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new the commentators’ bible genesis the rubin jps miqra’ot gedolot edited translated and annotated by michael carasik the final volume of the acclaimed commentators’ bible series genesis is here “the jps commentators’ bible is one of the most useful resources i have in my library it opens the door to the wisdom of the classic commentators to jewish students of all levels of hebrew fluency the translations are fluid and accessible and this important work represents an invaluable invitation to join the centuries-long conversation of torah commentary and interpretation.”  —rabbi dan levin temple beth el boca raton florida “the [commentators’ bible volumes have been given a layout and a binding that are simply a delight they are printed with a clear script the layout is simple allows quick reference and invites the reader to join the centuries-long dialogue on the texts of torah as carasik puts it ‘the page is set

new turning points in jewish history marc j rosenstein elucidating the “big picture” of jewish history examining the entire span of jewish history by focusing on thirty pivotal moments in the jewish people’s experience from biblical times through the present — essentially the most important events in the life of the jewish people —turning points in jewish history provides “the big picture” both a broad and a deep understanding of the jewish historical experience zeroing in on eight turning points in the biblical period four in hellenistic-roman times five in the middle ages and thirteen in modernity marc j rosenstein elucidates each formative event with a focused history a timeline a primary text with commentary as an intimate window into the period and a discussion of its legacy for subsequent generations along the way he candidly analyzes various controversies and schisms arising from judaism’s encounters with power

recently released the jps rashi discussion torah commentary steven and sarah levy making rashi accessible for all rashi the medieval french rabbi shlomo yitzchaki 1040–1105 authored monumental commentaries on the hebrew bible and the babylonian talmud with the jps rashi discussion torah commentary his commentary on the torah —regarded as the most authoritative of all torah commentaries —is finally accessible to the entire jewish community steven and sarah levy quote from the biblical text in both hebrew and english highlight rashi’s comments relating to the parashah and delve into his perceptive moral messages in the context of twenty-first-century dilemmas each portion features three essays with analysis and discussion questions that draw on universal human experiences enabling families and shabbat study groups to deepen their understanding of rashi and the portion over the three sabbath meals readers with little or no knowledge of hebrew the

bibles jps hebrewenglish tanakh “virtually every rabbi and library will want this volume.” —associated press the jps hebrew-english tanakh features the oldest-known complete hebrew version of the holy scriptures side by side with jps’s renowned english translation its welldesigned format allows for ease of reading and features clear type an engaging and efficient two-column format that enables readers to move quickly from one language to the other and an organization that contemporary readers will find familiar   the hebrew text of this tanakh is based on the famed leningrad codex the masoretic text traceable to aaron ben moses ben asher ca 930 ce ben asher researched all available texts to compile an authoritative bible manuscript in 1010 ce his work was revised by samuel ben jacob a scribe in egypt lost for centuries the manuscript was eventually discovered in the mid-nineteenth century and became known as the leningrad codex this edition adapts

bible-related books the commentators’ bible series the rubin jps miqra’ot gedolot edited translated and annotated by michael carasik “[the jps commentators’ bible opens the door to the wisdom of the classic commentators to jewish students of all levels of hebrew fluency the translations are fluid and accessible and this important work represents an invaluable invitation to join the centuries-long conversation of torah commentary and interpretation.” —rabbi dan levin temple beth el boca raton florida study guide to the jps bible commentary haftarot edited by laura suzanne lieber this supplement is perfect for individuals seeking greater understanding of the haftarot as independent literary entities and in the larger context of the torah cycle and jewish life for leaders of adult education groups who wish to focus their study on the haftarot and for b’nai mitzvah students preparing their divrei torah 116 pp • 8 ½ x 10 ¾

bible-related books joseph portraits through the ages alan t levenson this biography of joseph illuminates one of the most colorful and complex characters in the bible through the eyes of jewish tradition and modern historical and literary scholarship “even those who think that they know the story will find much to contrast and compare and much to learn in this fascinating account of how the later generations found themselves in the age-old story of joseph and his brothers.”  —rabbi jack riemer jewish advocate 312 pp • 6 x 9 $32.95 • hardcover • 978-0-8276-1250-1 thinking about the torah a philosopher reads the bible kenneth seeskin drawing on western philosophy and particularly jewish philosophy kenneth seeskin delves into ten core biblical verses and the powerful ideas that emerge from them he speaks to readers on every page and invites conversation about topics central to human existence how finite beings can relate to the infinite what

selected backlist a bride for one night talmud tales ruth calderon translated by ilana kurshan ruth calderon has electrified the jewish world with her teachings of talmudic texts in this volume she offers a fascinating window into some of the liveliest and most colorful stories in the talmud breathing new life into an ancient text a bride for one night offers a surprising and provocative read “highlights ruth calderon’s remarkable skill in bridging the cultural gap between the rabbis and contemporary readers.”—jewish review of books 184 pp • 6 x 9 $21.95 • paperback • 978-0-8276-1209-9 the lost matriarch finding leah in the bible and midrash jerry rabow the lost matriarch weaves biblical text and midrash into a seamless narrative revealing leah’s full story and inviting readers into the delightful provocative world of creative rabbinic and literary commentary “with imaginative insight jerry rabow has placed a human face and

new titles children young adult b ac kinp ri n t the power of song and other sephardic tales rita roth designed and illustrated by alexa ginsburg foreword by morris b margolies when the jews fled the iberian peninsula in 1492 and scattered all over europe north africa and the middle east they took with them the folktales that were an integral part of their heritage as they settled into their new homelands they borrowed many of the literary devices and motifs from their adopted countries adding varied flavor to the traditional jewish story the power of song includes a glossary of foreign words and each story is accompanied by a short commentary on its origin and meaning 128 pp • 2018 • 7 x 10 • 42 illustrations glossary for ages 8 and up $15.95 • paperback • 978-0-8276-1353-9 k’tonton’s sukkot adventure sadie rose weilerstein illustrated by joe boddy k’tonton —the lovable jewish “tom thumb” —has

great gifts hanukkah celebrating the jewish year the winter holidays hanukkah tu b’shevat purim paul steinberg edited by janet greenstein potter illustrated by adam rhine $24.95 paperback 978-0-8276-0849-8 the kids’ catalog of hanukkah david a adler $16.95 paperback 978-0-8276-0805-4 the kids’ cartoon bible chaya m burstein $17.95 paperback 978-0-8276-0729-3 the jewish kids’ catalog chaya m burstein $17.95 paperback 978-0-8276-0215-1 jps illustrated children’s bible retold by ellen frankel illustrated by avi katz $35.00 hardcover 978-0-8276-0891-7 b nai mitzvah confirmation high school gr aduation jps tanakh the holy scriptures presentation editions the new jps translation according to the traditional hebrew text $42.00 paperback each volume black 978-0-8276-0365-3 white 978-0-8276-0364-6 the jps b’nai mitzvah torah commentary rabbi jeffrey k salkin $29.95 paperback 978-0-8276-1252-5 the jps rashi discussion torah commentary bar mitzvah a

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