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women gender sexuality staging family domestic deceptions of mid-nineteenthcentury american actresses nan mullenneaux breaking every prescription of ideal femininity american theatrical stars of the mid-nineteenth century appeared in public alongside men financially supported nuclear and extended families challenged domestic common law and traveled the globe in the transnational theater market staging family employs an interdisciplinary perspective to argue that the same genius these women plied in their craft enabled them to innovate ways around the gender constraints of the mid-nineteenth century reinventing themselves and their families in the process “solidly grounded in the context of midnineteenth-century american nation building social mobility and changing roles for women and vividly illustrates the development of a new distinctive voice and culture for the young republic nan mullenneaux’s work is a welcome and highly readable addition to theater scholarship as

women gender sexuality policing sex and marriage in the american military the court-martial and the construction of gender and sexual deviance 1950–2000 kellie wilson-buford kellie wilson-buford explores how the american military justice system policed the marital and sexual relationships of the service community in an effort to normalize heterosexual monogamous marriage as the linchpin of the military’s social order “a far-reaching and harrowing analysis of the american military justice system’s policing of marital and sexual lives of service members during the second half of the twentieth century.”—aaron belkin author of bring me men military masculinity and the benign facade of american empire “kellie wilson-buford has thrown open a surprising window on the contested workings of patriarchy if you’re digging into the politics of marriage read this book if you’re exposing the militarization of morality read this book if

contemporary anthropology america’s digital army games at work and war robertson allen  america s digital army is an ethnographic study based on scholar robertson allen’s years of behind-the-scenes ethnographic fieldwork within the work environments of the video game developers military strategists enlisted soldiers and defense contractors who produced the official u.s army video game america’s army.  “a compelling account and a critical assessment of a gaming reality and the militarization of society a groundbreaking ethnography deciphering the illusory separation between the real and the fictional and the fun and the dead-serious.”—sverker finnström coeditor of virtual war and magical death technologies and imaginaries for terror and killing 2017 • 228 pp • 6 x 9 • 18 photographs glossary index $65.00 • hardcover • 978-0-8032-8529-3 $30.00 • paperback • 978-1-4962-0191-1 rebuilding

sports studies new in paperback playing with the big boys the sovereign colony basketball american imperialism and subaltern discourse in the philippines lou antolihao olympic sport national identity and international politics in puerto rico antonio sotomayor  • 2017 winner of the josé toribio medina book award the sovereign colony explores the development of the olympic movement in puerto rico in the context of national and political identity “an innovative approach to puerto rico’s coloniality through the prism of sports this accessible account of puerto rican sport provides a great introduction to the complex issues of contemporary coloniality and will be an excellent addition to undergraduate collections.”—b a lucero choice september 2018 • 324 pp • 6 x 9 • 14 photographs 2 illustrations 2 maps 2 tables index $30.00 • paperback • 978-1-4962-0638-1 “a well-crafted narrative of the historical and social

edited by alice bell and marie-laure ryan possible worlds theory and contemporary narratology offers advancements to this theoretical framework and a range of contemporary applications to literary narratives “this book is a masterly summary of the progress made so far in the application of possible worlds theory to narratology and a valuable indicator of the many fascinating and thought-provoking directions in which research can be taken in the future this book should be read by everyone with an interest in narrative theory.”—alan palmer author of fictional minds january 2019 • 372 pp • 6 x 9 • 10 illustrations 1 table index $60.00 • hardcover • 978-0-8032-9499-8 the story of “me” contemporary american autofiction marjorie worthington the story of “me” shows how the burgeoning of autofiction or works in which the eponymous author appears as a fictionalized character serves as a barometer of american literature

environmental studies bike lanes are white lanes bicycle advocacy and urban planning melody l hoffmann this study of three prominent u.s cities— milwaukee portland and minneapolis— examines how the burgeoning popularity of urban bicycling is trailed by systemic issues of racism classism and displacement “powerfully relevant.”  —cat ariail sport in american history “this is an important book informed by an overdue concern with race class and gender it critically redresses imbalances in our current understandings of cycling.”  —dave horton author of promoting walking and cycling 2016 • 210 pp • 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 • index $40.00 • hardcover • 978-0-8032-7678-9 new in paperback transforming the fisheries neoliberalism nature and the commons patrick bresnihan  • 2018 geography society of ireland book of the year award patrick bresnihan examines how scientific economic and regulatory

food studies in food we trust a legislative and political history of the farm bill jonathan coppess courtney i.p. thomas examines the history of food safety policy contextualizes changing regulatory regimes and explains the limited power of agencies in safeguarding the food supply the fault lines of farm policy explores the legislative and political history of the farm bill with important perspectives on policy development for future discussions and more effective outcomes “an important contribution to the fields of regulatory politics and food policy.”  —a bryce hoflund political science quarterly 2014 • 288 pp • 6 x 9 • 1 table 1 figure 2 appendixes index $40.00 • hardcover • 978-0-8032-5481-7 falafel nation cuisine and the making of national identity in israel yael raviv yael raviv explores the role food plays in power struggles moral dilemmas and ideological affiliations of groups making up the “jewish

geography cultural studies declarations of dependence money aesthetics and the politics of care scott ferguson scott ferguson re-grounds critical theory in the alternative conception of money articulated by the heterodox school of political economy known as modern monetary theory to reimagine the relation between money and aesthetics ultimately declarations of dependence reimagines the relation between money and aesthetics in a manner that points beyond neoliberal privation and violence and in doing so lends critical theory fresh relevance and force “a bold polemic on behalf of collective flourishing declarations of dependence challenges readers to demand more from social relations and to demand more from aesthetic pleasures and should be required reading for literary and cultural theorists political economists care workers and policymakers of all stripes.”  —anna kornbluh associate professor of english at the university of illinois chicago “deeply

film studies navajo talking picture “this will be a welcome reference book for any serious student of film studies regardless of genre.”—karl kunkel foreword cinema on native ground randolph lewis randolph lewis offers an insightful introduction and analysis of the first navajoproduced film that is also a path-breaking work in the history of indigenous media in the united states placing the film in a number of revealing contexts he explores the tensions and mysteries hidden in this unsettling but fascinating film july 2012 • 248 pp • 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 • 14 illustrations index $30.00 • paperback • 978-0-8032-3841-1 the fast runner filming the legend of atanarjuat michael robert evans one of the most important native films to date atanarjuat the fast runner was the first feature film written directed and acted entirely in inuktitut the language of canada’s inuit evans explores how filmmakers managed the complex intercultural marriage

nonfiction dispatches from a decolonial rebellion edited by ignacio lópezcalvo and victor valle race religion and identity for america’s newest jews helen kiyong kim and noah samuel leavitt latinx writing los angeles anthologizes los angeles’s most significant latinx creative nonfiction from its inception to the present focusing on the way these narratives record the progressive racialization and subalternization of latinxs in the southwest jewasian examines the intersection of race religion and ethnicity in the increasing number of households that are jewish american and asian american kim and leavitt explore the social dimensions of intermarriages to explain how these unions reflect the identity of individuals and the communities to which they belong “an intriguing anthology of how and what mexican americans and other u.s latinx think about los angeles its other virtue a provocative pair of essays on the city’s literary culture proposes a critical