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Catalog 2006/2007 Undergraduate USF Sarasota

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222 usf sarasota-manatee university of south florida 2006/2007 undergraduate catalog 2 two of the following enl 3015 british literature to 1616 enl 3230 british literature 1616-1780 enl 3251 british literature 1780-1900 enl 3273 british literature 1900-1945 enl 3331 early shakespeare enl 3332 late shakespeare 3 one course at the 4000 level listed in major option i 4 one additional 3000 or 4000-level course accepted for the major with aml crw enc eng enl lin or lit prefix professional and technical writing minor 15 hours 1 enc 2210 technical writing enc 4260 advanced technical writing any two of the following courses crw 2100 narration description enc 3250 professional writing enc 3310 expository writing enc 4311 advanced composition enc 4931 selected topics in professional and technical writing 2 one aml or enl course listed in option i english honors program the department of english honors program will provide a carefully selected group of seniors with opportunities for advanced

usf sarasota-manatee 225 university of south florida 2006/2007 undergraduate catalog psychology honors program the purpose of the honors program is to provide a select group of undergraduate psychology majors an opportunity to undertake an intensive individualized research experience the culmination of the honors program is the completion and defense of an honors thesis application for the program will take place during the second semester of the student’s junior year or typically prior to completion of 90 semester credits admission to the program is competitive and based on the student’s overall academic record performance in psychology courses and a letter of recommendation from a member of the psychology department faculty successful completion of the program requires a gpa of 3.5 in major coursework an overall gpa of 3.25 at usf and typically completion of 43 hours in psychology including psy 4932 honors seminar 6 and psy 4970 honors thesis 6 see the psychology

usf sarasota-manatee 227 university of south florida 2006/2007 undergraduate catalog eco x023 principles of microeconomics mac x233 elementary calculus or mac 2230 sta x023 introductory statistics or qmb x100 d in computing entry grade point average all business and economics courses taken for s or u grades will be converted to c or f respectively 2 students working toward meeting the limited access criteria will be permitted to enroll in all foundation courses in business listed below except geb 4890 provided they have completed 60 semester hours and have met course prerequisites 3 a minimum score of 550 on paper and pencil or 213 on computerized toefl is required when applicable 4 students must be admitted to the college of business administration at least one term before their anticipated graduation date transfer students transfer credits will be accepted from accredited institutions however all hours earned may not be applied toward usf business degree requirements individual

usf sarasota-manatee 229 university of south florida 2006/2007 undergraduate catalog credit hours must be taken in residence at usf in addition to the state mandated common prerequisites for admission to the college of business administration or equivalents with a grade of c or higher students admitted to the school of accountancy must successfully complete with a grade of c 2.0 or better acg 3103 and acg 3341 before enrolling in other upper level accounting courses if the student repeats acg 3103 and/or acg 3341 only the first two attempts will be considered continuation in the major those students who fail to meet the requirements to continue in this program will be counseled into other programs either in coba or other colleges as appropriate a grade of c or higher not c is required in the 24 hour major courses plus a 2.0 gpa in all major course work at usf and an overall 2.0 gpa including transfer work required accounting courses acg 3103 intermediate financial accounting i 3

usf sarasota-manatee 231 university of south florida 2006/2007 undergraduate catalog undergraduate students in the college of business not majoring in marketing can greatly enhance their attractiveness to employers by taking a minor in marketing or taking selected courses from the marketing curriculum to broaden their backgrounds marketing is particularly complementary for college of business students majoring in information systems finance and management for non-business majors marketing is very complementary with degrees such as communications liberal arts and engineering requirements for a minor in marketing for business majors only the requirements are 1 mar 3823 marketing management 3 any 3 upper level marketing courses with a mar prefix excluding mar 4824 9 total marketing hours 12 2 a grade point average of 2.0 or better must be achieved in the minor course work at usf and in all minor courses completed at other institutions 3 at least 9 hours of the required 12 credit hours

usf sarasota-manatee 233 university of south florida 2006/2007 undergraduate catalog literature and writing and 3 of which must be offered outside the college of education department of childhood education the childhood education department has the responsibility for the development and supervision of programs leading to the bachelor of science degree in early childhood education and elementary education please be advised that program and/or course requirements are subject to change per state legislative mandates florida state department of education program approval standards and accreditation criteria all of the programs offered on regional campuses may vary in requirements and course offerings for an accurate schedule of courses and requirements please check with the campus you plan to attend early childhood and elementary education programs early childhood and elementary majors will be assigned to a specified sequence of courses to be followed throughout the program enrollment

usf sarasota-manatee 235 university of south florida 2006/2007 undergraduate catalog the college of education offers a full esol endorsement for all english education major graduates the special requirements for esol endorsement through infusion are as follows successful completion of 1 fle 4317 and fle 4316 with a minimum grade of 70 or better on part one and part two of the esol comprehensive exam administered in the two esol courses 2 a 20-hour early esol field experience in fle 4317 3 a late esol field experience where students plan implement and evaluate lessons for one or more esol students over 10 days and 4 an esol binder containing all esol-related assignments taken in the college of education and an esolperformance standards checklist that documents the completion of the necessary number of standards prerequisites state mandated common prerequisites these prerequisites must be met by transfer students as well as usf students a grade of “c-” is the minimum

usf sarasota-manatee 237 university of south florida 2006/2007 undergraduate catalog • • • • • nine 9 hours of natural science to include an earth science course a life science course and a physical science course one 1 natural science course must have a lab component six 6 hours of international or multicultural focus nine 9 hours of english to include writing literature and speech six 6 hours humanities to include philosophy and fine arts only courses with the prefixes mgf mtg mac and sta will qualify for the courses in mathematics mgf 1106 liberal arts mathematics i meets the intent of the program approval rule with respect to the inclusion of geometry in the mathematics requirement professional education core 31-32 credit hours the required courses in the professional education core are as follows eex 4941 practicum in ese 6 edf 3122 learning and the developing child 3 or edf 3214 human development and learning 3 edf 3604 social foundations of

usf sarasota-manatee 239 university of south florida 2006/2007 undergraduate catalog recommended that students select gordon rule communication and computation courses to fulfill these requirements while at the community college the a.s degree will transfer as a complete “60 credit hour package” to usf applicable only to the bsas program technical coursework will transfer as a 42 credit hour technical block the remaining 18 credit hours of general education coursework from the a.s will be matched against usf requirements to determine which courses remain outstanding for fulfillment of the university’s 36 credit hour general education requirement please be aware of the immunization foreign language and continuous enrollment policies of the university community college block credit transferred from a.s community college general education transferred from a.s usf general education usf exit courses usf area of concentration usf electives total bsas credit hours 42

usf sarasota-manatee 241 university of south florida 2006/2007 undergraduate catalog bachelor of science in information technology the mission of the information technology program is to provide high quality educational opportunities for students interested in pursuing careers in the broad range of fields that support our computer/information-based society and economy additionally to utilize the resources of the program to provide service to society and to emphasize to students the need for lifelong learning ethical conduct and an understanding of the diverse social context in which information technology is practiced the program is offered through the lakeland campus specifically the program aspires to 1 lead to the advancement of information technology through nationally recognized education at the undergraduate level as well as technology transfer to regional industries and businesses 2 prepare students for full and ethical participation in a diverse society and encourage lifelong