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new titles children young adult b ac kinp ri n t the power of song and other sephardic tales rita roth designed and illustrated by alexa ginsburg foreword by morris b margolies when the jews fled the iberian peninsula in 1492 and scattered all over europe north africa and the middle east they took with them the folktales that were an integral part of their heritage as they settled into their new homelands they borrowed many of the literary devices and motifs from their adopted countries adding varied flavor to the traditional jewish story the power of song includes a glossary of foreign words and each story is accompanied by a short commentary on its origin and meaning 128 pp • 2018 • 7 x 10 • 42 illustrations glossary for ages 8 and up $15.95 • paperback • 978-0-8276-1353-9 k’tonton’s sukkot adventure sadie rose weilerstein illustrated by joe boddy k’tonton —the lovable jewish “tom thumb” —has cast a magic spell on children and their parents and grandparents for generations delighting countless readers of all ages with his mischievous escapades k’tonton’s sukkot adventure combines two of sadie rose weilerstein’s classic tales with light-hearted whimsical drawings by awardwinning illustrator joe boddy from the moment of k’tonton’s enchanted arrival he takes readers on a magic-carpet ride into the delightful world of jewish imagination share this marvelous adventure of the enduring little hero and learn about the holiday of sukkot and its traditions and rituals 32 pp • 18 illustrations 1 glossary 7 x 10 • for ages 4–8 $11.95 • paperback • 978-0-8276-1268-6 22 the jewish publication society winner of the prix sorcières a sydney taylor honor book my guardian angel sylvie weil translated by gillian rosner this middle reader historical novel is about the granddaughter of the great rabbi rashi in medieval france during the first crusade funny and feisty twelve-year-old elvina knows how to read and write —which is very rare for a girl of her time on a cold sabbath afternoon while she is alone in the house three soldiers pound at her door one of them is wounded elvina has only a moment to make a difficult choice that could put her family and the entire community at risk can her guardian angel guide her and keep her safe 208 pp • 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 • for ages 10 and up $14.95 • paperback • 978-0-8276-1211-2 a sydney taylor honor book elvina’s mirror sylvie weil in this sequel to my guardian angel sylvie weil continues the story of elvina the 14-year-old granddaughter of rashi the famous eleventh-century french bible and talmud commentator it is the spring of 1097 in the town of troyes in france the crusaders have been marauding their way through europe attacking jewish communities and elvina defies her community to help a friend in need her story brings the world of medieval european jewry to life for young readers 150 pp • 6 x 9 • for ages 10 and up $14.00 • paperback • 978-0-8276-0885-6