9313-2 $15.05 randolph colored butyrate dope ranthane high solids ranthane high solids polyurethane paint this wet-look high gloss two-component paint sticks well to everything so you can use it on fabric primed metal and fiberglass you can use ranthane hs over fabric and metal parts all surfaces will have the same gloss and uniform look it is impervious to chemicals avgas and staining ranthane hs requires only half the catalyst than the original version of ranthane products or a 2:1 ratio the original version of ranthane

paint • dope • covering supplies colored butyrate dope description black dakota blue an true blue bahama blue insignia blue lakeland blue miami blue newport metallic brown hickory brown sandalwood cream diana cream tucson gold reno metallic gray ag cat gray neutral gray platinum gray polar green federal green forest green montego green olive drab green tampa metallic ivory sun valley maroon boston maroon stinson orange aeronca 7ac orange cessna tiger orange cruiser orange ocala red cadillac red colorado red madrid red pontiac red santa fe red tennessee red vermilion silver metallic white daytona white randolph white juneau white new insignia white tropic white vestal yellow aeronca 7ac yellow ag cat yellow an orange yellow dallas yellow federal yellow lemon yellow lochhaven yellow cub j-3 1 quart 21-h6117-3 $27.85 21-w9506-3 $27.85 21-h9170-3 $27.85 21-m9502-3 $27.85 21-w3554-3 $27.85 21-x5700-3 $27.85 21-w8430-3 $27.85 21-y9775-3 $27.85 21-r8175-3 $27.85 21-m9518-3 $27.85

paint • dope • covering supplies clyde smith formulas – cub yellow variants butyrate colors description pre-war piper yellow post-war piper yellow 1 quart 21-147-3 $27.85 21-148-3 $27.85 1 gallon 21-147-4 $97.40 21-148-4 $97.40 ranthane high solids 1 quart 22-147-3 $76.75 22-148-3 $76.75 randolph solvents randolph acetone 1 quart 25-ace-3 $11.00 1 gallon 25-ace-4 $30.00 5 gallon 25-ace-5 145.00 55 gallon 25-ace-55 1,400.00 1 gallon 22-147-4 $230.60 22-148-4 $230.60 enamel colors 1 quart 23-147-3 $30.60 23-148-3 $30.60 1 gallon 23-147-4 $107.10 23-148-4 $107.10 generic solvents and thinners mineral spirits 1 quart pr10031 $2.78 1 gallon pr10032 $8.42 5 gallon pr10033 $37.54 55 gallon pr10034 541.85 randolph toluol use as a paint thinner cleaner and degreaser acetone 1 quart 25-tol-3 $11.00 1 gallon 25-tol-4 $30.00 5 gallon 25-tol-5 145.00 55 gallon 25-tol-55 1,400.00 1 quart pr10035 6.19 1 gallon pr10036 13.90 5 gallon

paint • dope • covering supplies ceconite products ceconite tautening fabric ceconite fabrics have many excellent qualities and one of them is uniform predictable shrinkability • at 250° it shrinks about half as much as it is capable of shrinking or about 5 • at 350° it shrinks all the way as far as it is capable of shrinking or about 10 • above 370° it begins to permanently loosen • at about 425° it begins to melt ceconite 101-4 heavy duty fabric ceconite 102-5 standard fabric this extra heavy-duty fabric is recommended for the most severe operating conditions and for very high-wing loaded aircraft its large filament size and high strength provide excellent resistance to rock penetration and tearing characteristics required for trouble-free bush and agricultural operations considered our standard fabric it is recommended for normal service and is widely used on all types of aircraft regardless of wing loading or horsepower recommended

paint • dope • covering supplies new super seam cement ceconite procedure manual manual by jon goldenbaum contains covering and technical information for ceconite and randolph products msds sheets are available upon request at time of order ceconite manual 101 101-manual 10.00 note neither ceconite nor randolph guarantees compatibility or performance of any other products all dopes and coatings differ in chemistry and application the procedures in the stc manual are based only on the proven combination of randolph and ceconite if you use products not manufactured by ceconite and randolph or mix with other brands you will void the stc this is an improvement of original ceconite super seam cement the new formulation is a clear vinylbased cement that is compatible with all randolph dopes and has twice the peel strength of original super seam used out of the can with no thinning it dries in 15 to 30 minutes in most conditions if it thickens through solvent evaporation it can

paint • dope • covering supplies poly-fiber products poly-fiber instructional items poly-fiber fabrics heavy duty for more rigorous operations such as aerobatics agricultural bush aircraft and former military aircraft how to cover an aircraft weight 3.4 oz a must-have manual that includes explanations of poly-fiber products and their proper usage easy to understand and explains the poly-fiber process width 72 inches thread count 68 x 56 price per yard 1-heavy $13.30 medium heavier and stronger fabric styles for normal service on aircraft with a wing loading of 9 lbs per square foot and over how to cover an aircraft – manual 11-pfmanual $10.00 weight 2.6 oz width 71/72 inches thread count 68 x 62 price per yard 1-medium $11.95 poly-fiber covering video light special designed fabric for light aircraft with a wing load under 9 lbs per square foot weight 1.7 oz width 72 inches price per yard 1-lightu $8.40 vhs 11-video 39.95 dvd 11-pfdvd 39.95 poly-fiber

