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simone weil attention to the real robert chenavier translated by bernard e doering “bernard doering’s translation of robert chenavier’s simone weil attention to the real makes this unusually concise and authoritative introduction to the thought of simone weil available in english this brief essay which is the fruit of a rigorous and sustained engagement with weil’s work provides a dense and coherent introduction to weil’s philosophy and manages to unify the diverse strands that make up this unique intellectual trajectory.” —international journal for philosophy of religion 3 978-0-268-02373-7 • 104pp • $20.00 pa • sale $14.00 forms of truth and the unity of knowledge edited by vittorio hösle “this outstanding collection brings together first-rate scholars hailing from disciplines as varied as mathematics biology chemistry architecture literary studies engineering and theology and invites them to reflect on the

history of philosophy minding the modern human agency intellectual traditions and responsible knowledge thomas pfau “[l]ike charles taylor a secular age and brad gregory the unintended reformation pfau is a man equipped for the enormous cartographic task of remapping the rise of modernity minding the modern is not history nor is pfau a historian instead it is an extended historically grounded close reading of texts that an accomplished literature professor is well equipped to provide pfau focuses his wide-ranging account by choosing the admittedly enormous category of human personhood and its corollaries of will and agency as the vehicle in which he takes his tour of the ages his express aim is ‘to capture the intrinsic idea of will and person through a series of forensic readings of representative arguments.’” —books culture 15 978-0-268-03840-3 • 688pp • $75.00 cl • sale $40.00 16 978-0-268-03844-1 • 688pp •

o es os p hdy iesinmedicalethicsnot rpe hdi alm tu series editor o carter snead university of notre dame the purpose of the notre dame studies in medical ethics series sponsored by the notre dame center for ethics and culture is to publish works that specifically address contemporary issues in the field of medicine the aim is to foster a systematic and rational discussion of medical ethical problems grounded in catholic intellectual tradition and moral vision a defense of dignity creating life destroying life and protecting the rights of conscience christopher kaczor “a defense of dignity brings together previously published essays on a range of issues in medical ethics kaczor focuses principally on particular issues in bioethics in which human beings are vulnerable he discusses procreative beneficence embryo adoption ectopic pregnancy fetal surgery physicianassisted suicide patients in a persistent vegetative state and organ donation kaczor’s argument on behalf of

cicero’s practical philosophy edited by walter nicgorski “the volume should appeal to anyone who is interested in cicero’s philosophical writings and perhaps to some who are interested primarily in cicero as an orator and statesman the book’s miscellaneous character is not a weakness if anything it rather demonstrates that ciceronian studies are currently in a state of healthy ferment.” —notre dame philosophical reviews 34 978-0-268-03665-2 • 328 pp • $42.00 pa • sale $26.00 virtue and politics alasdair macintyre’s revolutionary aristotelianism edited by paul blackledge and kelvin knight “alasdair macintyre is perhaps the greatest moral philosopher alive today blackledge and knight have assembled this fascinating set of papers addressing what his politics are and|or should be.” —marx and philosophy review of books 35 978-0-268-02225-9 • 384 pp • $40.00 pa • sale $20.00 courage

theo-poetics hans urs von balthasar and the risk of art and being anne m carpenter foreword by peter j casarella “this is a beautifully written work engaging von balthasar’s attempt to wed aesthetics back into the essence of theology carpenter presents a sophisticated and creative study of the importance of the aesthetics of the written word in order to reveal the importance of von balthasar’s project but also to advance it the work presents a clear overview of the heart of von balthasar’s work but also a fresh application of it through an analysis of poetry the book provides a rich source for contemplating the eternal word god’s most creative act of poetry uttered eternally.” —john dadosky regis college|university of toronto 43 978-0-268-02378-2 • 272 pp • $32.00 pa desire faith and the darkness of god essays in honor of denys turner edited by eric bugyis and david newheiser “desire faith and the darkness of god essays

ten philosophical essays in the christian tradition frederick j crosson edited by michael j crowe and nicholas ayo c.s.c tribute by mary katherine tillman introduction by mark moes “frederick crosson may be considered one of the most learned catholic philosophers of his generation an ever careful scholar from the perspective of classical philosophy and one may say its medieval continuation he has addressed some of the most pressing social and political issues of our day few possess his command of ancient and relevant modern texts in discussions of religion and its role in society the depth of that learning is particularly evident in his review and assessment of catholic social teaching since leo xiii.” —jude p dougherty emeritus catholic university of america 51 978-0-268-02311-9 • 296 pp • $35.00 pa a philosophy of the unsayable william franke “william franke has emerged as our foremost purveyor of what cannot be said we should be grateful for

religion and the rise of modern culture louis dupré erasmus institute books “dupré’s splendid new book traces the unraveling of the ontotheological synthesis of medieval christendom through the renaissance the enlightenment and german romanticism with magisterial lucidity dupré explores the fragmentation of the medieval symbolic world culminating in the apotheosis of the self-constituting subject.” —theological studies 60 978-0-268-02594-6 • 136 pp • $25.00 pa • sale $15.00 liberal faith essays in honor of philip quinn edited by paul j weithman “a hallmark of quinn’s scholarship is his facility to wield the tools of analytic philosophy while also revealing a depth of liberal arts knowledge liberal faith honors quinn’s memory in this respect by bringing together a group of first-rate philosophers to work on the issues quinn cared deeply about paul weithman is to be thanked for bringing together this collection

simone weil and the specter of self-perpetuating force e jane doering “simone weil’s earliest published essays from the 1930s advocate an uncompromising pacifism she gradually abandoned in the aftermath of hitler’s invasion of czechoslovakia e jane doering takes these writings as a starting point for a compelling account of the development of weil’s thought the result is a valuable study of a central preoccupation of weil’s and also an admirable and illuminating introduction to her thought as a whole.” —journal for peace and justice studies 70 978-0-268-02604-2 • 296 pp • $30.00 pa • sale $15.00 aquinas’s ethics metaphysical foundations moral theory and theological context rebecca konyndyk deyoung colleen mccluskey and christina van dyke “this is an excellent introduction not only to aquinas’s ethics per se but also to much of medieval scholastic thought in general.” —speculum 71

the case of galileo a closed question annibale fantoli translated by george v coyne s.j “the case of galileo offers an accessible overview of the controversy in its time written for a popular audience and based on a more scholarly earlier book galileo for copernicanism and for the church fantoli’s overview of the evidence here will offer interested readers a useful point of entry into the early modern controversy.” —comitatus 77 978-0-268-02891-6 • 288 pp • $28.00 pa • sale $18.00 time in eternity pannenberg physics and eschatology in creative mutual interaction robert john russell “this is a solid work of scholarship that provides a creative and important contribution the amount of learning understanding and depth of research in both theology and physics is impressive future scholars interested in god time and eternity or looking for a solid example of theology and science in mutual interaction will want to study it carefully.”

catholic philosophy being in the world a quotable maritain reader edited by mario o d’souza c.s.b with jonathan r seiling catholic press association first place award for reference books 2015 “being in the world is a collection of some seven hundred and fifty quotations selected and thematically arranged with the primary purpose of re-introducing a modern audience to jacques maritain mario o d’souza expertly chose quotations that speak to or resonate with issues relevant to twenty-first century philosophical inquiry d’souza provides an excellent overview to maritain in the forward of the book plus a bibliography of maritain sources and a useful index of concepts and names being in the world is recommended for all academic libraries.” —catholic library world 89 978-0-268-00899-4 • 328 pp • $35.00 pa capital punishment and roman catholic moral tradition second edition e christian brugger why is the catholic church against the