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transcripts request form transcript request form registration and inspections rules 2005 to present catalog universal tv 2005 precedent with every drop of blood rm 254

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registration university of south florida 2005/2006 undergraduate catalog office of the registrar locations/phones tampa campus svc 1034 813 974-2000 st petersburg campus 727 553-4142 sarasota campus 941 359-4641 lakeland campus 863 667-7026 web address http www.registrar.usf.edu the registrar’s office provides a wealth of student academic and administrative services the registrar’s office is responsible for maintaining each student’s academic record from the time of admission to degree therefore virtually every usf student is a consumer of services provided by the registrar’s office registrar’s staff publish the university schedule of classes coordinate registration and drop/add activities process grade information each semester prepare transcripts and diplomas as well as certify student enrollment status registrar’s staff also review and act upon student requests for reclassification of residency and process changes of name and student i.d

34 registration university of south florida 2005/2006 undergraduate catalog registration for admitted degree-seeking students continuing degree-seeking students register by appointment for their next semester’s courses during the preceding term either by web or in person regional campuses only appointment times and instructions for all registration periods are published in the schedule of classes for the appropriate semester prior to initial registration all newly admitted undergraduate students and readmitted former undergraduate students returning are required to participate in an orientation/academic advising program on the usf campus where they will take all or the majority of courses newly admitted students and readmitted former students returning receive orientation/academic advising/registration instructions from the usf office of orientation registered students may make schedule adjustments in the regular registration period during the preceding term or in the

registration 35 university of south florida 2005/2006 undergraduate catalog adds after a student has completed his/her registration on the date assigned he/she may add courses until the add deadline specified in the academic calendar see the appropriate semester’s university schedule of classes for detailed instructions and dates drops a student may drop a courses during the regular registration and drop/add periods first five days of classes no entry of the courses will appear on any permanent academic records and full refund of fees is due for courses dropped within those periods a student may also drop a courses between the second and tenth week of the semester except for summer sessions see the summer schedule of classes for dates registration fees must be paid for the courses and the academic record will reflect a “w” grade for the dropped courses auditing privileges and fees a student who wishes to sit in on a class to review the course material may do so

36 registration university of south florida 2005/2006 undergraduate catalog letter requests must include 1 date of request and student’s current address 2 student id number and full name 3 name and complete address of recipient and 4 number of copies and special instructions such as “hold for degree statement” or “hold for current term grades,” and the student’s signature degree statements are posted approximately four to six weeks after the graduation ceremony current term grades are posted approximately one week after the final exams end if grades for the current term are needed clearly indicate that the transcript request is to be held for grades to order transcripts by mail send payment 8.00 per copy check or money order only and request form or letter to transcript clerk registrar’s office usf svc 1034 4202 e fowler avenue tampa fl 33620-6950 to order a transcript in person hand-carry payment check money order or cash and request