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index pilot supplies charts 382 miscellaneous accessories 380 registration decals stencils 381 windsocks 380 miscellaneous accessories dead reckoning computer this 4¼-inch diameter computer comes with a case and gives density altitude and true airspeed dead reckoning computer e-11 $9.36 true air speed computer this true air speed computer’s large 8-inch diameter makes it ideal for classroom work true air speed computer g-1 $3.75 stainless steel safety wire – one pound spool thickness part price .020” ms20995-c20 18.46 .032” ms20995-c32 14.45 .041” ms20995-c41 14.46 windsocks windsocks and frames windsocks these windsocks are high-visibility orange and manufactured of long-life polyester fabric that is treated to resist the effects of wind and weather all seams are double stitched with polyester thread for strength the windsock throat is reinforced and has solid brass grommets for easy attachment and corrosion resistance a

pilot supplies registration decals stencils vinyl registration decals paper registration stencils these are pre-cut sticky-back paper stencils perfect for painting on aircraft registration numbers we offer both 3-inch and 12-inch stencils the 12-inch stencils are available in straight and left or right slanted characters stencils are priced and sold individually these black vinyl decals have a pressure-sensitive adhesive they are ideal for complying with faa regulations for flight into air defense/warning zones and international flights decals are priced and sold individually number letter 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz vinyl decals 12” straight d12-0 $7.86 d12-1 $6.49 d12-2 $6.90 d12-3 $4.88 d12-4 $4.88 d12-5 $6.90 d12-6 $4.88 d12-7 $4.88 d12-8 $4.88 d12-9 $6.90 d12-a $3.70 d12-b $3.70 d12-c $3.70 d12-d $3.70 d12-e $3.70 d12-f $3.70 d12-g $3.70 d12-h $3.70 d12-i $6.68 d12-j $3.70 d12-k $3.70 d12-l $3.70 d12-m $3.70 d12-n $3.70 d12-o $6.68 d12-p $3.70 d12-q

pilot supplies charts noaa sectional charts • scale 1:500,000 • we only carry a few local maps – all others require a lead time to order • some charts are occasionally out of print by the u.s government they will be back ordered and shipped when available you will receive only current charts the honolulu terminal control area is included on the hawaiian islands sectional chart chart part price albuquerque salb $9.00 atlanta satl $9.00 billings sbil $9.00 brownsville sbro $9.00 charlotte scha $9.00 cheyenne sche $9.00 chicago schi $9.00 cincinnati scin $9.00 dallas/ft worth sdal $9.00 denver sden $9.00 detroit sdet $9.00 el paso selp $9.00 great falls sgf $9.00 chart part price green bay sgb $9.00 halifax shal $9.00 hawaiian islands shi $9.00 houston shou $9.00 jacksonville sjac $9.00 kansas city skc $9.00 klamath falls skf $9.00 lake huron slh $9.00 las vegas slv $9.00 los angeles sla

pilot supplies alaska/world aeronautical charts wacs • scale 1:1,000,000 • charts are 21 by 50 inches printed back to back • some charts are occasionally out of print they will be back-ordered and shipped when available chart part price cc-8 wcc8 11.50 cc-9 wcc9 11.50 cd-10 wcd10 11.50 cd-11 wcd11 11.50 cd-12 wcd12 11.50 ce-12 wce12 11.50 ce-13 wce13 11.50 ce-15 wce15 11.50 chart part price cf-16 wcf16 11.50 cf-17 wcf17 11.50 cf-18 wcf18 11.50 cf-19 wcf19 11.50 cg-18 wcg18 11.50 cg-19 wcg19 11.50 cg-20 wcg20 11.50 cg-21 wcg21 11.50 chart part price ch-22 wch22 11.50 ch-23 wch23 11.50 ch-24 wch24 11.50 ch-25 wch25 11.50 cj-26 wcj26 11.50 cj-27 wcj27 11.50 memphis tmem $6.20 miami tmia $6.20 minneapolis–st paul tmsp $6.20 new orleans tno $6.20 new york tny $6.20 philadelphia tphi $6.20 phoenix tphx $6.20 pittsburgh tpit $6.20 puerto rico–virgin islands lpr $10.00 salt