paint • dope • covering supplies r-65-75 reducer ao-100 clear aero-thane a blend of solvents used for viscosity and drying control of poly-brush poly-spray and poly-tone reducer r-65-75 is the standard reducer recommended for viscosity control in normal temperatures 65° and 75° f a tough flexible two part clear polyurethane recommended to retain the original brilliance of polished aluminum not recommended when the aircraft will be exposed to severe environmental pollution mix 1 part u-865 catalyst to 3 parts aero-thane 1 quart 2-65-3 $15.20 1 gallon 2-65-4 $47.80 5 gallon 2-65-5 200.60 rr-8500 reducer retarder a blend of solvents used for viscosity and drying control of poly-brush poly-spray and poly-tone rr-8500 is recommended for use in temperatures above 85°f to produce the proper coating flow-out and when needed to avoid blush in warm humid weather 1 quart 2-85-3 $15.40 1 gallon 2-85-4 $48.25 1 quart 4-100-3 $44.50 1 gallon 4-100-4

paint • dope • covering supplies poly-fiber additives flattener used to reduce the gloss of aero-thane and poly-tone enamel paints in poly-tone used only to flatten to full military flat in aero-thane enamel used to either decrease the gloss to match poly-tone or to go all the way to full military flat flattener is in liquid form mix and shake thoroughly before use refer to the poly-fiber manual for mixing ratios 1 pint 3-ptft-2 $22.55 1 quart 3-ptft-3 $43.15 ultra violet blocker used as an additive to poly-tone paint to partially block uv radiation does not replace poly-spray as a full uv blocker do not use with aero-thane should only be used in the most weight restrictive ultralight applications it is not a substitute for silver poly-spray and is much less effective ½ pint 3-ptuv-1 $23.75 poly-fiber varnishes primers catalysts ep-420 epoxy metal primer a superior quality amine-cured corrosion-inhibiting fast drying primer providing excellent chemical and

paint • dope • covering supplies poly-tone finish color black dakota blue an true blue bahama blue christen eagle blue insignia blue lakeland blue piper trainer brown elsinore cream diana cream tucson gold reno green cuby sport trainer green everglades green federal green forest green oak green portland grey ag cat grey federal grey jasper grey polar ivory sun valley maroon boston maroon stinson olive drab orange cruiser orange international orange pumpkin purple christen eagle red christen eagle red madrid red pontiac red santa fe red tennessee silver nevada silver rancho tan bermuda white daytona white glacier white insignia white juneau yellow ag cat yellow champion yellow cub yellow federal yellow j-3 oem yellow lemon yellow lockhaven yellow orange yellow/orange christen eagle 1 quart poly-fiber enamel 1 gallon 1 quart aero-thane 1 gallon 1 quart 1 gallon 3-215-3 3-173-3 3-170-3 3-177-3 3-176-3 3-165-3 3-318m-3 3-203-3 3-131-3 3-125-3 3-301m-3 3-157-3 3-151-3 3-208a-3

paint • dope • covering supplies clyde smith formulas – cub yellow variants poly-tone finish color 1 quart pre-war piper yellow post-war piper yellow 3-147-3 3-148-3 $30.60 $30.60 poly-fiber enamel 1 gallon 3-147-4 3-148-4 $107.10 $107.10 1 quart 15-147-3 15-148-3 poly-fiber composite finishing products superfil $30.60 $30.60 aero-thane 1 gallon 15-147-4 15-148-4 1 quart $107.10 $107.10 4-147-3 4-148-3 $45.95 $45.95 1 gallon 4-147-4 4-148-4 $151.55 $151.55 poly-fiber oils tubeseal internal tubing corrosion inhibitor an ultra lightweight corrosion inhibiting filler for aircraft marine and automotive use adheres to composites bare aluminum steel and bare or varnished wood a blend containing a very fine preservative oil ref mil spec l-21260 which has a characteristic of climbing the tube wall and spreading over the entire surface to provide lasting protection prevents rust and corrosion inside aircraft tubing structures epoxy resin with non-mda hardener ships

paint • dope • covering supplies covering materials estimates the chart below will help you figure out just how much of the various wet and dry goods you will need to re-cover your aircraft using this chart and the current ceconite and randolph prices you can also get a pretty good idea of what your re-covering project will cost aeronca champion chief callair citabria funk interstate cadet piper j-3 j-4 j-5 pa-11 pa-12 pa-14 pa-25 porterfield rearwin taylorcraft and many similar aircraft complete aircraft 45 wings and ailerons frame 25 11 tail surface all except frame all except wings control surfaces only piper pa-15 pa-16 pa-17 pa-20 pa-22 and many similar aircraft complete aircraft wings and ailerons frame tail surfaces all except frame all except wings aeronca 15 stinson 108 complete aircraft frame only rand-o-fill silver butyrate dope butyrate reducer thinner universal retarder blush retarder colored butyrate optional ranthane hs polyurethane gallons clear