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uc engineering bagpipes gains a new foot digital printing uc to the rescue ‘bagpipes’ the penguin has happy feet once again the little blue penguin had his left leg amputated after it became tangled in fishing line in 2007 and has hopped and wriggled his way around his new home at the international antarctic centre in christchurch ever since bagpipes has been fitted with a 3d-printed replacement foot to help him swim stand and waddle like a penguin should the replacement foot has enabled his body weight to be distributed evenly for the first time in years perviously bagpipes had spent almost a decade with various foam beer bottle holders cut to size and wrapped around his stump to give him some support but he still struggled when he got out of the pool he was using parts of his body that he shouldn’t like his beak and flippers so the aim is that this prosthetic will help with that antarctic centre staff believed it was the first time a wild animal in new zealand